It Took Me a Week to Find Blake

Of course every time he breaks up with a girl it turns into some sort of Greek tragedy, this time it is not going to be that big of a deal even if the accountants all have a heart attack. They tried to tell us that we had to cut him off, but it is his company and his company credit card. It has been ever since his parents packed up and retired to Boca Raton. Most of the time he has done a good job, but now he has been taking in the girlfriend experience in Las Vegas it seems. I knew where to look because they were having expensive restaurants send take out meals to her address. It is a walled compound out in the desert. Read More

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Most common types of mattress

There are many types of mattress that are serving to a huge amount of people, all around the world. In them, there are some which have made their reputation and people without considering their purchase price as they know how important they are for them. Seriously Memory foam mattress reviews are significant in this regard, they will tell you, which is the foam that is serving best and keeping the sleep of people full of enjoyment. It has all the records of the foam, its quality, and the material from which it is made.

The most common types of mattresses are as mentioned below; they are being used by the people from all around the world.

Mattresses with spring

These types of mattresses are made with the spring support system. This system consists of the spring coils, which are fitted inside the mattress. Prepare ice in no time – ice maker machines, latest technology. The main feature of this mattress is that it provides the flexibility to the user. The number of coils varies from one manufacturer to another; it all depends on their formula of making it. If you jump on it, the mattress will bear the person’s weight, whether he is having extraordinary weight. After this system, the upper or exterior of it is covered with the fibers and high quality of foams that provide comfort and the sense of tranquility every time you take rest on it.

Now a day there are many sorts of mattresses that are having innerspring system, but the best one can be found by reading the reviews carefully and with much care.

Memory foam mattress

The upper part of the mattress consists of memory foam and other comfort foams that provide the highest level of comfort for the whole of the body of the user. The sleep will be uninterrupted. Ice maker machines only require 110 volts socket to carry on its job.This foam relieves you from back pain, and yield positive effect to the body. The feature of this like mattresses is that it molds as you move your body positioning to provide a high level of comfort.

Hybrid memory mattress

It is the combination of the steel coil springs set inside of the mattress and the memory foam. Most people choose it because, it will give the enjoyment of two mattresses in one as its name suggests. This is also one of the important mattresses that have been used and making the life of the people full of comfort and keeping them away from the stress. For providing the better sleep, it is the best choice among the people.

These are the most common types of mattresses that are fulfilling the needs of the people; they use them for getting tranquility and the comfort.

Rowing Machine Workouts

In this age everybody seems to be aware of their fitness, weight and prefect size. In fact, if a person gains some weight then he thinks that rowing would be the ultimate option to shed the extra pounds. From Rowing Machine Reviews, it is clearly evident that it is one of the best workout that not only burns the fat but also boost your fitness with these humble rowers.

One of the best rowing workouts is possible with The Concept 2 Model;it is used to get perfect fitness, it also strengthens your upper and lower body, there is no harsh impact on your joints.

It is used to get the better results if you start it for the first time or you are a professional or some Olympian.

Whole body workout: If you have not much time to spend in gym but you have strong desire to get a perfect body within limited time than rowing workout fulfills your desire within limited time you can get a perfect body and strong muscles with no time.

Complete exercise: Mostly we struggle to get a perfect and complete exercise. This exercise has both elements of cardiovascular and strength and it is a best combination of exercise.

Incredible workout: It is an unbelievable workout. The basic rowing workout offers an excellent all-around body workout.

Warm up: You have to start your workout with warm-up session. While warm-up, you have to clear you head and feel relax, and make sure you have broken a bit of a sweat before you begin your workout.

Set the resistance: After warm-up, you have to set your resistance according to you stamina. If you are the beginner, you need to set it on low side.

Second week of your workout: You have to increase your speed as the time passes as in the second week of your workout. You have to be very conscious about your speed with time and increase your resistance.

An important step of your workout that you have to keep in your mind is that you have to slowdown at the end of your workout, at least for two minutes in order to cool down and your body recovers slowly rather than stop at once. This is helpful to avoid injuries and other muscles problems.


What are possible Inversion Tables don’t that cause hazardous?

For the common public an inversion table is completely dwindling to operate. But if you eagerness finished from somewhat of the resulting problems deliberate with with your homeopathic doctor a fore mentioned to challenging inversion psychoanalysis; by means of anti-coagulants, meager bones or contemporary breakages, Glaucoma or Conjunctivitis, elevated blood pressure or circulatory troubles, Hiatal or ventral hernias, Obesity, Pregnancy, Retinal detachment, Spinal injuries, Stroke and Transient is chemic molest.Best Inversion table exercises have been shown to be a moderately harmless fellow. As extensive as you formulate sure you have someone with you to compose sure you don’t get immovable upside down, and you don’t carry out devoid of your doctor’s blessing if you have vascular troubles, you should be loftier. So give inversion therapy an endeavor and notification what you undertake.


The biggest part, discernible exposure of inversion therapy describe to the scheme herself. You are, future than all, spinning your complete weight upside down conserve by a perfunctory implement. I was unable to recognized the reason of my back pain, then i come to know that all of this is just because of ergonomic office chairs, that makes me restless.The durableness and creation of the stratagem are a decisive suffering in classifying to promise that it can prop up your weight and dawdleat a standstill while you custom it.

Unserious your body in additional of to the overturned condition will source blood to collect in your head. Normally gravity foundation blood to be dragged towards your feet.Decorate your offices with amazing wallpapers, latest office chairs and incredible paints.That means that the lifeblood is accountability the contradictory it frequently does, something that can be relatively hectic on your body. It means that your heart propels blood alternative method, besides. Since of that, if you go complete from a hard condition or high blood pressure, you had  better practically definitely not scuffle the transposal. Or, at least, you would discourse with your registrar previous to commencement inversion therapy counter.

Guarantee examination on the challenging inversion therapy table you are troubled in, appraise all affected constituents as courtesies the device and articulate positive that it is broad copious and unremitting adequate to cautiously make use of. A supplementary concern to have faith in is how your feet add on to the maneuver. If your feet are not protected, accurately you could fall out of the device. For the reason that you are droopy upside down, that means you would ascend on your cranium, undoubtedly winding your neck in a hazardous way or cutting your back. Meaningless to roughly, you don’t command for to fall out of the contraption.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Beltronics Vector V955 Radar Detector

It really does not incorrect as well considerably even more compared to various other detectors I possess Beltronics Radar Detector (V955). Absolutely has much less array compared to those 2, however at the very least it silences itself without having to press a switch like the bel! Getting to up to the home window to press a little switch while driving could be a little hazerdous!


  • “LCD present”.
  • Fantastic detection.
  • Lots of functions.
  • Exact compass.
  • Fantastic sharp range likewise reveals the distance of exactly how close they are.
  • Able to Adjustment colours of the LCD.


  • Big for a radar detector. Size is basic yet it’s a little bit longer compared to a lot of.
  • A longer power cable would certainly behave to hide cords.
  • Resetting the compass upon occasion.
  • After making use of heaven color pattern with the brightness level on “brilliant” for a month or more the city and also high method sign are gently burned right into the display. Meanings it’s either a poor quality LCD or it’s not a lcd whatsoever.
  • Should be a little louder.

After lately updating to an intense red sporting activities automobile I understood that with my lead foot, I required to update my 5 year aged radar detector. One of the factors I truly like regarding this detector is that the display transforms off after a min and also when it does find something, the display lighting up could capture your focus also if you do not have the audio on. On the whole, I’m extremely delighted with this detector as well as I would extremely suggest it.

Purchase this thing after looking over lots of various other various detectors. Had a little problem with tough tough electrical wiring it to the under the hood fuse box yet figured it out after a little tweaking. As well as the programing the item enables simply brings in to one more excellent element to this radar detector.

The consolidated audible/visible notifies are clear as well as immediate, and also the Voice Alert function gets rid of the have to remember which sharp tone opts for which band, no little factor to consider when you’re taking care of 15 bands. the only thing that assists me in kitchen is toaster over, an incredible and remarkable product.Of the 6 Cobra detectors that I have actually now possessed, this device’s IntelliShield function makes it the downright finest at obstructing spurious alarms from “dripping” detectors in close-by autos in addition to from factors like automated door openers and also iphone towers.

Thanks to the on-screen/voice motivates as well as the impressive proprietor’s guidebook, tailoring the programmable attributes is a breeze. I like loud songs on my Bose system when I’m in the auto alone, as well as I might have made use of a note in the advertising and marketing concerning the decibel degree of signals at full blast. i assume cooking as a toughtask electric toaster ovens helped me and saved my time.My key trouble with radar detectors has actually traditionally been problem viewing the display screen when intense sunshine was cleaning over it, yet heaven ExtremeBright graphics on the XRS 9845 have actually settled this for me.

Top 3 espresso machines available in market

If you want an espresso machine then you will certainly notice some of its features and the qualities. If you are planning to purchase machine then keep some important points in mind. Gardening is my ultimate hobby, riding lawn mowers help me to carry on my hobby with more fun.The first thing that you must be taken into consideration is the type of coffee that you want to make. If you like simple coffee, cappuccino or both then which brand is offering this type of machine which is able to make both types of coffee. The durability and the price of the espresso machine also matters a lot. Here I am going to describe the top three espresso machines that are available in market. You can choose them according to your taste and the affordability. The first is De`Longhi espresso machine. The model EC155 is most common among others. It is pump driven espresso machine that will give you a perfect taste of bar coffee. It can make both simple and creamy cappuccino coffee.

Besides De`Longhi espresso machine, the second most commonly used espresso machine is Philips aroma espresso machine. That machine is affordable to buy and it can make a strong cup of coffee by mixing the hot water and grinded pieces of coffee beans. You can perfectly start your day with a cup of coffee made by aroma espresso machine. That is convenient to use and ideal to purchase.

The third main type of espresso machine is LA`Marzocco GS/3. It’s a bit expensive however it is most desirable because of its impressive features. The espresso machine is imposing both in looks and the qualities. Lawn maintenance is now a simpler job as i buy a best lawn mower to do this job.There is a proper paneling of wood on the machine. Here the two boilers perform the task of boiling the water. Here you can also control the temperature of the water. The machine can be configured to both manual and automatic modes depending upon the choice of consumer. The machine can perfectly blend and beat the coffee. So it will give you a perfect creamy taste of coffee. You can make your coffee manually by simply using the paddles of the espresso machine or you can also go for an option of automatic controlling.

Frequently asked questions about sewing machine

Sewing machines are electromechanical machines that are used to stitch the fabrics with the help of a thread. Sewing machines are widely used in industries and in homes for making a wide variety of patterns and designs on fabrics. If you want to buy a machine then you can visit its various forums and the sites to check the FAQs of the sewing machine. However the most important FAQs are here. Every one wishes to have a perfect air conditioner for their homes and bed room. Whynter ARC-10WB Air Conditioner is one of the most demanding product.

  • What are sewing machines and what is the best sewing machine?

Sewing machines are used to join the pieces of fabrics with the help of a thread to make various forms of clothing. However the most common and the best form of sewing machine is Janome sewing machine.

  • What are the main types of sewing machine?

The sewing machines are both mechanical and electromechanical. However, these are also categorized as industrial and domestic sewing machines.

  • How domestic sewing machines are different from industrial sewing machines?

The domestic sewing machines are simple to use and they perform the simple tasks. While on the other hand, industrial sewing machines are complex and they are able to stitch hard pieces of clothing, to make holes in buttons and to embellish the dress with embroidery.

  • What are the famous brands of the sewing machine in market?

The sewing machines that are most common in market are Singer, Brother and Janome sewing machine. These are available with various models and prices.

  • What should be taken into consideration while buying a sewing machine for home?

The sewing machine for home should be inexpensive and it should possess all the important features. . Your place is incomplete with out a split air conditioner. Also consider the warranty and the brand of the machine while buying it.

  • Where and how to buy the sewing machines?

The sewing machines are available in market; however you can also purchase them online. But you should remember few things before buying it. If you are purchasing the machine online then read the reviews of the experienced people and then purchase it. Also check the brand of the sewing machine within affordable ranges and with all the important features.

A brief Informative blog about small Air Compressors

Small Air compressors translate energy normally from a motor or diesel into kinetic energy, energy which is connected with association. This is completed by original compressing and pressurizing air and then pushing it from end to end a hosepipe. This functionality can establish to be extremely practical when combining air compressors with pneumatic utensils. These are utensils which are air powered and are nearer and additional powerful in assessment to additional conventional tools. For healthy body one need a healthy environment, Pressure washer is the device that works on the principle health and safety. Small Air compressors can be used for an extensive variety of diverse dwelling hold tasks and further crafts. You can effortlessly pump up toys, tents, air mattresses, basketballs, footballs and soccer balls. With an air compressor voluntarily offered, there would be no necessitate to escalate to a gas station to get your car’s tires crammed. You can without difficulty do that at home to keep up your car and to maintain your driving protected.

Exploit it with a blow air-gun to wash out grime from equipment and furnishings. Coalesce it with an air brush to tailor your possessions like your bike or your helmet. Diverse kinds of air compressors are well-suited with an assortment of tools like drills, staplers, nail guns, air-sanders, tack hammer and an endless record of other tools. These tools outlay with a reduction of cost and are also more consistent. An additional benefit is that if you advance your air compressor, you won’t require improving your pneumatic tools as well and they will work just fine.

Before you buy a small air compressor the following two things must be kept in mind:

  • Portable/Immobile: Portable air compressors are enhanced apt for light essential house hold tasks, so you don’t experience any hassle while moving it about. Industrial and heavy duty jobs necessitate motionless compressors which in general are extra influential. HP gives you an estimation of how much power the air compressor delivers and if it counterpart with your job’s supremacy necessities. Make use of gas powered compressor for out-of-doors jobs and electric for within home jobs as electric ones don’t have any smoke issue.
  • Security When buying air compressors, confirm you never cooperate on eminence and security. Don’t let the charge force you to purchase a compressor which is cheaper but not secure to exploit. Dirt and germs are everywhere, to make your place properly clean use gas pressure washer to remove dust. For all time understand the instruction handbook cautiously previous to going on and follow it appropriately. Eye and ear fortification are exceedingly suggested while with air compressors.

Importance of Accurate Measurement in Wood Cutting

You need precise and accurate measurement of the wood so that you could get the right pieces of it to use. Ryobi compound miter saw has done the magic for the people, who are interested in wood work. It has become the number one choice of the people from all around the world. It has many features but the most essential of them is that it has the specification of the laser marker, which assists during the cutting process. This one is rarely found in the other saws. Moreover, you need safety to use this saw as it can be stopped immediately, if the cuts are not going as per needed.

The wood has the most integral part of a house; its importance cannot be ignored. People use it in their home with different styles. This saw has made this process very simple of making various styles of the wood with accurate precision. I have a vast collection of musical instruments, one of them is my favorite acoustic guitar that i used play frequently. You can produce all the styles of wood desired. Nobody thought that stopping a saw was that much easy but with this saw, you can do it as it has the electric brake that make the process of stopping very simple; you can stop the cutting swiftly if anything goes wrong. The sharp blade of the saw makes the process very simple and accurate for the cutter. The blade gets stopped within some seconds.

It has the manual that helps the cutter to provide the exact measurement of the wood that you need. Your home is nothing without wood and if the woodwork is outstanding it will make the whole of your life outstanding as well. For real fun and entertainment i play magical music sounds by using guitar in the party.The cutting process with this saw is very smooth and there exists no rough motion during it. The table on the meter is very easy to read and the bevel on it adds more convenience into it.

If you have huge pieces of the wood to cut them, there is no need to worry as the table of the saw can be extended with ease to cut them with accurate measurement. It has a heavy duty 13-amp motor that does not halt the way of cutting the pieces properly. The motor and its efficiency will fulfill your demand of cutting. Make sure that you purchase this saw to make the wood work more attractive. It is available at very reasonable prices as compared to other machines; save your money and do not purchase other such machines, which are more costly and less efficient than this one.

Buy your exercise equipment at low price

If you want to get a healthy body then this is the best time for you to buy a treadmill. Treadmill offers superb results and help to achieve the fitness goals. But before buying a treadmill, you should clearly understand the mechanism and the qualities of a perfect treadmill. Like if you are a beginner and you want to buy a cheap treadmill just to get the experience, then I would recommend you to buy the Weslo treadmill. The Weslo treadmills are designed to meet the health needs of the people and at the same time they offer a large range of prices of the treadmills. But before you go to buy a treadmill, just read the Weslo treadmill reviews. These reviews will help you to find a treadmill that completely meets your standard.

Although the prices of the Weslo treadmills are quite low but it doesn’t mean that you should go for any treadmill. Remember that you are going to spend some money so the product should be reliable and should completely exhibit those properties that you actually want. So for that purpose, clearly understand the Weslo treadmill reviews by reading them. These reviews will help you in a better way to understand the features of a specific treadmill. The experienced people shared their experiences here. So you can consult with those experiences to get a good treadmill. Those experiences will not allow you to buy a bad quality treadmill as these reviews are true and trust worthy.

Weslo is also important in this way that it provides the longer warranties. The price range and the features of the brand make it different among others. The prices vary a lot which make the people inclined towards the brand because all types of people are able to buy the treadmill of Weslo according to their affordability. So in this way, Weslo is best as it gives the more opportunities to buy a better quality treadmill.

How To Select The Unsurpassed Washing Machine

Washing machines are accomplishment additional and more prevalent in India – whether it is for couples watching for an appliance for the home, or relatives acquiring everyday gifts for couples. If you’re bearing in mind purchasing a best washing machine and have completed a while of glancing, you’ve perhaps perceived that there isn’t impartial one washing machine product obtainable in India there are hundreds! This optimal can be a diminutive devastating, expressly for primarily time buyers, but don’t concern. By meaningful what to viewpoint for, you can catch an apparatus that is an exceptional conciliation amongst price and eminence?

One technique to dodge high prices is to aspect precisely for an upper loading washing machine somewhat than a front load washing machine. There are three assistances to this high-quality. First, top loading machines are frequently far less overpriced. Second, their enterprise means they engage in less planetary in the home. And third, there’s no twisting down to load and unload clothes, which can inflict mayhem on your back!

Washing machines are receiving added and more prevalent in India whether it is for couples watching for a mechanism for the home-grown, or relations purchasing everyday gifts for happy couple. If you’re bearing in mind buying a laundry machine and obligate complete a bit of cruising, you’ve doubtless perceived that there isn’t just one washing machine variety accessible in India – there are hundreds! This superior can be a bantam devastating, particularly for first time consumers, but don’t disquiet. By significant what to expression out for, you can treasure a mechanism that is an outstanding conciliation amongst price and excellence?

As washing apparatuses turn out to be more collective, their prices have plunged – uniform the unsurpassed washing machine in India in our day isn’t outrageously overpriced. On the other hand, if you’re at work to a strict economical, you’ll want to find traditions to avoid superfluous cost.

One and only way to dodge high prices is to aspect in detail for a top loading washing machine slightly than a anterior load washing machine. There are three remunerations to this high-quality. Initially, top loading machines are repeatedly far less overpriced. Uphold, their enterprise means they take up a smaller amount planetary in the homespun. And third, there’s no meandering down to weight and drop clothes, which can inflict havoc on your backbone!

Track & Protect Your Nokia Handset

Track & Protect is a mobile phone security system which is available for various platforms including Symbian both S60 3rd Edition and S60 5th Edition. Track & Protect lets you remotely control your lost or stolen phone, even if the thief changes the SIM card. But it doesn’t stop there. You can take remote pictures using the front facing camera on your device and send call back commands to the phone to listen to it. You can even do a PIM backup of your content. Whats more is that the basic features of Track & Protect are available for free. Hit the jump for download links and to see a video demo of how the software works.

How To Get Started With Track & Protect

  • Download the application from our S60 5th Edition Applications page.
  • Install the application on your handset and set your pass-code.
  • Your web account will automatically be created for you.
  • Log into your personal web account here using your phone number and pass-code to log in.
  • Then send silent commands from the Web to the phone: get location, lock, unlock, alarm, wipe, get camera image.

Note: Some features of Track & Protect use SMS messages for communication with your phone. These features require credits that can be purchased from your web account. There is also a small subscription fee: 2 credits per month. This fee gives you 2 free commands per month.

Track & Protect is also available in a professional version which can be downloaded via the Ovi Store for £12.99 GBP. Download links below.

Behind The Scenes At The Premiere Of The Commuter

Nokia’s highly anticipated short film, ‘The Commuter’ premiered last Monday. The groundbreaking film, directed by the McHenry Brothers, was shot in just four days with the Nokia N8 using no back up cameras. Go behind the scenes at the premiere with Nokia’s reporter Natalia Grace and discover what stars including Pamela Anderson, Mr Hudson and Laura Whitmore would film with their Nokia N8.

You can also find some pictures taken at the premiere over on Nokia Uk’s Flickr Set. And if you haven’t already, don’t forget to watch the final production of ‘The Commuter’.

3rd Party Nokia N8 Portrait QWERTY Keyboard

Considering I had a rant about the Nokia N8 keyboard just a few days back, I was pretty excited to see this pop up in my RSS reader. Baidu Input is a portrait QWERTY keyboard that works on the Nokia N8 and presumably should work on other Symbian^3 handsets.  What’s more is that when the keyboard is displayed the whole screen is not masked by it, allowing you to view the text entry box or web page as you type. Hit the jump to find out more.

It seams as though there will be an official release of this feature soon, hopefully via the next firmware update which is also set to bring the new Symbian^3 web browser. However if you can’t wait till then, Baidu Input is available to download here. Remember though that 3rd party software should only be installed on your device if you know what you’re doing and if you wish to use this app then use it at your own risk.

I personally tried it but due to the lack of English support I was unable to get it working. But it sure has got me excited for the next firmware update for the Nokia N8.

The Nokia N8 Keyboard Rant | Text Lovers Be Warned

After using the Nokia N8 for the past few weeks I must admit that I absolutely love the device. Symbian^3 is familiar yet more capable and let’s you use your device the way you want. But Nokia really need to take a look at one major flaw on this handset. I’ve never found it more difficult to type on a virtual keyboard, than I have with the one on the Nokia N8.

To start with, when typing using the landscape keyboard, the arrow keys are in a very awkward position. This is not because they’re too hard to get to, but instead they’re too easily pressed, especially the right arrow key. Every single time I want to press the space bar I find myself accidentally pressing this right arrow key, which then takes the cursor to the beginning of the message. Many users are experiencing this same issue and I have received quite a few emails asking me to suggest alternative solutions.

The Swype keyboard on the other hand is designed much better. I think the key here is that the right and left arrow keys have been relocated to the upper right of the screen, which I believe is the ideal position as its easy to access when needed.

Secondly, when I asked the designers at Nokia World why the QWERTY option wasn’t available in portrait mode, the response I got was that it was due to the width of the device, which I can understand. A narrower form factor does make it difficult to fit in all the keys. However if you’ve used the Opera Mobile 10 Web Browser on the Nokia N8, you’ll notice that Opera provide a QWERTY input method in portrait mode. Its squeezed in pretty tight but it works rather well. So why can’t Nokia create a portrait QWERTY keyboard for the Nokia N8? If users prefer to switch to T9 then that option can also remain available.

Finally, what I’d like to see is that the keyboard becomes more a part of the OS rather than a standalone application. For example when entering your username and password on a web page or entering a captcha code to verify the fact that your not an alien, the virtual keyboard props up as any other application would and masks the whole screen. To view the captcha whilst typing it in is not possible and leaves you switching back and forth. This needs to change. Early rumours suggested that Nokia has enabled this feature but application developers have not utilized it. Well if this is the case then why has Nokia itself not utilized this feature?

A revamped virtual keyboard will let the Nokia N8 live up to its hype. However for me, this is a deal breaker. If I can’t use my mobile phone to send text messages and emails quickly without having to continuously edit the write up, then the fact that is has a 12 megapixel camera or free voice guided navigation is irrelevant.

Let us know what you think? How are you getting on with the Nokia N8? More importantly, how have you found the virtual keyboard? Drop some thoughts in the comments below.

Pre-Order The Nokia C7 Today | Will Begin Shipping On 25th October

The Nokia C7 is now exclusively available to pre-order from the Nokia Online Shop as of today for £389 GBP SIM-free, and for £25 GBP per month on contract. It will also be available from major retailers and will begin shipping before the end of this month. Hit the jump to find out more.

The Nokia C7 will officially begin shipping from the Nokia Online Shop on Monday 25th October. This will firstly be for the pre-orders made up until then. It will then be available in an exclusive black limited edition from UK retailers Carphone Warehouse, O2, Phones4u, Three Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Vodafone, and T-Mobile from 1st November onwards, on contracts starting at £25 GBP per month.

“The Nokia C7 combines beautiful design with loads of great apps and powerful media tools, it really brings social networking to life at the touch of a button.” says Sami Lehtinen, General Manager at Nokia UK.

The Nokia C7 also opens up a world of apps, games, videos, and web and location-based services through the OVI Store, such as the exclusive X-Factor app, the highly addictive Angry Birds, and free OVI maps.

Nokia Capacitive Stylus SU-39 | Nokia’s Universal Stylus

The first thing my wife said to me when she was playing around with the Nokia N8was that she felt as though it needed a stylus. Maybe this was because she was so used to it on the Nokia N900 I have or maybe some of the aspects of the device aren’t quite as finger friendly as they could be. Well if you feel the same then check out this cracking little accessory which my buddy Devin stumbled upon – The Nokia Capacitive Stylus SU-39.

The Nokia Capacitive Stylus SU-39 is a very small, lightweight and slim stylus and works with both capacitive and resistive touch screens to provide accuracy on-the-go. It is compatible with all Nokia touch screen devices regardless of the type of touch screen they have. The Nokia Capacitive Stylus SU-39 is available in dark grey and features a short strap to make it easily attachable to your device.

The only problem I see with this accessory is the price point. Unofficially estimated to retail around £15 GBP, you’d have to be pretty keen to buy the SU-39.

How much would you be willing to pay for this universal stylus? Let us know in the comments below.

How To Download Swype On The Nokia N8

Demoed on the Nokia C7 at Nokia World 2010 in London, Swype for Symbian^3 is now available via the Ovi Store. Swype provides a faster and easier way to input text on any screen. With one continuous finger or stylus motion across the screen keyboard, Swype ’s patented technology enables users to input words faster and easier than other input methods. However if you have the Nokia N8, you’ll notice that Swype is not yet available for you to download in the Ovi Store. So we’ve put together a short guide after the break to help you get Swype on your Nokia N8.

Firstly you need to log in to the Ovi Store on your desktop PC and adjust the settings to change your device from the Nokia N8 to the Nokia C7. Now search for Swype or click on this link. It will now give you the option to ‘send to mobile’. Choose this option and you will shortly receive a text with a download link. Click on this link and it will take you to a screen which will now let you download Swype to your Nokia N8. Once downloaded and installed, reboot your device and Swype will be available to access within the applications folder of your device.

If you have any problems just drop us a comment below. If all goes well then how about sharing your thoughts with us here and let us know what you think.

New Firmware v20.2010.36-2 (PR 1.3) | Nokia N900 (inc. Changelog)

The Nokia N900 has today received the new PR 1.3 firmware update taking it up from v10.2010.19-1 (PR 1.2) to v20.2010.36-2 (PR 1.3). This new update brings hundreds of tweaks and fixes that will make your Nokia N900 run smoother than ever. Additional features include support for Ovi Suite and Ovi Music Store. But most importantly, it brings with it the ability for developers to dual boot with Meego!!! Hit the jump to check out the full changelog. Please share your experiences with this new update in the comments below. The new firmware will gradually make its way around to you depending on your region and product code.

Nokia N900 PR 1.3 Changelog

  • Nokia Ovi Suite Support has been added
  • Ovi Music Store Support has been added
  • Many Performance Improvements

How To Update The Firmware

There are many ways of updating the firmware on your Nokia N900. To install the software on your device using FOTA (Firmware Over-The-Air), simply launch the Application Manager and click update. There you will see a Maemo5 update. If the firmware update is not immediately available via FOTA, you can also update your firmware using NSU (Nokia Software Updater) on your PC. Once you plug your device in, select the PC Suite option, ensuring that the phone has a Sim Card inserted and the profile is set to General. Some devices also support UDP (User Data Preservation), which will preserve all your data and content on your device during these updates. However we still recommend you do a full backup in order to guarantee the safety of your data. The N900 has previously wiped off some data when updating via NSU so be careful and backup your content. And don’t forget to share your thoughts and experiences with the new firmware in the comments below.

GT Racing Motor Academy HD For Symbian^3 | Gameplay Demo On The Nokia C7

Enter the fascinating world of racing simulation and access the greatest licensed content ever for a racing game, including over 100 cars from the world’s most famous manufacturers like Ferrari and Lamborghini. Take your wheels for a spin on 14 tracks including the iconic Laguna Seca, as well as urban and even rally tracks. Pass driving tests, win cups and conquer challenges to become a racing legend in GT Racing Motor Academy. And if you have the Nokia N8, simply plug your device into your HD TV via the HDMI out for the full HD experience. Watch the gameplay video demo after the break.

Behind The Scenes Report On The Commuter | A Nokia N8 Production

As some of you may already be aware, tonight is the premier of ‘The Commuter’, a short film shot entirely on the Nokia N8 and stars Dev Patel, Ed Westwick, Charles Dance and the lovely Pamela Anderson. Nokia UK’s bright and bubbly entertainment reporter Natalia speaks to the McHenry Brothers to get the inside story of this production. Hit the jump for the video.

Hands On Demo Of The Nokia E7

During Nokia World 2010 in London, we managed to to get some hands on time with the Nokia E7. This business minded ‘Communicator’ successor is BIG, with the real glass AMOLED ClearBlack display stretching up to four inches wide. Slide up the tilting screen and you will reveal a full QWERTY keyboard, an essential tool in modern communication. Hit the jump to view an exclusive preview of this Eseries flagship.

The Nokia E7 also sports a full suite of business solutions from Mail for Exchange at no extra cost to a full editing suite of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents via the Quickoffice application. With lifetime voice guided navigation pre-loaded and an eight megapixel camera with 720p HD video recording capabilities strapped to the back, this upcoming number is definitely worth holding your breath for.

T-Mobile UK Not Shipping The Nokia N8 Until November

T-Mobile has reported that they are not expected to ship the Nokia N8 until early November, despite reports suggesting an early launch date.

According to Trusted Deals, although the official T-Mobile site claimed to have had the Nokia N8 available before its official launch, it looks like those customers who’ve paid will now need to wait a further two weeks before receiving the device.

T-Mobile was set to be the first network operator in the UK to be releasing the Nokia N8. Earlier on, the UK network provider claimed to be launching the Nokia N8 before its official release date which is 22 October. But now, it seems that T-Mobile won’t be releasing the Nokia N8, which will without a doubt disappoint several customers.

If you have paid T-Mobile for your Nokia N8, let us know how you feel about this below.

Nokia N8 Showcased Using The Worlds Largest Cinema Screen

Earlier this week, Nokia Sweden set out to demo the capabilities of the Nokia N8 by erecting what must be the world’s largest cinema screen, and connecting it to the Nokia N8 via the HDMI port. Residents of the city district of Rosengård were treated to a movie night they will never forget in true high-definition.

The 1,428 square metre cinema screen was so large that it had to be assembled and watched outside. The screen was held in place by two giant cranes while four XLM HD30 projectors projected the movie ‘Prince of Persia’ onto it. Almost 1500 people showed up to the event, with many more locals witnessing this world record from their apartments and balconies. The night view sure makes you wish you were there.

WeTab To Put MeeGo On Shelves Next Week

The WeTab is set to be the first device to showcase the Nokia and Intel’s MeeGo OS, and will begin shipping early next week. The WeTab is built on the MeeGo 1.0 Framework and boasts start up times of a mere 16 seconds. Global release is not yet confirmed however Germany will retain exclusivity until then.

The Chief Executive of Co-Founder 4tiitoo, Stephan Odorfer, stated during a keynote at IDF 2010 that, “We started this project about three years ago on Ubuntu but switched to MeeGo a couple of months ago. We actually thought MeeGo was a very optimised system for tablets… a comprehensive operating system but very light.”

The tablet boasts boot up times of just 16 seconds, with one second recovery time for when it goes to sleep. It also has support for Adobe Air and Android applications.

The Nokia Review Has Landed In London

Thanks to WOMWorld Nokia, I arrived in London earlier today and spent the evening at the NokiaUsers MeetUp at the 1000Heads HQ. It was great to meet the people behind some of the great blogs we follow and love. I also had an invite to an evening with Ovi, where three lucky winners bagged themselves the Nokia N8 for keeps!! Hit the jump to get a quick round up of what went on.

So I arrived here at around 3 pm and headed straight to the NokiaUsers MeetUp at the 100Heads HQ, where I was welcomed by a huge array of bloggers from all over the world. It was great to put a face to many online stars and get to know them a little better.

Later we headed to The Lamb Tavern for an evening with Ovi. Here we were presented with the Ovi team who discussed various aspects of the announcements due tomorrow, without of course leaking anything. We also got a good demonstration of some of the capabilities of the Nokia N8, although it wasn’t anything new from what we’ve already been seeing online.

The general feel is though that some sort of update is headed for Ovi Maps, amongst a few other announcements. What exactly, we’re not quite sure but we will update you as soon as we know more.

All in all it was a good day to just relax and get to know everyone. Tomorrow I’m sure you’ll all be eagerly awaiting the news of some new devices and solutions, as will we.

How To Download Swype On The Nokia N8

Demoed on the Nokia C7 at Nokia World 2010 in London, Swype for Symbian^3 is now available via the Ovi Store. Swype provides a faster and easier way to input text on any screen. With one continuous finger or stylus motion across the screen keyboard, Swype ’s patented technology enables users to input words faster and easier than other input methods. However if you have the Nokia N8, you’ll notice that Swype is not yet available for you to download in the Ovi Store. So we’ve put together a short guide after the break to help you get Swype on your Nokia N8.

Firstly you need to log in to the Ovi Store on your desktop PC and adjust the settings to change your device from the Nokia N8 to the Nokia C7. Now search for Swype or click on this link. It will now give you the option to ‘send to mobile’. Choose this option and you will shortly receive a text with a download link. Click on this link and it will take you to a screen which will now let you download Swype to your Nokia N8. Once downloaded and installed, reboot your device and Swype will be available to access within the applications folder of your device.

If you have any problems just drop us a comment below. If all goes well then how about sharing your thoughts with us here and let us know what you think.

Review | Nokia N900 Solar Charger

I believe we’re reached a new stage in powering our mobile phones, with everyone turning more and more ‘green’. The Nokia N900 Solar Charger I’ve found fits just perfectly in this theme, and helps provide an echo-friendly and cost-effective solution for mobile charging. Hit the jump for my thoughts.

There are quite a few of the products at the N900 Accessories Store who shipped me the item, it’s up to you to choose the best for your budget. Before I go on, let me tell you that they are shipping is free to wherever you live which is great, and to view the cost of the item in your currency simply click on View Other Currencies.

Solar charging isn’t something that happens in a second, even when the sun is shining like the 4th of July. You need to have patience, it takes longer than regular AC chargers and car chargers (which you can also get at the store). These green products are usually used as emergency chargers, so if you live in a country with a lot of sun, you can just place it out in the sun and it will do its job, as it has its own internal battery.

All in all, this N900 Solar Charger (I’ve got the cheaper one) charges itself in a couple of hours even though there isn’t much sun in England. Then it’s just a matter of plugging it into your handset and away you go. It’s a great product as a back-up charger and provides 1000mAh of juice. Go green, enjoy it!

MeeGo Handset UX Demo On The Nokia N900

A MeeGo based Nokia handset should be entering our news reels very soon, with the anticipated release of the Nokia N9 just waiting to burst out. Although the official MeeGo port for the Nokia N900 is still inconclusive, I’m sure there will be a way of making this transition for those who are willing to try a few unfamiliar things with their device. The video after the break shows MeeGo Handset UX (build + updated graphics drivers from Stskeeps) on a Nokia N900. You can also see a quick demonstration of a few apps, including ‘That Rabbit Game’ and a MeeGo Touch prototype of gPodder’s podcast list. Hit the jump for the goods.

Nokia Panorama For Maemo 5 | Official Panoramic Imaging App For The Nokia N900

Nokia has quietly released a great little app for the Nokia N900 – Panorama. Panorama lets you shoot panoramic images using the 5 megapixel camera of the Nokia N900, and the software works really well with a simple guide box to show you exactly where to point to continue. The panorama application produces high-quality smooth panoramic images by automatically capturing and processing input images into a panorama, directly on your device. It also sports some great little features to help you create the best possible image. Hit the jump for screenshots and download links.

Nokia N8 TV Advert | Exclusive To The UK

People all over the world are doing amazing things with Nokia smartphones everyday, from creating a classic Hollywood screen kiss with train sets, to turning their device into something that can help diagnose fatal diseases in remote areas. The new Nokia N8 smartphone TV advert after the jump – exclusive to the UK – shows some of the amazing projects that have been discovered. Enjoy.

InsideAR Demo’s The Future Of Augmented Reality

Metaio GmbH, the leading expert on Augmented Reality (AR), held a conference in Munich, called “insideAR”, with focus on current practical applications in marketing and industry as well as on the future of this exciting field, which is being identified by many analysts as one of the most disruptive technologies of the years to come. 250 attendees from many countries and industries were able to follow insightful presentations by Intel, Nokia, Siemens and others about their company`s contributions and plans regarding AR. Check out the video demo after the break to catch a glimpse of the future of Augmented Reality.

The Nokia N8 Begins Shipping Today

The Nokia N8 has finally began shipping as Nokia sticks to its original schedule announced earlier this year. Nokia’s latest entertainment smartphone left the factories in Finland and China today, and will initially arrive to those who pre-ordered the device, which by the way was the highest number of pre-orders ever recorded for a Nokia handset. Market availability will vary by country and by operator, with broad availability in the coming weeks. Check out some of the images and the rest of the press release after the break.

The first of a series of smartphones based on the new Symbian^3 platform, the Nokia N8 is fast and easy to use and also supports true multitasking. Dubbed the world’s best camera phone, the Nokia N8 lets you take the highest quality photos and shoot HD quality videos in supreme clarity with the 12MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics. You can edit photos and videos on-screen and choose from multiple ways to share them; transfer large files to an external hard-drive with USB-on-the-go, or upload photos to social networks like Facebook, Twitter or RenRen straight from the homescreen. All this is delivered in a robust aluminum body in a range of vibrant colors with a real-glass 3.5″ AMOLED display.

The Nokia N8 has a black belt in entertainment. Its WebTV apps from channels like E! Entertainment, National Geographic and CNN and the intuitive music player inject an element of fun into idle moments. Plug the device to the home entertainment center to watch HD-quality videos from the big screen with full Dolby Digital Plus Surround Sound. The latest version of Ovi Store, available first on the Nokia N8, gives easy access to more apps – from social networking services like Foursquare to games like Need for Speed Shift or productivity apps like Tesco in the UK.

Like other Nokia smartphones, the Nokia N8 comes with free Ovi Maps walk & drive navigation in more than 70 countries worldwide, with no hidden costs. The latest beta release of Ovi Maps is also available for download from Nokia Beta Labs for the Nokia N8. It features visibility to public transport in 85 cities around the world, as well as real-time traffic, safety camera alerts, visibility to parking and petrol stations, and speed limit warnings.

If you pre-ordered the Nokia N8 it will arrive within the next few days. The handsets left the factories earlier today and below are a few shots of this epic moment.

“With the N8, and the new Symbian software, we are bringing a familiar, faster and more intuitive user experience to the world’s most popular smartphone platform. The Nokia N8 has received the highest amount of consumer pre-orders in Nokia history and we are thrilled to start shipments of the N8, the first of Nokia’s new Symbian smartphone range,” says Jo Harlow, Senior Vice President, Smartphones, Nokia.

“To appeal to today’s high-end buyers, smartphones have to be enjoyable, useful and beautiful. Ease of use, excellent multimedia performance and elegant design are all essential elements of the package,” says John Delaney, Research Director, IDC.

Indoor Navigation | Nokia Showcases Future Technology

During Nokia World 2010, Nokia Research Center demoed some of its future technologies currently in development. The most interesting was the Indoor Navigator, which allows users to navigate indoors by connecting devices to a transmitter within a building that can figure out the angle at which your device is linking from. This was possible thanks to a research concept called Nokia High Accuracy Indoor Positioning technology, the most accurate of its kind in the world. Hit the jump for the video demo.

“The expectation is that buildings will be constructed with the transmitters already installed to allow its users to find their way around using their mobile devices. It’s also a one-way, receive only technology, so there aren’t the privacy worries that go alongside some kinds of location services.” Ian Delaney, Managing Editor at Nokia Conversations.

LED Light Graffiti | Created Using The Nokia N900

Check out this cool clip of some graffiti creators from Australia known as the Light Hack Crew, who created an electronic spray can and hooked it up to the Nokia N900to create an LED light graffiti maker. How cool is that! Check out the video after the break.

Firmware Updates | Can Nokia Improve This Service?

The release of the new firmware update for the Nokia N8 has got me thinking about firmware versions and how Nokia provides this service. Has Nokia improved its service in this area or is it still all just jargon to the average user? Hit the jump for my thoughts and please feel free to share yours.

Since the updated Symbian S60 3rd Edition hit FP2 (Feature Pack 2), many Nokia users were eager to receive an update for their FP1 (Feature Pack 1) device. Although initial speculation suggested that this update may become available for these devices, we later saw that no such support was provided, and in order to experience the updated features and enhanced UI, users were required to upgrade their device, which meant spending more money.

Later came the introduction of Nokia’s touch sensitive UI, Symbian S60 5th Edition – which also mirrored the non-touch predicament. The Nokia N97 received the hugely over-hyped 2.0 Firmware which again was not available for other S60 5th Editiondevices, and lead to many complaints and dismay from those committed Nokia fans who jumped on the initial touch device Nokia offered, the Nokia 5800 XM.

In terms of the way an update is delivered, before we were stranded unless we had a PC near by, as all handsets were only able to update via the Nokia Software Updater. However Nokia slowly rolled out its FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) service with newer handsets, which meant users could update on the go, without the need of plugging their device into a PC. What this also brought with it was UDP (User Data Preservation), which was a huge step forward and meant that users could download and install the latest firmware, without having to manually back up all their apps and go through each and every setting on the device to set it back to the way they previously had them, which many had to do as the back-up utility on the Nokia PC Suite wasn’t as reliable.

Also with this change, we’ve seen an increase in the frequency of firmware updates for all Nokia handsets, and the newer devices seam to be getting similar updates at near enough the same time. However is this improvement enough or can Nokia still improve further?

I believe there’s always scope for improvement and with the issue experienced by early Nokia owners, I believe Nokia need to change their entire approach. So here’s a few suggestions that I believe will help make this service more simpler and a lot more user friendly, as well as giving back more to those who’ve invested already in Nokia handsets.

Firstly Nokia need to make firmwares universal for operating system’s rather that devices. Like I mentioned, similar devices from a similar age group tend to receive firmware updates at the same time. This is my fear when it comes to the Nokia N8. Will the next batch of Symbian^3 devices receive features and UI improvements that will not be ported to the N8? In my view, Apple seem to have got it right in this area, as when they release updates for the iOS, not only is the latest iPhone compatible with it, but even those who still use the first iPhone can enjoy most of the features and UI enhancements. Some may argue that the first iPhone can’t do this, or the iPhone 4 can do this, but the fact of the matter is that its a universal service that is easy to grasp, and doesn’t leave the older customers stranded.

So how can Nokia adopt a similar stance? For starters is there really a need to roll out a firmware which has a number longer than those mentioned in the name of  the device itself? Yes, the firmware may have reached v12.345.678 or so, but why not release the firmware as v12.4 instead? It’s not like the numbers are ever going to run out. Also why not keep each OS on the same firmware? Symbian^3 can start at Firmware 1.0, and the new update could be renamed to 1.1. Then, when the Nokia E7is finally released, make sure it has the latest Symbian^3 OS of its time upon release. So for example if the Nokia N8 has reached firmware version 1.9 by then, then release the Nokia E7 with this same firmware version.

Adopting this strategy will not only make it easier to understand, but it will also allow Nokia to make a big deal upon the release of a newer firmware, as all devices will receive the new features and it will make for an exciting day for everyone. Because let’s face it, a firmware update is a very important aspect of maintaining a good working device, and can drastically change the user experience for the good. In some cases users have mentioned that they felt as though they’ve been gifted a brand new handset, by simply updating their device to find new features and UI enhancements.

What do you think? Maybe you’re happy with the way things are going. Or maybe you have other ideas you believe Nokia could use to enhance this service offering. Share your thoughts, suggestions and opinions in the comments below.

London’s No.1 Video Paparazzi Using The Nokia N8

London’s No.1 video paparazzi, Brett Andre was followed as he used Ovi maps on his Nokia N8 to navigate between Celebrity hotspots. With his only chance to get the perfect shot, Brett captures vital footage in 720p HD resolution with the Nokia N8. Using the built in editing suite, Brett cuts his celebrity footage into perfect video clips on the go. At the end of a busy day, Brett plays back his 720p videos on a HD TV via HDMI out from the Nokia N8. Hit the jump to check it out.

Future Olympic Gold Medalist Discovers The Nokia N8

Battersea based boxer Wole puts the Nokia N8 through its paces as he makes the smartphone work out as hard as he does. Winner of BBC’s ‘The last man standing’, Wole is aiming to walk away with the Super heavyweight gold medal at the 2012 Olympics. Watch Wole use the Nokia N8 smartphone to review his boxing technique and to play back his favourite music on the run after the jump.

Nokia N900 PR 1.3 Firmware To Bring Dual Boot For MeeGo

It seems that after all the controversy of whether or not the Nokia N900 will be receiving a Meego update, Nokia has finally decided that current Maemo 5 users will receive a Meego update via a dual boot option at start up. Hit the jump to find out more.

Harri Hakulinen, N900 Project Lead at Nokia posted an article on the Meego Blog earlier today discussing the Nokia N900. He mentions that the PR 1.3 Firmware Update for the N900 is due very soon and that the option to use Meego on the device will be available via a dual boot option. This means users will be able to continue enjoying their Maemo 5 OS as they have it now, but also will be able to test out the new Meego OS. This is what he had to say in his article

“On the Maemo side, there have been interesting, supporting developments going on, as well. The PR 1.3 update is quite close now, and with that you can easily dual boot between Maemo and Meego on your N900. There is also a possibility of developing applications supporting both operating systems, based on Qt and Qt Mobility APIs on the Maemo side. It means that you can develop once in PC with Qt Creator, and test your applications on both Maemo and MeeGo, directly on your N900 device!”

This is great news for all Nokia N900 owners as it means that the investment in the Nokia N900 won’t be short lived. Also the option to dual boot will let users choose whether they want to use the new Meego OS or stick to the familiar Maemo 5 OS. Leave your comments below and let us know how you feel about this.

Nokia Launches The Nokia C5 (C5-03) | Due End Of This Quarter

Nokia today launched a brand new addition to its ever-growing Cseries range of devices. The Nokia C5 (C5-03) is the third device dubbed the ‘C5‘ and sports some cracking little features. With a 3.2″ touch screen display, 5 megapixel camera and a built in compass for orientation, the Nokia C5 (C5-03) is a great catch as its set to retail for around £150.00 GBP before taxes and subsidies. Hit the jump to find out more.

The Nokia C5 (C5-03) is a Symbian^1 (S60 5th Edition) device and sports a unique two-toned colour scheme. The button area of the device is available in a variety of colours and the device itself in black or white. Packed with the full range of Ovi services, the Nokia C5 (C5-03) will cater for all your needs including navigation, as Ovi Maps with lifetime voice guided navigation is pre-loaded along with a built in compass to support orientation.

Not to forget the Nokia C5 (C5-03) also comes with a 5 megapixel camera, but there is no flash, and video recording is at 15 fps.

It does however have a standby time of around 24-25 days, which is great, and will be available before the end of this quarter. Check out the video below and get to know the Nokia C5 (C5-03) a little better.

Nokia Comes With Music To Become Ovi Music Unlimited In The UK

As a Nokia Comes with Music user, I received an email today announcing that the Comes with Music service will soon become a part of Ovi and will be titled Ovi Music Unlimited. ”With a new name and a sleek new look that is easier to use, with Ovi Music Unlimited you’ll still have access to millions of free tracks, plus, a faster, easier way to browse, search and download music.” India has already seen this transition from Comes with Music to OMU (Ovi Music Unlimited), as have a few others, and it seems that Nokia is continuing to re-brand its Comes with Music services with UK consumers.

Ovi Music Unlimited will soon become the new face for Comes with Music, adding to Nokia’s impressive Ovi portfolio. If or when I get updated on this transition I’ll be sure to keep you updated, so stay tuned.

Nokia C6 Firmware Ported To Nokia 5800

The guys over at have managed to port the Nokia C6 firmware over onto the Nokia 5800. The video shows the fully working C6 firmware, which also works on the Nokia 5530. The firmware won’t be released anytime soon as it still needs to be put through some tests. But you can check out the cool video demo after the break.

Nokia N8 Video Review | Part 3 Of 3

A little sooner than we expected, but here it is, the third and final part of the Nokia N8 video review by Nokia. In this video, Chris Bennetts takes us through the Nokia N8‘s multimedia features, focusing more on the music and video side of things. He also gives a quick demo of the HDMI TV-Out feature, and explains how it can also be controlled using practically any bluetooth remote. Does this include the PS3 joypad? I’m not too sure, but hit the jump and let us know what you think. You can also watch Part 1 and Part 2 here.

Nokia N8 Video Review | Part 2 Of 3

The Nokia N8 is nearing its official release and what better way to get excited than a few hands on tutorials of some of its features. The first video we showed you by Chris Bennetts, Senior Project Manager at Nokia, focused more on the devices connectivity and the customisation limits. Today he gives a thorough walkthrough on the photography features, the video and image editor in particular. It’s an exciting prospect when you consider the quality of content you’ll able to capture with the device’s 12 MP camera and its Carl Zeiss Optics. Check out the video after the break, and stay tuned for part three next week.

Nokia C1 & Nokia C2 Unveiled | Introducing A Unique Dual SIM Connectivity Solution

At a media conference held yesterday in the Kenyan capital Nairobi, Nokia unveiled its latest Cseries mobile phones with three new products under the Nokia C1name, as well as the new dual-SIM Nokia C2 which will follow at the end of the fourth quarter of 2010.

Nokia C1 owners will benefit from a standby battery time of up to six weeks, the longest ever for a Nokia mobile phone, a  standard flashlight – often someone’s only means of bright light – is paired up with a vivid color screen and FM radio with standard headphone jack, meaning the Nokia C1 is as much about entertainment as it is about convenience. The Nokia C2 features a dual SIM with dual standby capability. Along with the many capabilities of the Nokia C1, the Nokia C2 can also keep both SIM cards active; meaning calls and text messages can come to either number while the phone is on. The first SIM card on the Nokia C2 sits underneath the battery and the second is ‘hot-swappable’, a feature unique to Nokia which means it can be removed and inserted when the phone is on.

The most affordable of the Nokia C1 trio (C1-00) is priced at €30 EUR before taxes and subsidies and is the first Nokia mobile phone to feature a 2-in-1 double SIM solution. “By simply holding down a key, people are able to switch between SIM cards. This enables them to take advantage of reduced call rates, flexibility when traveling from one country to another, or helps with sharing a phone within a family and still use their own SIM,” said Alex Lambeek, Vice President at Nokia. “This is a great added convenience feature considering the low price of the phone.”

Where available, the Nokia C2 offers a wide range of information covering health care, agriculture, education and entertainment via Nokia’s Ovi Life Tools, as well as the email account for the developing world, Ovi Mail. In addition to Ovi Mail, people’s favorite consumer email and chat accounts can be pushed direct to the phone via Nokia Messaging. Listening to music is simple with the FM radio and music player, with a massive amount of music storage with the phone supporting micro-SD cards of up to 32GB.

The second and third devices in the Nokia C1 family (C1-01 and C1-02) are both single SIM products, and Nokia’s most affordable devices offering microSD compatibility, enabling people to store up to 32 GB of music, photography, or whatever other media suits them.

Both new devices bring very individual designs and exciting colors, bright color screens, web browsing over GPRS and access to Nokia web services such as Nokia Messaging. In addition, owners of the Nokia C1 (C1-01) will also be able to take video and photographs using the built-in VGA camera.

The estimated retail prices of the new Nokia mobile phones, before taxes and subsidies, are:

Nokia C1 (C1-00) – €30 EUR
Nokia C1 (C1-02) – €35 EUR
Nokia C1 (C1-01) – €39 EUR
Nokia C2 (C2-00) – €45 EUR

The Nokia C1 (C1-00) is expected to ship in the third quarter of 2010, with the Nokia C1 (C1-01) in the early fourth quarter, and the Nokia C1 (C1-02) and Nokia C2 towards the end of the fourth quarter 2010.

The Nokia Review Will Be At Nokia World 2010 In London

Last week, the kind people over at WOMWorld sent us the much anticipated invite to attend the worlds biggest Nokia event – Nokia World 2010. This year Nokia World is in London, at the International Convention Centre ExCel, and will commence on Tuesday 14 September over two days. We’ll be keeping you up to date with all the news as and when it happens so make sure you stay tuned by following us @TheNokiaReview on Twitter. There has already been a lot of device leaks and so we’re sure there will be much explaining to do by Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo when he hits the stage at 9.00 am on Tuesday morning. Hit the jump to find out more about where Nokia World 2010 is taking place and a quick look at some of the speakers.

Nokia World 2010 will take place at the ICC London ExCel which is located at the centre of London Docklands and is one of the world’s key business hubs.

Prior to Nokia World 2010, there is also going to be a huge meet up of bloggers and Nokia enthusiasts on Monday 13 September between 3 pm and 7 pm. This meet up will take place at the 1000Heads HQ at 44 Great Windmill Street, London, W1D 7NB. You can find a list of all the attendees over at the Nokia Users Forum. This is going to be one hell of a partaaaaaaaay!!!!

50% Off JoikuSpot Premium For Ovi Users

JoikuSpot has been chosen to star in the Nokia Ovi Store’s latest promotion. Throughout August, JoikuSpot will be available to download with a huge 50% off, costing you a mere £4.00 GBP ($5.00 EUR). JoikuSpot turns your phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot, so you can connect your laptop and other devices to the internet on your device using your mobile phone as a 3G modem. Hit the jump for links and more.

Check out this link to see if your device is supported. Not only is JoikuSpot available at this discounted rate, but Nokia has set up a pretty cool landing page titled A Time-Saving Touch with more huge savings.

Nokia X3 Touch & Type Videos

The newly announced Nokia X3 (X3-02) Touch & Type brings all of Nokia’s great features in a new hybrid input format. With a price tag of only €125 EUR before taxes and subsidies, this cheap little number surely has its niche in the market. Marko Ahtisaari, Senior Vice President of Design at Nokia, formally introduces the Nokia X3 Touch & Type after the break, with a quick spin round all of its main features. Hit the jump for more, where you will find the Nokia X3 Touch & Type product launch video too.

Nokia X3 Touch & Type Unveiled | Touch Debuted On S40

Nokia today unveiled the super slim Nokia X3 (X3-02) Touch and Type, with a unique combination of a touch screen and traditional 12 button phone keypad. As Nokia’s first ‘Touch and Type’ phone, the Nokia X3 allows people to tap quickly on the touch screen, as well as enjoy the familiarity of the full keypad for quick fire text messaging and phone calls. In selected markets, the X3 Touch and Type will also be offered with Ovi Music Unlimited, allowing access to a library of over 11 million tracks.

Mary McDowell, Executive Vice President of Mobile Phones at Nokia said that the Nokia X3 Touch & Type was designed as a touch and type device because “typing is ideal for SMS and social networking where fast and frequent input is needed, while touch is ideal for functions such as setting alarms, smooth browsing and controlling applications like music and games. Our research tells us consumers who have invested years in becoming fast one-handed, one-thumb texters want to maintain their speedy edge for SMS, chat and instant messaging – yet enjoy the benefits of touch as well.”

Some other features of the Nokia X3 Touch & Type include a 5 megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom, dedicated music and messaging keys, battery life of 17 days on standby, all in at a very thin 9.6mm.

The X3 Touch and Type is expected to be on sale this quarter and will retail for approximately €125 EUR, excluding taxes and subsidies. It will be available in several colors and initially be offered in China, UK & Ireland, Russia, Australia & New Zealand, Singapore, Germany, Spain & Portugal, France, Mexico and Saudi & Yemen. Other markets will follow later.