Harvard stifles social media freedom of expression?

Harvard University dismissed ten freshmen because of inappropriate remarks posted on social media. Where is the boundary of social media freedom of expression?

A few days ago “Harvard University Newspaper” reported a news that has aroused the concern of a large number of US media and Chinese Internet users: 10 2021 newborn, because in the small group of Facebook share ridiculed victims of sexual assault, the Holocaust , The expression of the children’s package was dismissed. China’s title party quickly made a fuss about the #news dismissed by Harvard as a result of an expression package.

Harvard University said the revocation of student admissions is the final decision. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook two weeks ago, just arrived at the Harvard graduation ceremony (see above), is not it to face social media?

American media interviewed law professors at Columbia University and New York University. They all agreed that freshmen are not protected by the constitutional amendment and have no freedom of speech. Susan Bloch, a professor of constitutional law at Georgetown University Law Center, said: “The Constitution really does not apply here … The constitution limits the government’s power to suppress speech, not private universities.”

Only Alan Reichaowitz, a retired professor of law at Harvard Law School, disagreed. Dewasowitz himself, a Jewish man, was once famous for his successful defense of the 1994 hit star Simpson’s assassination. Although he himself did not see these fugitive postings himself, “it sounds like Harvard University is invading the private life of students,” arguing that withdrawing the admission permits would have done a very bad precedent: “Political views punishing students in an academic setting or Personal values ​​are a serious mistake that does not conform to the spirit of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution … It may affect the lives of these students. ”

lifetime! Just for posting on a few social media!

It is conceivable that in the same week as the national college entrance examination in China, this news with Harvard and the aura of “freedom of speech” promptly prompts Chinese netizens to question whether Harvard stifled the freedom of speech of social media.

Actually, the right of freedom of speech advocated by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution has always been restricted by content, occasion and other factors. Pornography, incitement to violence, and hatred are often not within the scope of protection. The so-called “free speech” (Free Speech) is not “free”!

The Chinese concern about this incident is probably partly due to the illusion of efforts to “freedom of speech” in the United States. In fact, in the field of social media, the legitimacy of speech is not necessarily the most important consideration. I think the core of the Harvard incident is not really a question of the freedom of speech of the freshmen, but the question of “judgment” and “character” displayed by these freshmen!
In my article “How many years can I still be admitted to Yale?”, I wrote in recent years that AmericanUniversity encouraged students to use social media to express themselves when submitting application documents. However, at the same time, social media records have also become students in school visits data of.

Students who grew up with social media often forget that social media is a personal repository open to the world and that the files are conveniently becoming the quality or behavior of government, business, school examiners as the software for machine analysis becomes more widely available Tool of!

The improvisational nature of social media makes it easy to lose heart. However, speak for a price!

The offensive, private online content of students has become a concern for many schools to stop school crime. Last year, Harvard canceled the season for the Harvard Men’s Soccer team because the players collected facebook and internet photos of the freshmen’s women’s football team and rated them according to their values.

Recently, the Trump administration has just announced that it has launched a new questionnaire for U.S. visa applicants, including the names of social media users for the last five years. Although the main aim is to fight terrorists, in recent years, U.S. immigration authorities have used social media to detect foreigners’ “unlawful acts.”

However, the habit of Chinese WeChat to leave the body has long been the consensus reached by Western media. Therefore, when a Chinese student studying abroad in the United States entered the United States in March, the customs saw her chatting in WeChat six months ago and disclosed to her Do not like this school, just temporary identity, “was interrogated more than three hours later, was immediately repatriated to China. This means that language barriers are no longer preventing regulators from detecting cross-border social media content.

National conditions determine the penetration of social media

From the average figure, the use of social media in China is less than the United States penetration. According to Statista’s January data, average social media penetration in China is 57% of the population, compared with 66% in the United States.

However, from my personal experience, the differences in this data may reflect the population base in China and the base of sample surveys, failing to summarize the geographical differences in China. Basically, I think at least in big cities, Chinese people use social media more frequently and more often than Americans I know.

This may be related to the fact that I once worked as a lawyer on Wall Street, as a lawyer in the financial community around me, and few would spend time playing social media. Social media has always been a mined minefield in any area that is associated with the US stock market, as accidental disclosure may have violated corporate secrecy or the SEC’s disclosure rules.

For example, I used to engage in a lot of hundreds of millions of large company mergers and acquisitions, the most taboo is insider trading and pre-M & A stock price volatility. Not only in all the documents, the participants are replaced by the password code, and sometimes in order to avoid the eyes, both sides of the high-level will choose to meet at third-party venues. Once I participated in the project or even sounded attacked west, mobilized a dozen high-level, investment bankers and lawyers, camp to Mexico negotiations.

From this perspective, if a team member posting on social media, revealing their whereabouts, well-intentioned people can follow it, find some clues.

Also, the vast majority of U.S. financial scandals have been exposed by e-mail as evidence. If the e-mail with privacy has such a lethal, let alone social media?

To some extent, the leapfrog digital age that China has entered directly has its own cultural differences. Feeling that many young friends may feel more open about the “new voice of voice” brought about by social media.
According to data released by Kantar in February 2016; 62% of U.S. adults use Facebook, Twitter or both, and 56% of Chinese adults use Weibo, WeChat, or both. The percentage of women and men who use social media is 67% to 56% in the United States and 58% to 54% in China.

While US social media usage penetration is slightly higher than in China, Chinese users spend more time: Americans spend an average of 43 minutes on Facebook every day, while Chinese use an average of 48 minutes each day on WeChat. In addition, according to “Social Media Today” in 2014, 91% of Chinese Internet users have social media accounts, but only 67% of U.S. Internet users have social media accounts.

This is a bit of a synopsis with my understanding that there are many American business people who regularly use the Internet but are not necessarily social media.

Speaking of lawyers, investment banks and investment friends around me, few people have the time or energy to play personal social media, and their units have very limited restrictions in this respect. It can be said that from a professional point of view, the role of industry and individuals determine the tendencies to use social media in an individual way.

Social media can be a very informative tool for industries that need to be open to the public, such as fashion, entertainment, retail and the media, but even in these industries there is a very clear picture of what individuals and businesses represent.
Before hiring a staff member, I would have to have the team first search their account on the social media site, and almost half of them had a bad situation. One time I saw a soliciting worker who made several “curse sentences” in the Weibo account for more than 40 words. what’s the situation? This not only shows the poster who has a very bad judgment, but also make people think: What kind of person is this? Actually spend so much effort to write so many bad language, her negative energy is not too high? Such abuse of language violence is not suitable as a media editor.

I’m obviously not a minority: According to Snelling.com, a leader in the U.S. employment industry, 86% of employers search for social networks before offering interviews.

Even after hiring an employee, I repeatedly observe their social media operations, except repeatedly reminding them. Once, on the first day of work, a young buddies immediately sunbaked her photos on her face at her desk. Of course I understand how beautiful and worthwhile it is for a college graduate to work for a “long face” company in a New York skyscraper!

The problem is that her computer screen is precisely the turnover of our major advertisers, and other confidential information!

Another time, we just delineated a celebrity as the cover of the magazine, caught off guard, a small partner on the “pop” – the photo of the star on the microblogging made, also wrote a few words: “The next cover figure!”
The problem is that this matter has not yet been completely settled, if once changed, it lost its trust to the reader; if seen by competitors, may take the opportunity to stir up trouble. All work information is confidential, and the confidential world does not belong to social media.

“Quickly delete it!” If you often hear these words in the office, it means that there must be “Employee Social Media Manual,” which is an essential internal management tool for US companies in recent years.

The use of social media obviously varies with national conditions and may be slightly different from the research data. According to Microsoft’s January 2015 report on the analysis of the world’s social media usage, the fact that social media and the Internet represent different values ​​for different people around the world means that differences in geographic location and social status also affect different populations Different influences of social media and technology.

The analysis also pointed out that 60% of respondents in developing countries think personal application technology and social media have promoted interpersonal relationships, but only 36% of respondents in the West think that social media improves people and people The connection between. And social media is a channel that people in developing countries use to get news, changing how users live and understand the surrounding community.

The latest Kant’s China Social Media Impact Report released on June 6 this year shows that users have an impact index of 79.8 on social media, and 70% of people think social media has a positive impact on their lives: Knowing what their friends are doing, 69% think social media helps them to know hot news stories and 61% think they are expanding their knowledge level.

At the same time, users in China also reflected the harmful effects of social media: 48% of respondents think social media has reduced the time spent reading books, 48% think their eyes have gone bad, and 42% think they have insufficient sleep!

American big coffee CEO does not like to play social media

By contrast, according to research released by the Pew Research Center in May 2016, 62% of American adults used to receive news on social media, and 18% of them regularly get news. Although this figure continues to increase, but does not seem high in China.

Although the penetration rate of social media usage in the United States is not low, it is not popular at the top of the business. In fact, in the U.S. business and political leaders, Trump is regarded as an alien. Although many social media communicators have called on CEOs to increase their use of social media, they have not changed much since 2015.

According to CEO.com’s CEO Social Report 2016, released on May 30, this year, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Instagram and YouTube are the most commonly used social media platforms for Americans. The use of social media by The Fortune 500 CEOs is the result of:

Sixty percent of Fortune 500 CEOs do not have any social media accounts, slightly less than 61% in 2015.
In 2016, 75 CEOs changed on the Fortune 500 list, of whom only 29 new CEOs actively used social media.

26% of the 500 CEOs have a social media account, 11% have 2 social media accounts, 2% have 3 social media accounts, 1% have 4 social media accounts, and only one has 5 accounts .

LinkedIn is still the preferred CEO, followed by Twitter.

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, Mark Benioff of Salesforce.com and Mary Bora of General Motors have published an article on Pulse, the news-reading application launched by LinkedIn.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has the largest number of Twitter followers: close to 4 million at the end of 2016 and currently (just checked) 5 million. Buffett has 1280000 Twitter fans so far, although made only 9 push posts, his post forwarding rate is the highest.

Only 36 of the Fortune 500 CEOs used Twitter in 2016 (down from 50 in 2015), of which only 25 were active accounts.

Instagram, the largest social networking Facebook and affiliate Instagram, has very few Fortune 500 CEO users. Only 40 (about 8%) of the Fortune 500 CEOs have a personal Facebook page, 32 of which are inactive in the last quarter of 2016. The average Fortune 500 CEO who uses Facebook has only a few hundred followers.

This shows that Facebook’s position in the office of the president of the United States, more and more marginalized. Of course, the obvious exception is Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg, whose Facebook account has 78 million followers.

These data show that U.S. CEOs setting up their social media accounts essentially use them as a tool of occupation, which also explains why they prefer to use LinkedIn and Twitter as the platform for these two partial text attributes is more suitable for promoting commercial areas Contacts and resources, but also suitable to promote product philosophy. In contrast, Facebook and Instagram, which favor bi-directional image and video sharing, are perfect for totally private interaction.

And CEOs do not have time to indulge in totally private interactions. The professional investors and investors I want to invest in their company’s stock do not want to see them photographing or brushing Facebook all day long. I think that virtually, this also has the “up and down effect” indicator.

In the United States, the willingness, frequency, and channel of use of social media channels are obviously industry-specific: top tech, retail, media and entertainment executives are the most enthusiastic about the use of social media while executives in energy and air travel are least likely to active.

Of course, scenes sometimes make people forget their professional identity: The Oscars’ award-winning Big Oolong this year was due to the fact that the PwC staff in charge of counting votes at the awards ceremony Play tweets, in the moment before the best video awarding is still post-photo Emma Stone, so will not go wrong. According to reports, PwC asked in advance to retain the winning list of two accountants, at the awards ceremony may not use social media. The accidental accountant has since insulated from the client account of the Oscars!

My experience on Wall Street and my friends in the financial world have observed that for highly regulated industries such as finance, money management, insurance, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and social media, there may be a law minefield. Goldman Sachs carefully controls all social media activities and must document and archive every official post, tweet, check-in and business-related “pranks.” The company must even be responsible for the employee’s iPhone, post office hours and post-office tweets, even though like-innocence actions like clicking on a Facebook-per-click post may also result in SEC regulation.

But the hurdles are not limited to “highly regulated” areas, with Jean Murphy, the former chief financial officer of clothing retailer Francesca, behind the board issuing a seemingly innocuous tweet from his private account: Board of Directors. Good Performance Number = Happy Board. ”

The problem is that the official earnings have not been released to all investors, so 238 Twitter followers from Murphy got “insider information” and violated one of the SEC’s big bans. Shortly thereafter, he was fired on charges of “improper information dissemination of company through social media!”

In addition, the irony is that while we sing the importance of personal privacy, we often forget that social media often conflicts with personal privacy. Even in the media world, I often remind working partners that social media is like a tail that has been specially made for stuffing, and if you want to let your boss know that you are having a cell phone during business hours or living up to the erosion of working hours, Sun drying.

In general, having a cow personal social media account may not add enough to your boss’s eyes unless you are solely responsible for the company’s social media. But under the same circumstances, sometimes the boss may ask, why do you have time to go to work for your time up for popularity, but there is no way to complete your task?

So I think the reason why the CEO of the Fortune 500 in the United States does not play personal social media is that although there are some intergenerational and senior factors not because they are lazy or can not afford to help people manage them, The trade-off between the interests, made some practical choice Bale.

Any social media postings and pictures, expression packs, tucao, funny, may become evidence to allow outsiders to judge. So I think whether it is college students, or CEO, the first civilized social media guidelines, just before the launch of any content press the release button to stop, ask yourself, apply the title of social media etiquette expert Gore Hande “Are you sure you want to post?”

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Urban Design in Anti-terrorist Atmosphere

Over the past decade, highly alert buildings have sprung up everywhere to create a hostile “fortress-like” environment. How to reconcile security and openness in contemporary urban environment?

When the new U.S. Embassy building in London was officially opened in late 2016 – it is located near the Battersea Power Station on the River Thames – one of the tightest buildings in the UK.

Architects Kieran Timberlake boasted of its high-specification, highly-secured features: “Security requirements were achieved through landscape design without the use of tall walls and fences – such as wide ponds, Low garden walls with bench seats and natural yet unobtrusive barriers created by differences in height. ”

The embassy’s own description of the building is “modern, friendly, safe,” outlining the challenges designers face in confronting the conflicting purposes of security and openness in a contemporary urban setting.

Although the new embassy is far removed from the current U.S. Embassy in Grosvenor Square style, the critics say it represents a much broader wave. Over the past 10 years, highly prepared space has sprung up in various towns and cities, creating an hostile environment that some have described as “bastion-like.”

The new U.S. Embassy looks “like a Norman castle,” says Stephen Graham, a professor of urban and social studies at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom. “It even has a moat, laid out and left behind, leaving empty space to prepare for truck bombs or explosions,” he added. “This idea shows what a counter-terrorism city will look like.”

This defensive architecture is one aspect of the trend that brings various forms of “defensible space” into the cityscape. Last summer, the ground outside a private apartment building on Southwark Bridge Road in southern London was found to have embedded “spikes in homelessness”, sparking a strong public protest.
Boris Johnson, the then mayor of London, described the spikes as “ugly, counterproductive and stupid” before the spikes were removed.

It is also easy to argue that so-called “mosquito” sounders installed by retailers prevent them from staying in the shop by sending out high-frequency sounds that only young people and infants can hear. In New York, a spiked cover was installed on the hydrant to prevent people from sitting on the fire hydrant. Other examples include bus stops with slopes, park benches that you can not lay on top of, and concrete benches designed by Camden to stop skaters.

The word defensive space was invented by American architect Oscar Newman in the 1970s. This concept gave birth to an industry that is based on the principle of designing crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) and the related ideas spread to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean have had a profound impact on urban policy. The security design of the British police (Secured by Design The initiative is one example.

Professor Graham commented: “We are redesigning the city so that anyone who is not moving is seen as a threat, including pregnant women, people with young children or people with disabilities.” I do not deny the existence of a terrorist attack, Danger and security loopholes, but at some point these factors are exaggerated and the threat of terrorism becomes a tangled one. ”

Phoebe Boulton Jaggi, a student at the London College of Communication, studied antisocial street public facilities. Jagie said the city is becoming “more livable for consumers and less livable for the rest of the population.” While architects may receive support for integrating defensive design into potential targets (such as the U.S. embassy), critics are opposed to the transfer of fortified security facilities to other public buildings, such as schools, hospitals and residential areas. Such security precautions often include towering fencing, barbed wire and CCTV cameras.

Anna Minton, author of Ground Control and associate professor of architecture at the University of East London, said: “Security design has become the basic template for all new developments today. She added that the terrorist threat has become “a reason for the escalating security” that has become part of the everyday environment.

Safety Design was founded in 1989 and is wholly owned by the British Association of Chief Police Officers. The agency supports the concept of “designing crime prevention”, such as reducing the theft by 75% with specially designed doors and fences.

Jon Cole, National Operations Manager for Security Design, said: “Security measures can be invisible, and if you’ve incorporated security into your building from the start, the building is generally more aesthetically pleasing. ”
Security measures are too strict and exclusive urban space stirred some reactions. Oxford Circus in London is an example of the concept of “shared space” in Europe. In order to improve traffic safety, the relevant departments here remove obstacles, roundabouts and even traffic lights.

In the United States, organizations such as Rebar, the landscape architecture agency in San Francisco, are influencing the debate about public spaces. In the meantime, in Hamburg, designer Oliver Schau created a “guerrilla seat” in the city by using yellow drains.

In Canada, RainCity Housing, an independent charity aiming to help the homeless, installed covered benches in urban areas to provide shelter for street-dwellers. This is in stark contrast to the spikes in homelessness in the streets of London.

Professor Graham believes that the debate will become more intense. “Raising public awareness of the current situation is a challenge,” he said. “This is an ambitious problem that needs to be understood by people.”

lunch with beauty blogger Zola

After launching a YouTube video in 2009, Zola attracted 5.3 million subscribers

In my career, my daughter never asked me to sign the name of anyone I interviewed. Whether they are prime ministers, generals or business leaders, all are ignored by all. But when I, the 13-year-old, heard I was going to meet Zoella, she was in an ecstatic state. “Daddy, do not forget!” My daughter sent me this message firmly when I was going to lunch with the 24-year-old fashion and beauty blogger.

Before leaving, she told me everything she knew about my lunch partner. She told me the interviewing tips and even advised me on the questions I could ask – except the music and food I liked.

That’s why when I arrived at the Modelo Lounge, a somewhat desolate seaside cafe, I felt I was well prepared. I know a lot about Zola himself – she’s an online big sister, an aunt for counseling, the ultimate fashion expert, and a key figure in attracting millions of enthusiastic young consumers who have not yet become angry young people. Not only that, but I also have a fair amount of support for Alfie Deyes, PewDiePie, Tanya Burr, and Brit crew on the YouTube video (video blog) To understanding.

If you do not have children of a certain age, these names may not make sense to you. But they are small screen stimulants for teenagers, just as BBC television stars John Noakes and Tom Baker were as good as I was in childhood in the 1970s.

True, the content of these videos is completely different from “Blue Peter” or “Doctor Who.” There is nothing worth mentioning about the work; the main themes are video games, pranks and those that fascinate all teens s things. But it is these videos that have attracted a large audience. Thousands of children and young people watch each day attentively.

Perhaps the reddest star to stand out from this group is Zola himself. Her video is mainly based on the bed to give beauty advice, make hair or play a her shopping “booty” – she and her friends to show off the product they just bought.

There is also a fixed play time called “ChummyChatter” that includes Zola and her girlfriends, Louise, who exchange tips on key issues such as friendship, build, boys and whether to attend college. You can see the common sense that will be supported by parents from some recently broadcast titles. These questions include: “Why are you so thin?” Or “Borderline and say no.”

It is hard to tell outsiders how attractive she is to young people ages 13 to 20. But her charm is undeniable. Since she launched her YouTube video in 2009, Zora’s video has successfully attracted 5.3 million subscribers – just 2.3 million subscribers in January alone – through a universal, all-enchanted magic power.

Reward also arrived on schedule. Last year she was voted the UK’s Best British Vlogger at the BBC Radio 1’s Teen Awards, and she has won Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Award this year. Offline career is also waving to her. She recently signed with Penguin Press; her first novel, Girl Online, will also be published in November.

Zola is named Zoe Elizabeth Sugg in real life. She was the first person to admit that her fame was an accident. “It’s amazing because we never expected it to be our job,” she said. “No one knew what it would be like when we first started exploring these exciting new things.”

Zola’s delicate appearance, looks like a doll-like, dyed hair tied into a ponytail. In order to reassure Zola, her manager Madi followed. But Maddy agreed to hid her laptop from a distant desk.

We had intended to eat lunch outside, but the bad weather forced us to change the plan. Zola chose the quiet Modo clubhouse (with an ominous atmosphere), almost empty of people. Several seemingly business-minded guests looked up from their burgers or steaks and chips. I wonder how they think a messy, middle-aged man meets a twenties woman in an elegant gray blouse with a gingham scarf and a petite figure. Do they think I’m her godfather, or am I interviewing a home aunt?

Zola has lived in Brighton since last year. She rented a “superb” seafront loft apartment that cohabited with two guinea pigs under the “luxury” arrangement of IKEA furniture. Percy and Pippin often play an important role in her video, the last show is all their bathing shots.

At that time, thanks to the downturn after the economic crisis, her interior design job was fired. But her first career as a shadow movie was delayed by her anxious parents. “My dad is really confused and he always tells me to step out of my bedroom to find a formal job.”

I admit that I agree with her father at this point. But in fact, holding a laptop sitting in her bedroom is the best way for Zola. Perhaps she was not the first teenage teenager to try a movie, but she started off at a fortunate moment: just as Google acquired YouTube in 2006, the funny video of cats falling off the skateboard was completely transformed from an online platform to more Like a television network.

Google wants to encourage “creators” to produce more professional and engaging content. This will allow the U.S. Internet giant to take a share of the annual market of about $ 250 billion spent on television commercials.

Google hosts and publishes creators’ videos and shares their 45% advertising revenue. Although Google did not specifically disclose, investment bank analysts believe that advertising sales last year brought about about 5 billion US dollars in revenue for the company.

The key is to encourage adoption of content to reach out-of-reach consumers, such as those in their early teens and early twenties, who do not cling to traditional television. (Zola itself seldom watches TV.) “In my generation, at least the people I know, watching YouTube and the television ratio is 70:30.”) As said, the current wave of YouTube users is getting ready Debut

Zola focused her attention on the 13 to 20-year-old market, but also the best target group for this change. Although she told me that her audience was actually a much older age group, it surprised me. “Nine percent of my audience is male, and I think most of them are 45 to 50.” Noted my eyebrows rising rapidly, she added, “I always tell myself it’s just like my dad is watching. ”

Zola and other members of “British Gang” may be relatively star rookie, but they are highly sensitive to the value of their franchise. Only a few years away from the first cash of £ 60 she received from Google. But now Zola is a member of YouTube’s “Style Haul” radio network. The program promotes fashion and beauty-related topics for “millennials” (between the ages of 13 and 30) and matches its video creators with “brand name and lucrative deals.”

She is also managing her increasingly complex affair with Social Talent. Gleam Futures This organization seems to represent all of the UK YouTube picture. “It’s like helping with finishing,” she added, “I’d be exhausted without their help.”

The main members of the film are closely related, and they often appear on each other’s channels. This cross-promotion helps bring together viewers. Zola’s group includes her boyfriend, her brother Joe (whose blog now has 2 million subscribers; she insisted it was only after she started), Marcus Butler, Louise (aka Sprinkle of Glitter) and Tania Burr, a make-up artist who advises in her Norwich home bedroom, and her make-up line recently featured in Zola’s video Be recommended. “We all want to help each other so that we can bring together all of our channels,” Zola said. “That’s the whole point of social media: sharing.”

I told Zora that she is known in the advertising world as “the champion of crowd-sourced people.” She smiled and said, “It’s cool, I have not heard of this yet.” But she also admitted that well-known brands are waiting in line to cash her popularity. “They know YouTube users have always had a way to connect with viewers, even if they already have all the money in the world.” One of her most influential examples is the signing of Unilever, Sell ​​their skin care products to younger users.

Advertisers have said they are willing to pay £ 20,000 a month for banner ads on well-known YouTube channels, and £ 4,000 for each mention of their products in the video (at roughly the same cost as the one on Twitter). Zola does not like to mention how much money she made. But based on the pricing of the most successful moviegoers, she is now able to earn hundreds of thousands of pounds a year from her advertising alone.

Of course, this opportunity also brought a conflict. We talked about this as we dealt with the lunches. I reprimanded Zola for not eating her sandwiches, and she promised she would pack it home. (In fact it was still abandoned on the table when we left.)

Zola’s mastery of her followers, like God, is essentially a matter of trust and even intimacy between a filmmaker and an audience. I asked her how to maintain the relationship when she took money from advertisers and recommended their products.

She said it is basically a matter of judgment. When she chooses a “partner,” she thinks about the company she’s respected or the product she thinks is good. “No matter how large a sum of money can not attract me to market something I do not believe,” she states. “I built this community that trusted my opinion and it cost me a lot more than a big check.”

She claimed to have rejected 90% of the deal offers. Some products such as alcohol are directly rejected. Her anxiety meant that she had never been a drinker – “I hate loss of self-control,” so she quit drinking a few years ago. For cosmetics and clothes, she runs a simple rule of thumb. “If it’s something I do not know how to wear or do not like, I will not think about it.” She supports the product’s disclosure to users in the description on the URL.

As lunch is coming to an end, we talk about the offline career opportunities that Zola has created.

She is excited about her book. The topics involved are important to her, such as anxiety, online relationships and cyberbullying. Talking about her anxiety actually helps her. “Doing things outside my comfort zone and supervising myself is good for me.” Zola remained open to other ideas and advice; but she kinda wanted to have her own line of homeware.

Most notably, she has a vested interest in her newfound reputation. “I never imagined anything of this would happen; so I would only go with it and take control of it,” she said. “Who knows what happens in five years.”

When we got up and left, I remembered my promise. Did Zola care to send a message to one of her young fans? She agreed to record a greeting on my Apple phone (the sign was already out of date) and I left with no hesitation.
But when I checked the record on my home train, I found out that I covered my thumb with the microphone at the crucial moment of filming. Smiling expression, a unique wave, but can not hear any message Zola message.

Men shirt collar learning

Collar gorgeous, long and pointed collar style rebellion. As the economy improves, the collar of men’s shirts shifts from classic to gorgeous.

Fashion observers may be familiar with the hemline index, which reflects the economic barometer. It was first introduced by economist George W Taylor in 1926, which argued that during the economic boom, women’s skirts grew longer, and when the economic stock market downturn, the skirts became shorter. In 2010, a report released by the Econometric Institute at the Erasmus University Rotterdam showed that: since 1921, the data collected show that the relationship between economic prosperity and the length of women’s skirts There is a positive relationship, but the specific time lags about three years.

However, in addition to women’s, men will be affected by economic fluctuations? From Jermyn Street in London to the recently released menswear line, designers are moving away from classic lapel to gorgeous collar styles-shirt makers attribute this to a gradual improvement in economic conditions.

“As the economy starts to recover, consumers have more money to buy shirts,” said Dean Gomilsek-Cole, head of design and product development at Turnbull & Asser, Say. “We found the following pattern: Consumers are more likely to choose the shirt collar that fits their face, not the worse, and we do see the tab collar and the more extreme cutaway There are more and more people who use the former to fasten the short collar with a thin strip like ‘buckle’, the latter ‘s collar is actually removed and the result is a very wide collar.

Despite the many nuances of the shirt’s collar pattern, most ready-to-wear shirts still use traditional lacing, just for the majority of face types. And when the employment situation continues to improve, the shirt can not stand out in the same manner.

Recently, we talked about fashion issues with Bank of England Governor Mark Carney (do you still remember his men’s handbag?). Karni seems to have a dual mission: to lead its own macro economy to the right, but also pay attention to the specific start-up industries. He always wore a collar shirt (sometimes more exaggerated), unlike his predecessor, Mervyn King, who used traditional lackeys during the financial crisis.

“Everyone feels more fit during the sluggish economy,” said Geoff Quinn, president of shirt retailer TM Lewin, who just introduced a new crew neck shirt this month. But as the economy continues to improve, so does the confidence in dressing, and the new round-necked collar shirt we have just started dating back to the 1850s when Eton College first used it in school uniforms but ” Boardwalk Empire and Mad Men reintroduced it to mainstream society, which is the perfect match for business wear and fashion in the respect of traditional British dress. example.”

At Brioni’s fashion show this spring and summer this year, it also introduced a slightly modified collar shirt, while also introducing a variety of gold collar bars (gold collar bars); and Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren) Purple Label autumn and winter series did not make any minor changes to the collar —- but wear on the model body, and the face looks great match. In Patrick Dutz’s autumn-winter shirt, a smoother round-necked collar was introduced to match lazy-style clothing she designed.

In short, for those who favor personality shirt collar, always find the right revision style. “The rounded collar seems to be more popular with young people, but it is very interesting that the collar and tie clip are also popular again,” Cole said. “The lead has the effect of highlighting the tie, so you will definitely stand out.”

At the London Collections: Men, held January this year, the collar became the focal point of Richard James, who narrowed the narrow-necked collar and the semi-lapel to the studded studs Collar shirt collar used to carry out the mix; shirt maker Thomas Pink Design Director Frederik Willems said: “The collar with a narrow neck tie, the effect is particularly good, with custom clothing, it seems perfect, you know, custom clothing Wearing a slim body who, fashion taste full. ”

At Bottega Veneta’s spring / summer fashion show, the solemn collar shirt adds a touch of glamor to classic dark suits. “Angular face lined the effect of this shirt,” Cole said. “It has a low-toned image, and when it’s worn by a wide-brimmed shirt, it tends to look shorter and more men often wear larger bow ties to fill the space left by the collar, as this usually Is regarded as golden rule, and if it is a silk tie, it can be double Windsor and the effect will be very good, but we also see the trend of not filling the space left by the leader: the slender tie can be more Good to show the collar and tie. “At the annual Royal Ascot, Prince Charles appeared in this way, and has lasted for decades. His attention-to-detail approach has given the younger generation constant follow-up, drawing on this new style of fashion influenced by old fashion standards.

Regardless of favor of a fully collar shirt set off from the solemn dress, or want to use pointed long collar to show their personality in the creative and rebellious side, designers are happy. This long, pointed collar shirt was introduced at recent fashion shows by Alexander McQueen and Paul Smith. “The collar is the highlight of the costume,” Cole said. “Even a small change to a standard collar can have an extraordinary impact.”

When you are doing this, you may even be able to help the economy with one hand.

Art treatment of amnesia?

Song Peifen: London charity Westminster Abbey assists aphasics in society through artistic activities such as painting and music, and patients can even write operatic performances.

As soon as Annie saw me excitedly asked, where did you come from? I told her I was born in Taiwan. She then asked, “I am very worried.” I told her that she immediately said in very standard pronunciations, “I am worried.” Just to praise her voice-borne language talent, she suddenly grabbed my arm and said he was worried and let me know Measures. The social worker on the sidelines gave her a piece of white paper without a hurry and took a carnation out of the vase and put it on paper and said softly to Annie. “Do not cry, help me draw a carnation?” Annie immediately quieted, picked up the pencil, the immediate flowers in a piece of paper immediately forming.

This is an elderly daycare center in West London, but unlike other daycare centers, these are the late-stage amnesiacs. They worked with an artist to spell out a lovely, colorful long table with a mosaic in six weeks. Today, you’re done, especially holding tea party to celebrate.

According to statistics, 35.6 million people worldwide suffer amnesia, and this number will double every 20 years. By 2050, it is estimated to reach 131 million. If 2050 sounds too far away, in every corner of the world, every three minutes there is a memory loss. The economic cost of amnesia is 818 billion U.S. dollars. If amnesia is a nation, it will be the 18th-largest economy in the world and it is estimated that it will break through one trillion U.S. dollars by 2018. G8 Summit held in London in 2013 specially discussed amnesia, but the research is far less than other diseases such as cancer researchers are 5 times the memory loss, although scientists have recently discovered the possible symptoms of the drug, but so far , Still did not find a cure. Much of the responsibility for caring for people with amnesia falls on their families, just Britain, whose annual devotion saves £ 1.1 billion in state health insurance. However, family members have limited ability and external help is still very urgent.

“We can not stop the necrosis of the cranial nerves, but we can offer the possibility of improving our current condition,” Kathryn Gilfoy, director of Westminster Arts, told me. Westminster Abbey is a community charity that helps people with amnesiacs participate in the arts through artistic activities. The mosaic table is one of their many projects.

Hannah Zeilig of the University of London recently did a research report on the impact of such participatory activities as art, music and dance on amnesiacs. According to the report, participatory activities such as music, art and dance help to evoke emotions or muscle memory under the signs of diminished memory, mental confusion, speaking ability and diminished understanding. Singing, playing, painting and dancing together will not only promote communication and reduce isolation, but also make people feel happy and improve their quality of life. For countries with poor medical care, these activities are even more economically effective than medicine.

There are more and more organizations in the UK that provide music, drama, writing, dancing, visiting art galleries, dress puppets and painting for amnesiacs. The common feature of these activities is that they encourage groups to improvise, and theatrical performances do not emphasize reciting lines. This is because improvisation encourages people with amnesia to jump out of routine and enhance the test’s courage. Although it is impossible to prove that these activities are more effective than other modes of participation, music, art and dance themselves involve the pleasure of games and group writing that enhance the sense of sensibilities and add imagination. From improving self-esteem and self-esteem, assisting cognitive function, promoting communication and creativity, stimulating a desire to learn, and reducing the line between patients, carers and medical staff. Adaptability, comprehension and receptivity are closely related to their health. From this perspective, the participation of music, art and dance is likely to exceed what the drugs can provide.

A few days after attending the Mosaic Tea Party at the Day Care Center, I went to another church in West London to participate in another music event organized by Westminster Abbey, consisting of seven mild and moderate amnesia patients, and four A group of musicians from the Royal Academy of Music joined together. Everyone greeting each other after drinking tea cakes, falsetto tenor first to sing for everyone Popsey composition “if the music is the food of love” (If music be the food of love), then Hanna playing A little horn song. After listening to the performance, Julian playing the oboe began to ask everyone to do a vocal exercise to teach everyone to sing “If music is the food of love,” and everyone is familiar with the music, and everyone is encouraged to sing Canon. After singing the song, Julian took out different percussion instruments and asked one of the amnesiacs to read Shakespeare’s short poem while encouraging others to improvise with their percussion instruments. Everyone happily interprets this short poem with the instrument in hand, a dull memory of amnesia seems to have relish, the original feeling of unhappy disappeared.

It is noteworthy that amnesia is not dementia, these people can create impressive results through different participation. The Dulwich Museum of Art in South East London co-operates with the English Touring Opera to create a Visual to Vocal program to inspire patients with mild to moderate levels of painterliness through the gallery’s collection Composer. This year is the third year. These people have developed from writing songs to writing operas and performing public performances! These activities are obviously beneficial to improve mood, not just amnesia patients, after participating in activities I also hum “If music is food for love”, marching light pace to go home.


International royal mansion what price?

These luxury properties for sale include the 17th century manor house built specifically for the Portuguese king, Duke of Windsor as governor of the Bahamas residence, the Queen’s grandparents’ residence.

The Palácio na Quinta mansion in São Sebastião, Lisbon, Portugal costs 7.5 million euros.

Location: Located in the administrative district of Lumiar, about 20 minutes drive from Lisbon city center and about 10 minutes drive from Lisbon Portela international airport.

Details: Surrounded by a formal garden for the fourth week, this seven-bedroom, eight-bathroom manor house includes an attic four-bedroom apartment in addition to an outdoor pool.

Selling point: This manor house was built in 1715 exclusively for King João V of Portugal. Joao V is called “Sun King” and the front of the main building is decorated with royal coat of arms. With a huge fortune acquired from the gold mining in the colonial Brazil, Joao V has been known to build luxurious palaces in addition to generous gifts to the Roman and Paris royal families.

Agent: Engel & Völkers Real estate agency, engelvoelkers.com, phone +351 21 096 06 40.

Chauncey Close, 19 East Hampton, New York City, USA, priced at $ 21 million

Location: Between Georgica Pond in the East Hampton and the Atlantic Ocean, about 2 hours drive from JFK international airport.

Details: This 568sqm waterfront mansion has five bedrooms and four bathrooms, an outdoor pool and restaurant, plus a private beach of almost 400 feet in length. If you spend $ 11 million you can put the adjacent 3.6 acres of land to buy.

Selling Point: The living room has wooden beams from a barn in Hever Castle in Kent, Anne Boleyn, later named Anne of Cleves In the 16th century lived here. Fortunately, these wooden beams are much better than several of Queen Henry VIII’s, and several of his queens were either beheaded or retired.

Fagelvik Castle in Valdemarsvik, Sweden, priced at 3,500 Swedish kronor (about 3.79 million U.S. dollars)

Location: Located on the southeast coast of Sweden in the Valdamash region, about 2 hours 40 minutes drive from Bromma international airport.

Details: This 3 acre castle dates back to the 14th century and has 8 toilets, in addition to well-restored murals and a former dungeon, as well as a dedicated staff accommodation area.

Selling Point: In 1429, the castle became the residence of Carl VIII of Sweden. From 1448 to 1470, Karl VIII once held the throne three times. In the 19th century, King Oscar II made his fortune through the castle and became known as “paradise on earth.”

Agents: Sotheby’s International Real Estate Company, sothebysrealty.com, tel .: +46 739 82 80 87.

The Nassau mansion in New Providence, Bahamas, priced at $ 8.5 million.

Location: Located in the Bahamas’s capital near Nassau, Goodman’s Bay offers breathtaking views of the bay and is about a 12-minute drive from Lynden Pindling International Airport.

Details: This 1,500-square-foot mansion has four bedrooms, plus two 4-bedroom guest houses and a 3-bedroom luxury home.

Selling Points: Duke of Windsor The mansion was once home to the Governor of the Bahamas in 1940. Duke of Windsor, former King Edward VIII, took the initiative in 1936 to marry a divorced American, Wallis Simpson.

Agent: 7th Heaven Properties, Website: 7thheavenproperties.com, Phone: +44 20 8960 1010.

Woolmers Park, Letty Green, Hertfordshire, UK, costs £ 16.5m
Location: Within a 10-minute walk of Letty Green village, it is less than a half-hour’s drive from Luton International Airport.

Details: This 93-acre mansion, listed as Grade II * -listed, features 8 bedrooms, plus an indoor pool, a three-bedroom small hotel and a tennis court.

Selling Point: Woolmers Park was bought in 1927 by the Earl and Countess of Strathmore, now the eldest daughter of the Queen Elizabeth II. It used to have a polo field, and the current Prince of Wales (Prince Charles) often studied polo.

Agents: Savills, savills.com, +44 20 7016 3780.

I switched from marketing executives to jewelry design

Drank the last cup of Nespresso in the office coffee room and took only the scented candles on the table. I drove out of the DFS office’s basement. Like every day in the past three years, the only difference was that the bag was light and never left The computer is not inside, the pace is light.

Passing through the Cross-Harbor Tunnel, there was a Damien “Forgot her,” a radio station with viaduct to the Happy Valley. The lazy sunshine in the afternoon in Hong Kong burst into my eyes through my sunglasses. Focusing, emptying my mind, I found myself blowing a whistle, and I do not remember when it was last whistling. Suddenly realized that this is the twenty years of his career, the only time not sad, do not miss the departure, and some incomparable relaxation, and inexplicable pleasure.
That night, after nearly six months of insomnia, my first night without a dream, sleep until dawn. Wake up in the morning, I was surprised at their own calm, neither worried about the unknown future, nor miss the Mid-Levels luxury, there are those who holiday paradise shuttle, Jin Yi food party. I believe: “Your body will not deceive you.” Obviously, these seemingly beautiful surfaces are not enough of my heart’s boredom of going to the mountains of Wenshan and the anxiety of long-term work in a creative, but full of fighting environment.

Suddenly shut down from high-intensity work of more than 10 hours a day, the first time and his family went to have been said to be going to Hokkaido and Bali vacation. After sleeping for a while every day to wake up naturally awake, I was restless I started to get ready. Follow my usual principle: “either do something, or learn something,” I began to frequent access to previously interested but never had time to Book Fair, jewelry show; to participate in a variety of fun courses, but also took the time to complete the study two Year’s movie class. On the third day of the Hong Kong Jewelery Fair’s first visit to Hong Kong, the GIA (right, the Gemological Institute of the United States, as I know most of the people, this abbreviation is on the diamond certificate) booth saw that they had a full-time production Jewelry design course, the opening day is the next day, the scene staff tired of dealing with the consultation from other guests on the certificate, only briefly told me that the best in person the next day directly to the school counseling.

GIA’s classroom, located in the heart of Queen’s Road Central, I arrived at 9:00, to the reception desk I had just put down to sign up for classes starting at 9:30. The front desk girl did not hide her surprise: “What are you doing “” Marketing. “” What company? “” LVMH. “” Understand jewelry? “” Thousands of pieces each year Bvlgari, Dior, Tiffany glance over and understand. “” Can you draw? “” Watercolor, many years ago. “” Can you speak English? “” This is my EMBA degree, taught in English. “Fill this form. “Download before, fill in.” “” First pay the money. “This is a check. “” … … that into it, Room C, the teacher has come. “Later, I knew that the front desk was widely circulated at school. The teacher’s remark was:” You are brave and determined. “I am unemployed, without any cause, courage and curiosity, is the key to the world, a stranger opened the door for me.

Into the classroom, can accommodate fourteen individuals in the classroom plus I just full, not surprisingly, I am the oldest student, is also the only one not in the jewelry industry students. Inside a water 80, either inherited jewelry family business, or is already in the line, want to learn more skills. A boy in class, except me, the girl’s standard platinum package, the value is also high, rare, but also serious, there is talent!

The beginning of the first two months, learn dark, learn perspective, refraction and refraction of light in gems, learn jewelry structure, learn the basics, as well as practice and practice. After eight hours of class, go home, wait for the child to sleep, then sit down and do three to four hours of homework, the daytime learning techniques refinement, deepening, in the design to do a more refined realization. With 1 mm watercolor strokes of 1 mm diameter broken diamond cutting surface and light and shadow, for a long time I do not brush the eyes of the pen and myopia is undoubtedly a big challenge. A pen to gem cut surface, layer by layer, the pearls gloss out, is a Ku Ku. But every night in the silent jazz, the hearts of no distractions, not hurry, look at the details a little bit out of color a little messy, a few hours fleeting, sense of accomplishment is not less than before to see a few million The project is successful. Returning to school the next day to see other students something, can not help but feel inferior – as long as a short comparison, you see the gap between age and vision, especially the details of the brush stroke. Can only go home, double practice. More than two months down, his eyes were swollen, to see something blurred, once at a time, including 320 1mm diamond bracelet design, has always been harsh teacher, said: “This look, do not give yourself Designing for such a mess is good. ”

The second half of the semester, into the real design time, start classes every morning, the teacher will question, you can wear occasions, it can be a budget, you can be the shape of precious stones, jewelry can be the type, give you an hour concept, to The teacher proposed and stated that the one-hour sketch was approved and then completed and scored in three hours. Proposal concept, I always the first, each time there are three completely different concept to the teacher, the teacher’s comment, either: “This is too cross!” Is: “This is too unlike jewelry Graduation, the jewelry designer in Taiwan for more than two decades said to me: “At first I did not like you, I think people who have long working experience before are more stubborn, do not learn new things, plus know You used to be an executive and you were twice as harsh as you did. I did not expect you to be the hardest student in my class, and your sources are very diverse, architecture, poetry, fashion, symbols, unlike the traditional jewelry theme but fresh Beautiful, you have not licensed the foundation, we must keep it. ”

Experience the advantages of the stage in the design work to be fully reflected: I am passing through the road for five years Shikumen ArtDeco architectural inspiration for the design work “Shikumen memories” at the graduation show, won hundreds of votes for the GIA Best design, senior rookie students finally completed the counter-attack.

Enjoying carrying a school bag every day, carrying a box to go to school day, I took another breath of three other jewelry courses, four months time, the door 95 points or more to complete the original nine-month course , Got GIA professional jewelry home degree. “Do not do it, do it professional.”

After regaining confidence in the classroom, I immediately began to try to design my designs one by one. In the class, I was asked to find out more about my classmates. After three days running at a jewelery fair, I watched hundreds of works of inlaid masters and selected a few to help me inlaid my designs. Like all rookies, this first three months paid a heavy price.

My internship includes an invisible setting, invisible inlay as the highest technique in jewelery inlay, invented by Parisian craftsman Jacques-Albert Algier in the 1920s and widely used by Van Cleef & Arpels. There is no usual jewels used to secure the pawls of gems, inlaid in the waist of each gem cut two fine grooves, in order to pound the precious metal pre-cast inlay grooving, the final jewelry out of jewels, but Can not see the pawns, and any supporting gem set, even in the dim light, but also because of the hundreds of different angles of reflection of precious stones and exquisitely carved, shine. This inlaid, for each gemstone color and pre-cut demanding, even a small piece of work, but also hundreds of hours of Seiko secret agents. Powerless I resolutely challenge the world can not do more than 20 people invisible tessellation, the result is the beginning of the three, not a seam, is a stone.

Six months ago, I took a consultant project to develop an e-commerce platform for a traditional retail jewelery company. After the initial report of the project came out, I discovered an open secret in the industry: as jewelry stores are often opened on high-rent sections, one hundred or two hundred square meters Often put thousands of inventory, consumers buy a piece of jewelry, only 20% of the cost spent on gems, design and workmanship, the other 80% is inventory, rent, personnel, insurance and so on. If it is a big name, but also add marketing costs, while the well-known brands to pursue “Promote the best, sell the rest” (push the best, sell the rest), advertising is tens of millions of gorgeous jewelry, but selling Mostly, but is engraved with gold logo silverware, or semi-precious or pearl shell to do the basic models. One of my friends, an Italian family eldest son, once came to China to attend a big-name event. I puzzled and asked why Chinese girls have tens of thousands of bags in their hands, but they wear the same accessories instead of genuine jewelry ? I have to say that it is too successful for the logo promotion of the jewelry brand in China. I think, after the bag, we deserve to have a really good sense of design jewelry.

A few months ago, I started to have friends help me find gems and make designs. On many occasions, my friends only saw photos or videos of jewelry when they paid. With such trust, I could only double my care and follow the details. Fortunately, customers are satisfied with listening, interacting, and taking things seriously. Last month, a Beijing friend who had known for seven years was in a hurry to erect her emerald ring and asked me to go to Beijing to give her a check-in at the airport. She found that the back and forth she bought for me were all first-class to the port After the shuttle hotel is also get all set. Early the next morning, eating breakfast in the Angel Kitchen and another friend of Logos, lamented the fact that leaving the international company was such a thing. A friend said: “This is an era where someone is willing to pay for ingenuity and craftsmanship.”

On the return flight, I was thinking of my next move. I did not know if I would go back to a big company. Just like a newly divorced person, I did not want to remarry because you did not know whether this man made you disappointed. Or did all of you let you Disappointed.
At the moment, freedom and happiness feel so real. “Happiness is a better job.” The next day, I rented a little studio, wrote stories, made jewelry, started my new journey as a craftsman.

Famous stylists employed by celebrities

For Beyonce single “Formation” MV Mani Seno Feng modeling is responsible for shaping, she is good at combining the street costumes amazing results

Modeling design is to dress up all kinds of characters (whether the other is a movie star, model or not bad money to buy clothes for anyone), it is an industry with the times. Past celebrities may be focused on whether the fashion is avant-garde and unconventional (remember Lady Gaga’s 2010 fresh-cut fare?) Nowadays, they may wear sportswear and Timberland booties on a variety of social occasions. As more lively street fashion continues to appear in the T-stage, more practical wear-resistant fashion also became popular in the red carpet and other occasions: the new fashion show is a real picture of life, without deliberately designed Traces, but also has nothing to do with the price of fashion.

This change is undoubtedly due to social media, and now a large number of fans in Instagram and Snapchat and other social platforms, in addition to watching celebrities on the T-stage image, but also concerned about their every move in life. Celebrities in the past may just addicted to the red carpet fashion, and now they are always wearing the usual attention by fans.
It may be ironic that the “simple and natural” fashion, that is, the way a person instinctively builds his own image, is increasingly becoming a focus of work for another group. Although we know little about the names of these big-name stylists, we feel their extraordinary influence every moment of the day.

In February 2016, Beyoncé unveiled his single “Formation” through a horrifying video that was known to all by the then unknown 42-year-old stylist Marni Senofonte. Her Beyonce world tour dress styling is about to be done, but in fact Sennheiser was responsible for the other’s concerts and business shows since 2007, taking on more formidable tasks last year. She is credited with Beyonce’s variety of trendy costumes in Formation’s MV shot at Deep South in the United States. Beyoncé is wearing the latest Gucci, Alessandra Rich, Zimmermann, DylanLex and other fashion, crazy hurricane devastated New Orleans cry. Beyonce, dressed in a Dsquared2 uniformed jacket dotted in gold (this tribute to Michael Jackson) at the Super Bowl in Los Angeles the next day, sang .

“The effect is remarkable,” said Cernotte, commenting on the “Formation” response after the broadcast. “I think everyone is eager to see a brand new fashion image that we have not seen for some days, and we end up with a piece of art – even unspeakable. Feel it ingenuity.But in fact Beyonce clothing is very simple and clear (although there are several clothing in order to facilitate activities to make some changes).

With extraordinary description can be described as appropriate. The various costumes in Formation reflect the resentment of society and politics. In the MV, Beyoncé defended and upheld the roots and ethnic groups of his own culture well. Cenoquant skilful reference to the pre-Civil War South and loose, 禳 lace and freshly washed Zimmermann and Alessandra Rich dresses, and their street culture full of costumes (such as with a brand identity Gucci custom-made, which is She created her with the fashion inspired by Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele). These clothes are stylish and full of flavor, but also fit the Beyoncé temperament, all this is exactly what Cenogent special skill. Who can think of it: A Look at the Gucci 2016 spring / summer collection of topped bright shirts and skirts with hand-painted graphics priced at £ 745 and £ 990 respectively Land War boots with the fashion effect will be so painful?

Beyonce’s dress in “Formation” is a revelation to Givenchy’s nude-colored skirt (see-through tulle dress in crystal) she attended last year at the Met Gala in New York City’s metropolitan museum The other. Although the latter is a festive dress, but not a real sense of everyday attire. Seanoy Fonte was not in charge of Beyonce last year’s charity show, she said he felt Beyonce clothing should be “more accessible.” “My heart remembers the public response to the chosen dress,” she said. “I call it the Halloween Effect.” Think about girls going to wear this Gucci sportswear in the autumn of October? Probably high. “And that’s the real costume.

In the social and fashion circles have such a huge influence, with Beyonce stars a handful of rival, and her rivals usually employ fashion stylist. Rihanna stylists are mainly Mel Ottenberg and Anna Trevelyan (the latter selected for Tommy Hilfiger ) Song and dance halls dresses to star in the hit song “Work” MV). Kanye West, the co-designer of Yeezy’s best-selling shoes at Adidas, funded her own design team by bringing Off-White’s Virgil Abloh and Yeezy’s 22-year-old fashion consultant Ian Connor (Ian Connor) and many other design talent recruited under the command. Lady Gaga is just like the unconventional and wantonly hyped after a place in the fashion industry, and in its present stylist and confidante Brandon Maxwell’s call, has been shocking the appearance of his extraordinary image A lot.

“Gaga knows everything about her goals,” said Maxwell, 31. Since 2012, he has been Gaga stylist, but also create their own fashion brand. “The process is generally straightforward – Gaga would be as simple as going to the Golden Globes presentation and picking up the dresses.” (The dresses are the Versace tight neckline Black velvet evening dress.) Although Gaga’s dress has never been uncomfortable, but she seems to prefer the current set of popular Hollywood suit, she was wearing Brandon Maxwell designed skirt to participate in this year’s Oscars (Academy Awards), the image looks fresh and bright than ever before. After the awards show, Maxwell received a lot of inquiries, but due to the large amount of fabric and the complex three-dimensional cutting required to create the suit, and the desire to “always be Gigi (nicknamed Gaga)”, Sleeve skirt will become a swan song.

Celebrity endorsement, of course, can greatly enhance brand awareness, its influence will be far beyond the scope of T-Taiwan. And stylists have become the key link between brands and consumers. Drake’s “Hotline Bling” MV was broadcast on YouTube in October last year, hitting nearly 700 million hits. The biggest beneficiary is the Moncler, a manufacturer of ski wear, the producer of Draco’s red jacket (priced at $ 1,150) in MV. (Drake worked with stylist Nicky Orenstein to “pipe” the MV.) When Rihanna posted a photo of her own Dolce & Gabbana on Twitter, Headphones priced at nearly $ 9,000, the next day the headset was sold out. In the meantime, New York designer Chris Gelinas noticed “a surge in demand” after he published a photo of a skirt he designed in the US version of “Vogue.” In the end is which famous model wearing this dress he designed? Supermodel Kendall Jenner! He later nicknamed the skirt “Kendall.” Reputation and fan base can translate into real money.

But none of the recent fame has come to Lotta Volkova, the stylist for Vetements, the burgeoning fashion world. Volkova is stylist and fashion consultant for the Parisian fashion house (run by Demna Gvasalia) and Balenciaga, the French fashion house owned by Kering. In Balenciaga, Volkova also plays for Gvasalia.
Volkova advocates young, simple and durable wear type of fashion: in part because she believes that today’s sweat pants and hoodies the proliferation of fashion. In spite of this, her influence was not revealed by the fashion week but by celebrity engagement. Many of Volkerko’s models (as well as the T-Channel catwalk stars) were formed by the friends and co-workers of the Vetements design team who knew Gvasalia a few years ago while playing nightclubs, It is insipid.

Her interest in street fashion culture began with the childhood experience of living in the port city of Vladivostok, Russia, where her father was captain. “We were very prosperous at the time,” recalls Volkova, 32, “because we have been in constant contact with foreign and Western worlds, even in those few years before the collapse of the Soviet Union.My father often went to Japan, The United States and South Korea, came back and introduced us with all sorts of insights. “The” fit “of the international consciousness undergoing Russian social transformation and secretly trained people, in a style in which she was impressed by the combination of poverty and minimalism, Revealed in full. She is not afraid to suffer a little bruises and show something ugly. Many of her designs have their roots in turbulent times since the collapse of the Soviet Union in the 1990s: for example, her favorite flower was “gvozdika,” a species of carnations that the Russians used to take for the protests. ”

“I am inspired by a variety of subcultures and Russian youth cultures.” Volkova added that she had studied art at central Saint Martins in London for as long as eight years as a stylist. “The Internet has a significant role to play in interacting with people, and I became deeply fascinated by the fact that I first came into contact with it in the 1990s – and I’m still fond of the Internet.” Elkova’s philosophy has now evolved into a true fashion movement – high-end fashion is now deeply influenced by the street fashion culture.
She said: “What I am most proud of is that I’ve become a personal friend of most of my collaborators, which gives me a chance to establish a very solid relationship, because … the relationship is real.”

Mirror residential into Europe and the United States fashion

The appearance of the mirror used in high-rise buildings have become commonplace, the mirror decoration used in residential effect?

In recent years, the selection of housing appearance has undergone revolutionary changes. The development of imagination and technological progress have enriched people’s choice of building materials. More and more houses are refreshing from the point of view of appearance, such as beautiful and innovative mirror houses popular in recent years.

Simple mirror residential into a trend

For urban high-rise buildings, the towering glossy mirror is commonplace. We are also accustomed to the use of mirrors at home to transmit light, expand the sense of space and add drama. However, when modern architects choose the appearance of building materials, mirror glass has become their darling, the metal material is gradually being neglected.

Whether in rural or urban context, the appearance of the mirror has brought many subtle pleasure and unspeakable joy. They give a sense of exchange and interaction, reflect the surrounding things, capture the whirling shadow of trees, and change with sunrise, sunset and clouds. Set in the mirror, the building and the surrounding environment together, not to appear isolated and obtrusive.

The appearance of simple, mirrored houses reminiscent of Sky Mirror, an artwork by the famous contemporary sculptor Anish Kapoor, is featured in Nottingham, Kensington Gardens and New York, USA. There is also the Phillip K Smith III Desert Lodge, an antique farmhouse hut decorated with mirrored panels, half empty and semi-old, set in the Joshua Tree National Park in southern California, In an open desert.

As expected, the mirror house has become the vane of the art world. Entrusted by art collectors Michael and Olga Kagan, the American architectural firm Kieran Tim berlake designed the Pound Ridge House in 29 acres in New York State. The project was planned from the Kagan couple looking to build houses in enchanting landscapes to preserve precious art collections such as M.C. Escher’s works, with distorted graphics and fictional illusions, fascinating and psychedelic.

“We really want to build an art house,” said Michael Kagan. “The art of architecture and architecture is very much in our hearts. Since building a house takes a lot of time and energy, designing it as a great art object allows We feel worth it, otherwise, we bought a mansion directly after the financial crisis. ”

Six years ago, Kagan funded the purchase of this piece of land, and he knows it has been here for 40 years. The couple and architect Stephen Kieren have chosen a striking location surrounded by woodland. The house is divided into two separate sections, built according to the terrain, with bridges in the middle. As for exterior materials, the design team examined many options and finalized a composite that included stainless steel plates, brushed stainless steel, resin-coated copper molds, and clear glass.

“We follow nature in a broader sense, including the sky, the earth, and the passage of time,” Kieran said. “Specular reflections make the landscape different from time to weather, and unlike the permanence of the geologic environment, they fleeting. ”
The separate house forms have weakened the building’s impact on the landscape and the semi-reflective façades create the illusion of oak, maple and beech. The base of the bulk barrier and the lower threshold of the main part of the building make the building inlaid in nature. “We love watching the appearance of houses change over time and the weather, and when you move around the house, it looks different,” said the couple, Kagan. “These four materials, with their different reflective properties, More attractive. ”

Mimetic House, located in the county of Leitrim in central Ireland, was designed by architect Dominic Stevens for his good friends, artist couple Grace Weir and Joe Walker. It uses Saint-Gobain’s semi-reflective solar-control glass, which is often used for the exterior of office buildings. Housing with the emergence of green vegetation appears, but also disappeared as the terrain gap, the roof of the vegetation is also designed to be harmonious and natural.

Weir has taken possession of this piece of land for many years, has always wanted to build a new and creative house to be the second home. She introduced Stevens through a friend’s friends and skillfully designed the house for her, now the couple’s main residence. The studio is hidden in the quiet basement and can not be disturbed. The spacious and flexible large space on the ground floor allows for creation, living and party. It is a platform that can overlook the sky and look up to the sky.

“It looks like a piece of land that folds up to form a living space,” said Stevens. “But its white interior gives a secret surprise because you can not imagine sitting in the distance and sitting In which the outside world is at a glance. ”

Modern buildings are embedded in the landscape

Mirror houses appear in more cities. In London’s Highgate area, architect Dominic Mckenzie designed a modern home for the patent attorney, Sophie Rich, and her family, using a highly derelict stainless steel slab on the façade that draws attention. The mirrored walls provide a reflective screen for the nearby trees, while the overall outline illuminates the same modern street-style house. The house is named Eidolon House, which means “phantom, double image or ideal.”

“Our initial vision was to make the house ingeniously integrated with the surroundings,” said Mckenzie. “We wanted to make a green living wall, but it would be too cumbersome if the exterior was completely covered with vegetation. The highlight of the environment, and the look of the house varies according to the shape of the sunshine and the trees, it does not matter when you look at the house, it is a bit surreal and looks like a blank row of townhouses, It’s not there at all. ”

The look of the mirror offers both practicality and artistry and decorativeness. Inspired by the modernism of houses with plenty of mirrors and transparency, architect Paul Archer designed the house for his retired mother and stepfather on the verge of the Severn estuary. He also wanted to design a zero-carbon home, but soon realized that it was too hard. Archer said, “The idea of a mirror plate comes from the multiple reflections of glass in a building, and it makes the building disappear into the landscape.If you walk along the nearby path, you’ll see the house obscured by the greenery in.”

Archer designed a series of slabs for Green Orchard houses, coated with a layer of mirrored aluminum wood, with a honeycomb-like background giving the reflective pixel texture. In the summer, the flat panel can reflect the sun so as not to over-heat the room, while at night and winter, the flat panel can be used as a thermal barrier and move on the window with the help of the power mechanism to keep the room warm. The roof is also equipped with solar thermal panels.

In an apple orchard in the Italian city of Bolzano, architect Peter Pichler applies reflective glass to a new set of buildings. His clients Josef and Angela Sabine Staffler Ebner own a farmhouse here, and a castle in Appiano, Milan, to rent people for weddings and special events. They are going to build two one-bedroom houses next to the farmhouse, rented as a hotel for visitors, but worried that the two new buildings will be out of harmony with the orchard atmosphere.

Pichler designed the open-plan glass front windows for these two park lodges, together with part of the black-and-aluminum walls where the orchard views can be seen. The back of the house is protected by a glass mirror with a special UV coating to prevent birds from flying in. It adds a sense of space without expanding the size of the orchard, with the Ebner family and tourists alike. “With the beautiful surroundings around the mirror, we hid the hut,” Pichler said. “They are also buildings in orchards that use optics to expand the orchard space, a simple solution that is very special: modern architecture is placed in beautiful landscapes.”

The visual sensation that the mirror house brings makes them have the infinite charm. Located on the outskirts of Poland, Izabelin House is Marcin Tomaszewski’s second home designed for a couple who run their own sales business and their children. The two-storey home is surrounded by lush trees. The first floor’s exterior walls are covered with reflective panels that mirror the image of the nearby woods as if it were an extension of the woods, and the second floor seems to be floating in the air In general.
“The mirror resembles an extension of the forest floor, so the house merges with nature,” Tomaszewski said. “But the second-floor suspension made me like it more.” So an ordinary house with a mirror will be extraordinary, and the exterior materials of modern homes are rarely as fascinating as mirrors.

British self-built housing in Japan

Unlike Britain, self-built villas in Japan resistance, but before FT FT Asia La Fudi still completed.

Priory Cottage in Islington, London is much more than just a residential home, I really can not get out of hand; while in Japan is a strange home to strange experiences.

Priory Cottage has a special place in the history of the Financial Times as it was the home of JDF Jones, the talented editor and founder of the FT Weekend.

In the 1970s, Jones expanded the villa, which was originally built in 1798, to create a seamless three-storey villa on the front of this 18th-century brick-and-concrete building, with the back of the villa also stamped . His smug ambition is to add a sloping glass roof to the second floor of the long living room; pride is to the ground covered with Welsh black slate, small carpet in the East style to add color, so that the entire house immediately Magnificent feeling.
Later, I bought Priory Cottage from Jones, but by 2010 it was already showing the vicissitudes of life: numerous small cracks in the house crunched in the night wind, and despite careful examination, the main structure remained strong Such as rock (so many modern buildings ashamed). The joint between the villa and the stamped part seems to have started “parting ways” and the pipes also need to be overhaul.

Unfortunately, I finally decided to have only one small-sized, low-maintenance house in the UK and the “Base Camp” in Japan: My wife, Mikako Hayashi, was hired as an endodontist by Osaka University And related professors.

Farewell to Manchester’s research work, she was about to fly over Osaka when she sighed: “I miss a cry, as if a giant to the entire Japanese countryside full of rubbish.”

Urban planning is not Japan’s strengths: the tower is wantonly nestled in the fields, sprayed concrete structures in rural areas abound, and the only remaining trickle of rivers after dam construction is, ugly used car billboards are everywhere. Traditional Japanese-style huts are more and more rare. Japanese people do not like “old-style houses” and have vocalizations that old, wooden houses are not earthquake-resistant (they are not safe in the meantime).

The reasons for the continuous construction of modern residences are: the old house has to pay huge inheritance taxes and young people continue to move from the villages to the cities. However, the huge subsidies by the government are also one of the reasons. In the past few decades, many poorly-constructed houses, as well as construction companies and government departments It is also an important promoter of lusting with the politicians and working hand in glove with each other.

Japan’s houses, like cars and refrigerators, appear to have become durable consumer goods rather than stock capital. The average life expectancy of a house is only 30 years, while the average life expectancy of a house in the United States is as high as 100 years. In the United Kingdom, anyone who arbitrarily repairs a protective building (especially a historic building with a history of hundreds of years) will inevitably lead to litigation.

A few months after we were depressed, we finally found a piece of land near Osaka (fortunately, the developer had not built it yet): there was a dilapidated and dilapidated house, which was similar to the 1950s when I was on the banks of the Hull Of the kind of prefabricated shacks that Kingston upon Hull had seen on his way to school.

Is it possible to build my dream home? Still a sweet dream! We are foolishly thinking that since the local construction commission has allowed the construction of a spectacular 20-storey high rise building, it will surely open a green light to our own unique residential construction. However, local officials seem to have no interest in the aesthetic sense, but stick to the rules, a soft spot for tax collection. Their reply is: We only build a house that occupies 40% of the entire land area and can only build up to two floors. There are no restrictions on the construction of apartments owned by the Construction Commission.

Whether supervising the demolition of old houses, building garages or installing elevators for the elderly, the local construction commission will be taxed, making it extremely useful. On the other hand, the central government will give a lot of tax concessions to building new homes, saving energy and even installing handrails in bathrooms. We felt that it was reckless to build a house on our own, and we approached a large residential construction company, where the other side should be familiar with government officials and have their own architect.

We consulted with the three construction companies on the project budget and stressed the need to make full use of the local construction commission’s rules and regulations and to create the ideal living space. Yoshihisa Harima, head of Osaka at Mitsui Home, set up a dedicated team that includes architect Yoshitaka Takahashi and interior design coordinator Ryoko Kashihara. We held several full-time Japanese rendezvous sessions (2 hours each time), discussing room design from furniture and building materials, energy systems, small electrical outlets, furnishing, and specific color selection of luminaires in each room Light yellow). Japanese picky details can be described as culminating.

Officials in government departments let us not bother. I want to install dual-use cooking and baking ovens, but the Japanese people generally do not have an oven at home. The kitchen is generally equipped with three heads, instead of four stoves. Below the stove is a grilled fish area and storage area. We finally installed the largest volume (45 liters) oven. Large-capacity ovens are commonly used in restaurant kitchens.
We officially started last October. Like the British counterparts, bricklayers also love to smoke and drink tea. I have seen a bricklayer’s handbag and concrete mixers. After whispering to him, he hurried out and went straight on his handkerchief to wear the required helmet.

The Japanese have always been proud of their building quality. Housing walls are made of ceramsite concrete material, the inner cladding is configured with a thick layer of insulation, so Mitsui Construction Company threatened: winter home, the heat will not leak a little bit to melt the roof of the snow.

Our new home of 240 square meters will soon be completed – enough space to cook, eat and relax, or to relax, learn and think about it. Maybe this is not the home that we envisioned, but it is more than adequate to live in it.

IMAX theater at home?

Imax started the family Imax program at around $ 2.5 million. The first consumer from Hollywood.

Is screen size really important?

Once I had a friend living in Yorkshire, England, he was very rich, that is, those who have a private jet and appear in the rich list. Things changed, he lost all his possessions, had to move from a large manor house to a very small rented apartment, and even sold his private jet to take the bus. During that difficult time, once we met in a cafe in Leeds and when he looked back at this down-time, he said watching a movie experience was when you sat close enough to the screen – Because of his current living room is too small, the TV screen from 84 inches to 14 inches.

One day, at the invitation of Imax in Los Angeles, I met my friend. Imax is a maker of giant screens in the world’s top cinemas inviting me to exchange personal cinemas for readers like How to Spend It. Imax has launched a plan to make the family Imax giant screen at between $ 2.25 and 2.75 million. Of course also need to add other construction costs, depending on the size of the main visual cinema screen. The largest screen in this project can reach 80 feet wide and 44 feet high. There is also an entry-level Imax screen coming soon -Palais, suitable for use in small rooms. Although it is smaller than the giant screen, the dimensions are still impressive, with a minimum of $ 400,000. The first full-size Imax Private Theater (IPT) unit was in a movie star home in Beverly Hills; the other eight were ordered, seven from the United States and one from Delhi. In addition, a European guy with a yacht also want to order an IPT.

As I gazed through the huge, immersive image of the Imax demonstration screen in an industrial park near Marina del Rey, surrounded by the nine-channel stereo, there was a problem that reminds me of me That Leeds friend, that is what size Imax screen allows you to have the urge to buy it. A smaller IPT, say 20 feet, is about $ 500,000 in difference from the giant screen. The $ 500,000 difference in this space does not seem out of reach. So a customer will choose to buy a smaller Imax home theater for this difference, rather than a Imax giant screen? Or basically the effect of watching movies almost, if you are from the screen smaller section of the more words?

When I was thinking about the spread between Imax and Imax screens at Imax’s headquarters in Toronto, I felt my Yorkshire buddy’s theory worked. “He’s right, and the size of the final screen does not pose a fundamental problem,” said Larry O’Reilly, president of global sales for Imax. “The size of the screen is not important from a technical point of view, but importantly the seat The distance to the screen, the layout of the theater, and the sound effects, which is a matter of horizon.If people choose to buy Imax on a small screen are self-deception? If those relationships do exist then they are not. Necessary to buy giant screen Imax. ”

Hugh Murray, born and educated in Scotland, is Imax’s 3D expert and consultant. Hollywood director will seek his guidance when making Imax movies. However, Hugh Murray pointed out that if absolute, the size does constitute the core strengths of Imax. He said: “It is quite different to appreciate a picture of a wall filled with paintings in the gallery close enough to a smaller picture.”

Anyway, O’Reilly said, many customers come simply for the Imax’s giant screen, no matter how much they cost. “One customer wanted to buy Imax’s giant private cinema, though he had only two seats in it,” said the customer, “I want to play video games and watch movies, and I might ask a friend again.” His request was unique. “But the first IPT buyer in Beverly Hills had 44 seats in his Imax home theater. The theater’s screen is 39 feet wide and 29 feet tall – it’s already about three feet longer than a double-decker bus in London. In other areas, such as the Florida South Coast, often affected by hurricanes, where there is a high limit to buildings, or the Manhattan block of apartment buildings, a “small screen” of 18 feet by 10 feet Approximately 6 to 20 viewers can provide a panoramic experience.

I think IPT is unparalleled, whether you are using it to watch 3D, 2D, normal Blu-ray HD movies, high-definition pictures, play games or watch GoPro videos. Still, some filmmakers are skeptical about whether Imax Home Cinema can achieve as good as public cinema. So what is the essence of Imax? What can you get from IPT, which reached $ 2.25 million, especially if you have to spend more to build a larger room?

Imax originated in the 1967 Montreal World’s Fair. It was used in 1970 to make widescreen three-dimensional movies, a way of making people feel immersive. Like a widescreen stereo movie, Imax uses a curved screen, but its screen is not only large but its audiences are close enough to allow the viewer to go beyond a horizontal two-dimensional view. Imax is great for 3D movies, but not all Imax movies are 3D, though Imax still has a three-dimensional effect in 2D movies. One of the unique benefits of Imax 3D is that it allows me to experience the beauty of a 3D picture for anyone who is stereo-indistinguishable. Because it uses a system called stereotactic orthophotos, it creates a false impression of the unobtrusive brains of stereo images and imagines three-dimensional images.

Many of the movies are made with Imax’s special cameras, and world-renowned directors Robert Zemeckis, Christopher Nolan and James Cameron love using this format. NASA is also a loyal supporter of Imax, who have used Imax to produce stunning space documentaries for more than 30 years. There are over 800 Imax public cinemas worldwide, and the largest Imax screen in Darling Harbor, Sydney, has a 117-foot-wide screen and 97-foot tall screens. The newest Imax theater uses a dual laser power projector that enhances the measurement and contrast of a movie in a big cinema to create unparalleled beauty. The IPT used two 4K xenon projectors, but for those small cinemas, the measurement and contrast of the image dropped as fast as a laser.

The IPT package offered to private Imax buyers includes personalized design and on-site instruction, a nine-channel sound system, and operating instructions for specific tablet controllers. Imax is committed to making it easy and convenient for customers to use IPT with 200 Imax movies and documentaries stored on its own, plus 20T of storage for Blu-ray, DVD or other hard drive resources. Whether it’s North America or the rest of the world, IPT is the web’s cine memory, and Prima offers Blu-ray-quality films for theater cinemas that cost about $ 500 to show a movie. Private Imax Theaters are managed by Imax Network Surveillance Centers in Toronto and Shanghai throughout the entire journey, solving over 90% of the problems while dispatching repair teams to solve more serious problems in the field. IPT also offers its customers special seats (such as the D-Box Sensing Seat, which adjusts to the screen’s movement), large screens, small tables where food and drinks are placed, and adjustments to the movie’s plot and mood Light effect.

In addition, there are two other offline advantages in private Imax cinema. You can control the level of sound yourself, for example to create a deafening sound for a larger audience. Many public Imax cinema advertising noise is very noisy, but for private Imax theater this is not a problem. Another advantage of a private Imax theater is that you can adjust your seat at any time and choose the best viewing position, which is difficult or almost impossible to achieve in public cinema, even if your physical position relative to the screen enables Great impact on your viewing experience.

The future of private Imax theater

After spending more than £ 3 million on a private Imax Theater, customers may reasonably expect their technical advantage to last. Your investment will be devalued slowly? David Keighley, president of one of Imax’s meetings I met in Los Angeles, really looked forward to upgrading Imax’s computing systems until Imax’s viewers no longer needed clumsy plastic eyewear.

At the same time, he pointed out that a group of young geniuses at Imax’s lab are now fighting at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts at the University of Southern California, trying to make the images and sounds in the movies more realistic. The presence of IPT not only means that you have this new, unique identifier of status as you watch 3D movies at home. However, you have to admit that it is not bad as a sign of status.

Let the “algorithm” help you to improve efficiency

We all had a hectic but unfulfilled day. What can be learned from the principle of computer solutions? The answer is that we can at least interrupt ourselves.

Computer scientists – Can anyone who studies the principles of computers and programming help solve human problems, for example, too much to do and not enough time available?
Here’s a proposition made in a new book, Algorithms to Live By, by Brian Christian and Tom Griffiths. This is an idea that is attractive to any economist. We tend to think of day-to-day decisions as a branch of applied mathematics, as well as computer science.
To be precise, the use of computer science and the use of computers are not the same thing. Computing scientists have devoted decades to solving problems such as organizing information, prioritizing, and networking. Many of the algorithms they developed for computers are also applicable to humans. After all, the algorithm is not a computer program, but a structured step-by-step method, similar to a “cookbook.” (The term “algorithm” was named after the 9th century Persian mathematician Al-Khwārizmī, but existed thousands of years before his research.)
So, what is the best recipe for completing a to-do list? Maybe easier than you think: Doing things on the list in any order, because the total time spent last is the same. This is a somewhat talented suggestion, but it seems to suggest that computer science can never inspire us when we have too much work to do and feel stressed and confused.

Or I used to think so. Then I read a paper published by computer scientist Peter Denning in 1970 that described a problem computers might encounter when working with multithreading. Most computers actually can not really multithreaded; instead, as humans do, they quickly switch from one thing to another. The computer quickly switches between tasks such as updating Pokémon games on your screen, downloading more videos from the web, checking if you have tapped the keyboard or moved the mouse, and many other processes. But even computers can not do unlimited work at the same time, and once a certain limit is reached, a disaster can happen.
The problem stems from the use of accessible “caches” to store data. Think of it as “caching”: Imagine a pianist playing two or three pages of music in front of her. These scores are stored in the highest speed cache. There are other notations behind the score, which will be read in a moment. In addition there is a larger but slower cache: the score on the bench, the more upright scores on the attic and the more on the music store. There is a trade-off between information storage and read speed.

If the pianist plays only one complete piece of music at a time, there is no problem with this setup. However, if she is asked to change a tune every minute or so, she will take some time to remove the score on the piano stool. If she had to change a song every few seconds, she would not be able to play; all of her time would have been used to change the score on the music stand and in the stool.
This is the same as the computer’s cache: There is a hierarchy – from the microprocessor’s own super-speed memory, down to hard drive (slow) and off-site backup (very slow). To speed up, the computer must copy the data needed for the current task to the cache. If the task is toggled too frequently, the machine uses all the time to copy the data of one task to the cache, then toggles the task, clears the cache, and deposits the new content. In the limit, nothing can be done. Tanin described this regrettable state as “thrashing.”

We all had nothing to do except one, and switching from one task to another was virtually impossible. Can we learn from the computer solution? The most straightforward way is to change to a larger cache; unfortunately, it is easier for computers than humans.

The obvious alternative is to reduce task switching. Computers use “interrupt coalescing” techniques, which combine multiple small tasks together. A shopping list helps avoid unnecessary trips to and from the store many times. You can also put the bills together and deal with them every month.
But we often find it hard to switch from one task to another. One reason why computer science believes this agony is that there is a trade-off between quick response and a chunk of time to increase productivity. If you want to reply to your boss’s mail within 5 minutes, you must check the mail at least every 5 minutes. If you want to quit the net for a week to write a novel, then your response time must be slowed down to a week.
Any solution should recognize this trade-off. Determine an acceptable response time, and then interrupt their work accordingly. If you think there is no problem with replying to a message within 4 hours (no problem with most criteria), you only have to check the email every 4 hours instead of every 4 minutes. As Christiane and Griffiths suggest, decide how you want to respond. If you want to do a good job, do not exceed the response standard.


Why Tokyo real estate prices do not rise

House prices in San Francisco rose 231% over the past two decades, London surged 441% and Tokyo rates grew only 45% in 20 years. Tokyo is how to do it?

What surprised us was the upheaval of the house next door. We knew it was a vacant house, the weeds in the mossy garden kept skyrocketing, and the curtains upstairs had never been opened. However, one day after a paper announcement, the hydraulic excavator set the house apart. By the end of next year, a 16-room apartment block will be built here.
Overnight, we live close to a construction site in Tokyo. This is not fun at all. Work site 6 days a week. If in London, Paris or San Francisco, will certainly lead to anger residents protest – a petition, warned the district no longer features, and may even make one or two lawsuits. The local election is defeated by the reduction of support from voters, and so on.
However, in our community, local residents are collectively silent. Something in the conversation with Takahiko Noguchi, director of Minato ward Planning Bureau, in Tokyo, explains why: “Japanese law does not restrict housing demolition.” He said: “Residents have the right to freely dispose of their own real estate. Therefore, residents of the district have no right to stop their development and utilization.”

Here are some incredible facts: In 2014, the total population was 13.3 million. In Tokyo, there were a total of 142,417 newly-started housing units with no vacant construction sites, exceeding the number of permits for housing construction in California (83,657) and surpassing that of the entire UK The total population of 54.3 million) the number of new starts (137,010).

The steady rise in housing starts in Tokyo is closely linked with the more unusual facts. In sharp contrast with the skyrocketing prices in western metropolitan cities, Tokyo’s housing prices have basically taken the strides. Outrageous housing prices have caused the abnormal development of Western cities: the chances of young people being opposed to the elderly, the richer wealthy, and deprived of talent flocking to good jobs.
This is not the result of a declining population. Like other countries, Japan has also experienced a wave of “return to the city.” Located in the center of Tokyo, with an area of 20 square kilometers and a huge amount of money, the total population has increased from 145,000 to 241,000 in the past 20 years, an increase of about 100,000 with a substantial increase of 66%.

In San Francisco, a total area of 121 square kilometers, an increase of about 100,000 in the past 20 years (the total population increased from 746,000 to 865,000), an increase of 12%. However, housing prices in San Francisco and London jumped 231% and 441% respectively in the past 20 years. While the population in Tokyo’s port area increased only 45% in 20 years, most of the increases were still carried out by the Bank of Japan in 2013 Due to massive monetary stimulus.
There is no annoying price hike in the streets of Tokyo because property prices have not seen much growth over the years. Buy or rent a house is not a big event in life. On the contrary, the Japanese government has continuously delivered more properties to the nation with steady improvement in quality and location.

In many countries, urban housing has evolved into the most significant social and economic issue of our time. (If more Britons move to the capital, London, will they still vote in favor of Brexit?) Therefore, it is necessary for us to study in depth why Tokyo has made such a remarkable achievement and why housing prices are maintained under the continued availability of housing Basically unchanged and can learn from what lessons.
Like most Japanese agencies, Japanese urban planning initially fully borrowed from the Western model. “Our plans are very much the same as in the United States,” said Junichiro Okata, a professor of urban engineering at the University of Tokyo.
According to different functions, the city is divided into commercial area, industrial area and residential area. Business district can be built according to the wishes of the owners themselves: One of the best things about Tokyo is the continuous construction of high-rise apartment blocks in the industrial area around Tokyo Bay. However, in low-rise residential areas, there are strict restrictions on the construction of housing, it is difficult to obtain re-planning authority.
Under the zoning plan, the landowner has a lot of power. In fact, the Japanese constitution provides that “ownership of or possession of property is sacrosanct.” Private developers can not force landlords to sell land; nor can local governments prevent individuals from developing land. If you want to build a front decorative pink shell imitation gothic castle, is entirely your own final say

In California’s coastal cities, zoning plans have paralyzed urban construction and unsustainable supply of new homes as existing owners have prevented further development. This is exactly the same as Tokyo in the 1980s.
“In the 1980s, Japan’s housing prices caused a huge bubble due to speculation. The situation is even worse than that of London and New York in the same period. Many Japanese economists condemned the planning and zoning policies in unison, referring to their role as the chief culprits in reducing housing supply Culprit. “André Sorensen, a professor of geography at the University of Toronto, said he wrote a great deal about Japan’s planning policies.
However, it was the real estate bubble of the 1980s that laid the foundation for future housing developments in Tokyo’s downtown area, said Hiro Ichikawa, a consultant for Mori Building real estate companies in Japan. After the property market crashed, developers only had high-priced office block plots that no one was interested in at that time.
In the 1990s, non-performing loans from real estate developers put the Japanese financial institutions on the verge of collapse. As a result, the government relaxed the property development policy and eventually ended up with the Urban Renaissance Law in 2002. The law gave a green light to the zoning plan. Office block re-planning for the residential area. “To help rejuvenate the economy from the bubble, the Japanese government has relaxed regulation of urban development,” said Ichikawa. “Thanks to the initial bubble in the property market, Tokyo will be just as helpless as London and San Francisco now.”
Aisles and public lands are not included in the condominium floor area, resulting in the higher condominium building being built within the existing zoning. The motion under discussion now allows owners to rebuild larger houses provided they have to demolish their former Earthquake standard construction of houses.

The law, which is implemented from the top down by the Central Government, allowing owners to demolish their old homes means they can quickly benefit from them. “Both the city planning law and the building law are set by the central government – even tiny details are written into national laws,” Okada said. “Local governments have little say in housing development.”
“We will not be able to protect our lives without the earthquake,” said Noguchi. “This reflects the mainstream view in Japanese society that all buildings are ready for immediate use and are easily dismantled,” Tokyo said. Another essential difference between cities. “There are still lots of old buildings in Tokyo that can increase the floor area ratio.”
Continued reconstruction is well explained why so many new housing starts in Tokyo: the net increase in housing is lower than in the past. But just like my neighbors, reconstruction usually increases residential density.
But all this has to pay the price, not the financial expenditure, and other forms of “honor.” In a nutshell, the modern Japanese cities, including Tokyo, are often overwhelmed by the visual effects of no unified coordination of the buildings, leaving little room for them. “High-quality buildings” often mean “good seismic performance” ‘.
Some of the more distant dystopian apartment buildings in Tokyo are comparable to industrial-based Siberia. Imitation Gothic Castle is not a whimsical thing: You may wish to visit the Emperor Valentine’s Hotel that is opposite Meguro Canal. The most disappointing than the suburbs of Tokyo, row after row of cheap wooden activity room.
“Japan’s planning system is completely arbitrary, and it really advocates doing nothing; and the Japanese planning system is centralization and standardization, which means it can flexibly respond to social and economic changes,” Okada said.

“On the other hand, Japan is not so good at duplicating a particular town in a particular country as it is, and it can not build a charming city like Britain or Europe.” Okada hoped the central government could significantly decentralize the local government.
However not entirely. At this level of private housing, if you “turn a blind eye” on your neighbors’ house, then Tokyo is full of innovation and beauty. Since Japanese architects are free to build houses, it is no accident that the country continues to have Pritzker Prize winners.
Japan’s urbanization – “scramble” pedestrian crossings, narrow streets, densely populated and unusually developed public transport, will undoubtedly become a model for Asia and the world over.
The most important thing is: Tokyo is fair again. The ugly building houses both the poor and the rich as well as the low-rent houses. In London and San Francisco, the beauty is shared by everyone, only some are in the slums to appreciate it, while others are indulgently pampered in the mighty luxury plane.
Robin Harding is the FT’s Tokyo office president

To the island can not find the map to travel

From the Caribbean Sea to the East Coast of Africa, European and American high-end tourism organizations develop their tourism economy and marine protection in two ways.

Dhofar Harbor: the pristine sea of ​​silence

Salalah is a port city in southern Oman. It is a low-lying, coastal settlement that has provided the Dhofar people with a rich source of food for centuries and facilitated tourism and business contacts. The ancient port Khor Rori ruins 40 km from Salalah, the legendary “Old Testament” in the Bible, Queen Simba ship loaded with spices here parked here is a story of Oman period has spread so far. Now that the natural harbor is deserted, the sandy embankment cuts it off from the sea, where only archaeologists gently wipe away the dust from the monuments.

Relics face the Indian Ocean. The northern shelf has a continental shelf on the north coast, and the continental shelves here are steep, with vast submarine plains, valleys and deep dikes forming underwater cliffs a few kilometers above the coastline. Behind the ruins stands a 1000-meter-high cliff that forms part of Dhofar Mountain. Thanks to the abundant rainfall brought by the Indian Ocean monsoon in the summer season, it begins at the end of July each year and has two months of trees here. The wind brings surface water vapor to the surface of the sea, exchanges it with cold water deep in the ocean floor, the sea turns green, the sea is well-nourished, algae flourish, flocks of fish, and large predators like sharks, dolphins and whales Come together

These rich sea creatures are hidden in coral reefs near the little-known Al Hallaniyat islands. In 1986, the islands were recognized as a National Nature Reserve by the World Conservation Union (IUCN). “It has a wild beauty that you can see in dying dolphins, and if you put on your mask and put your head in the water you can see countless fish swimming around.” Muriya Region Development Director Philip Jones said. “We’re going to do our due diligence and take protective measures such as dividing the area and parking the buoys to prevent the coral from being destroyed.” British marine biologist Rob Baldwin, who has been working in Oman since 1988, said the project will allow local tourism Sparkling “The Dhofar coast and the Al Hallaniyat archipelago make up the most primitive marine environment on earth, where any travel and adventure should carefully consider the impact on the local environment. It is seldom possible to find a sea like this, How bad. ”

Tourists take the lead in marine environmental protection

When I first came to Dhofar, we camped on the land near the ruins of Khor Rori, with no sign of human presence on the coast. On a sand-sheltered beach, we slept on the sand dunes with rugs and cushions. In my thin, black tasselled camel hair tent, I heard waves crashing into the beach and seabirds. Get up and swim each morning, but I miss the landscape below: Hundreds of humpback whales, isolated for 70,000 years, live in the dead end of the ocean. Spring I will go back to find them. Baldwin was my guide, introduced to me by Sean Nelson, co-founder of Hud Hud Travels. Hud Hud Travels is a local high-quality travel company in Oman and it was my first visit to the Middle East. Nelson’s new company, Nelson Expeditions, will take quite a few trips to places not found on the map. Whenever possible, Nelson’s well-organized team travels from Mongolia to Central Africa and members face a wide range of issues, from poaching to distressed marine environments. In Oman, the project includes exploring the underwater area and looking for humpback whales with Baldwin. Customer money will be used for environmental projects such as Oman Environmental Association, Wildlife Conservation Society and other charities.

“Last time we saw whales, they were less than 100 meters off the coast, and we were standing on the beach looking into the mouth of a humpback whale,” Nelson said. “It’s hard to imagine even this kind of luck, and Dhofar’s rock protects humpback whales, but the South Oman Sea provides the spawning ground for green turtles and red sea turtles, the most amazing thing in this country. Oman is desert, and in fact it is all a gift from the sea. ”



How to prevent colds in high-intensity exercise

People know long ago that regular and modest exercise is one of the healthiest things. Studies have shown that trained athletes have increased levels of anti-infective “natural killer cells” in their body. However, people who practice endurance may know that hard training for events such as cycling or marathon may cause you to have a head-cold or other upper-respiratory infection (URTI).

Right now, I’m dealing with suspicious pain in my throat, a warning sign that I may have had an upper respiratory tract infection. My strange thing is: how to exercise and sweating a lot easier to get sick it?

Researchers David Nieman came to some surprising results by tracing 2311 participants from the 1987 Los Angeles Marathon: 12.9% of the participants reported unwell during the week following the match Compared with 2.2% of runners who did not participate in the competition.

One of Niemann’s findings is that prolonged intensive exercise can make an athlete’s immune system respond as if he were fighting inflammation. After running the marathon, the athletes’ stress hormones, as well as the anti-inflammatory cytokines called neutrophils and monocytes, rose sharply.

In addition, other studies have found that the human mucosal system (the moist parts of the mouth, nose and eyes) produces a substance called “secreted immunoglobulin A” (SIgA), which is the body’s resistance to pathogens such as cold and flu The first line of defense.

However, after a sustained amount of exercise, studies show that the level of SIgA decreases. The study said: “There is a consensus that the drop in SIgA levels in saliva during high-intensity exercise is linked to an increased risk of respiratory infections.”

Every mother has their own favorite method of treating colds, but here are some scientific evidence of treatment.
One of the most studied cold remedies is mineral zinc, which has been shown to inhibit the replication of rhinoviruses, the culprit of about 40% of all flu. In the 2014 edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association, “oral zinc is associated with shorter duration of common cold in healthy people.” However, other studies show conflicting results.

George Eby, a US researcher who discovered that zinc is good for the flu, argues that the main reason is that only positively charged zinc ions have an anti-infective effect. Therefore, athletes should take tablets containing zinc acetate or zinc gluconate instead of the usual zinc citrate.

According to a 2013 Cochrane Review data, the much touted vitamin C usually fails to prevent a cold-though it may have some benefits for high-intensity exercisers.
Another recently studied nutritional supplement is a green algae called chlorella. A relatively small study found that those taking chlorella during high intensity training did not experience the same reduction in SIgA as other athletes.

Finally, a very simple and effective method of control is mouthwash. This method is very common in Japan and not so common in North America or Europe. A randomized controlled trial in Japan showed that the incidence of respiratory infections was significantly lower among people who gargled multiple times a day. The most effective mouthwash is running water, rather than the market can see a variety of medicinal mouthwash, the most likely reason is that chlorine added to drinking water can inhibit the virus.

Chinese buildings in the eyes of Dutch photographers

Iwan Baan, a Dutch photographer who visited China for 10 times a year, this time attending the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Biennale for the first time. In early December 2015, in the old flour mill building next to Shekou Port Ship, Ivan took pictures of her on mobile phones and placed Instagram on trips around the world, being printed on a piece of cloth that is as high as a wall. Hang like a curtain Next to each photo is a number of likes and comments.

Ten years ago, Rem Koolhaas, the chief architect of the Metropolitan Building Institute, saw Ivan’s “interactive panoramic photography” and invited him to Beijing to shoot his new CCTV building. Dutch documentary photographer Ivan began his first major creative project. Almost the same period, he also started a project with the “Bird’s Nest” at the Beijing Olympic Stadium, commissioned by Herzog-D-Mellon Architects.

Although Ivan was awarded the Julian Schulman Prize, the highest award in the architectural photography world, and the architectural design of various countries, such as Zaha Hadid, Ito Tomosu, Wang Shu, and Steven Holl The division maintained long-term cooperation and was commented by the media as “redefining architectural photography” but he did not like to be called a “building photographer”: “If the light is a shoot, the film may be shot with the sunset light Come, but in my footage, construction is just an integral part of the photo. ” His uniqueness is the interpretation of architectural photography into documentary photography, showing the human environment throughout the world contact person.

While filming a new CCTV building, Ivan remembered that there were 10,000 construction workers on the site at that time. “It is hard to imagine in the West.” Ivan knew through translation that all the workers came from small hamlets in the field and that it was only for a few years that Beijing came to Beijing for work. At the time, Ivan was hoping to go home with some workers to record their lives. “I think it’s hard to imagine living completely alienated from everything I know in an alien environment.” When I first came to China, Ivan was amazed at the number of construction workers and the number of cities under construction. “It is hard to see such a large-scale and high-speed construction elsewhere in the world, which makes me want to take pictures to reflect on what other cities in the world will look like in the next few decades.” It is only later that the practical difficulty is still Ivan gave up.

Whether it is a new CCTV building in Beijing or a new residential area in Africa, Ivan needs to ask: “Why exactly this city needs such a construction project?” Two years ago, Iwan had been to Urumqi for filming , He was deeply impressed by the notion that “the traditional building that has been preserved for hundreds of thousands of years has been stolen as a ‘dangerous building’ and was quickly demolished and replaced by a distinctive generic building complex.” For today While 99% of China’s urban buildings are dejected to be designed with unimaginative GM buildings, Ivan agrees with China’s embrace of new projects by architects and regards it as “a long-term perspective”: ” When Chinese cities most need this kind of imagination of architecture, the Chinese government has commissioned a number of international architects in time to work in. Even though architects lack the style of extremists, after all, they are all playing creatively imagination.”

Meanwhile, Ivan marvels at the execution of construction projects in cities in China. It has been 10 years since I took part in the urban construction in China. Ivan and his western friends witnessed “something that could only be achieved in China.” In China, some policymakers have said that such a building should be in this place or Someone who has enough money and power to do what he says is done is very interesting to us because of the close relationship between such power and the efficiency of the building.Like large projects such as CCTV and Bird Nest in the West It is absolutely impossible to build a project because after the project plan came out, there will be hundreds and thousands of individuals and groups to intervene in the name of different interests, so that the project will gradually be overthrown.

Ivan was inspired by the diversity of Chinese architecture that used to be in the past: different regions have their own architectural style that is interdependent on the local nature of climate, materials, etc., “but these are all erased.” He had filmed patio courtyard in Henan Province, Fujian Tulou and Huizhou buildings. About eight years ago, Ivan met Chinese architect Wang Shu at a group of Chinese architects in New York. Despite the language barrier at that time, Ivan relied on gesture gestures to communicate immediately and Ivan immediately recognized a familiar sense of urgency from Wang’s work: he saw it as a conscious attempt to combine traditional Chinese architecture with contemporary architecture The concept of a combination of architects. The two began to cooperate. Before and after participating in the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Biennale, Ivan originally planned to make creative works throughout the Pearl River Delta. Unfortunately, he finally gave up due to “time and financial constraints.” Ivan also has a plan to film “villages in cities” throughout China and is awaiting implementation.

Challenge Devil Desert Marathon

Oman Desert Marathon, 6 days, the entire 165 km. I carry all my personal belongings, running at 40 degrees under the full temperature

“Crazy place – you can hit crazy people,” says Italians Dino Bonelli, smiling all the time. He is my longtime partner in tents. He refers to “madman” as myself and he and about 75 other contestants. The “crazy place” is located in the hinterland of the Oman Desert. From Bidiyah to the Arabian Sea for a total of 6 days and a total of 165 kilometers (about 102 miles) of race, we have run halfway through all of our personal belongings and traversing the soft desert. Can not deny that this is crazy.
The third Oman Desert Marathon kicked off in early November with villagers in Bidiyah wearing white robe and sword and iPhones in their waits to perform a symbolic dance for us. We then started running, carrying a luggage around the highway ran about 100 meters into the desert. Ten minutes later, they completely left the village of Bidiyah and ran deep into the desert, leaving them completely isolated for the next six days.
I ran fairly stable for the first 10 kilometers. My rucksack is heavy, but they are designed to be pretty delicate, so they have little effect on the road. I tried my best to get to the first service point, where I added water to the kettle.
At this time the sand in the desert has become the kind of sand like a British beach. For weeks, I’ve been telling my associates that the real situation will not be like today. I myself had imagined running on dry and hard roads that had been repeatedly rolled by cars or sunbaked for a long time. I do not think there will be a match on such a soft sand. But after the first service point, we entered the sand dunes, the sand road much harder than before. It’s about the same as crossing a dune in England, but the sand dunes are taller and the sun is more sinister, squeezing itself like a vice, as if turning your spirit and your meat a little bit.

As a veteran who ran six marathon races, I watched my friend take part in extreme sports. With the popularity of marathon racing (now almost normal), the so-called “extreme” race is everywhere. Nowadays, new extreme vacations emerge as the result of the annual extreme events (50 miles long run or even 100 miles long run or bike race and even more horrific Triathlon events) – during vacations Wandering thousands of miles before going to competition. Many races are then using the lottery system to cope with the crowd of competitors. The Oman Desert Marathon was established shortly after the first event was held in 2013, compared to the marathon des sables of nearly 15,000 Moroccan sub-Sahara hellies.
I was deeply attracted by this event, not just because it tested the physical limits, but can spend a week crossing the desert, far away from the earthly noise, enjoy selflessly experience, and they need to always respond to the desert environment instead of dangerous 4 Stroke cars or riding camels comfortably through the desert. Dr Eric Brymer once said: Being able to experience nature rather than looking at nature is one of the most common motivations for getting into extreme sports. “Event finders have a deep understanding of their potential,” he said. “So they have a better understanding of themselves.” Dr. Eric R Bremer is a professor of sports and exercise at Manchester Metropolitan University Science teacher, at the same time is the study of extreme physical and mental health researcher.

I also hope that after completing the extreme events, I will be able to find out more about myself and have a better understanding of myself. But I am still a long way to go.
I keep thinking hard of hard sandy land coming up soon, but turning over an undulating sand dune, I find it softer. On the first day of the 21-kilometer stage approaching the finish line, I almost walked on and off, but even then it was extremely difficult. In spite of this, no one caught up with me during this period, so I decided that the other players should take their own course of action.

After the end of the camp, the camping site has been set up: the large tent of the Berber is wide open. Our daily supper is fixed, in a week, each also slowly established friendship. For many people, this is where the charm of these events lies. I found most roommates are Italians. In addition, my fellow sufferers include the mother of a Premier League player, a Belgian bioengineer, a cheerful South African and a British soldier. I fell asleep in the shade of the tent and fell asleep, deeply delighted to complete my first stage myself and pinned hope that it could be hard sand tomorrow.
However, the next two days, Sha Road, no change, the third day remains the same. In fact, every day the stage is undulating soft dunes. The flags mark the direction, but sometimes they are too far apart from each other and seem to feel like they will never get through. When we ran to the flagpole inserted in the top of the sand dune, we suddenly found the next flag in the distance. We continued to work hard to move the steps, where we could run and where we could not run. The worst thing is that the sand looks hard, so he started to run, but the result was stepped on soft sand, at this time the thigh did not listen to it. This happens one after another.Gradually, I learned how to distinguish the sandy, which is the pile of hard sand. Containing gravel indicates that the sand is harder and camel footprints are also good markers. Camel seems to know how to cross the sand dunes with the best route.
Every day, we consume more and more of freeze-dried food and protein, and the backpack on our body becomes lighter and lighter. Although it is a trick to pack as much caloric food as possible in a small backpack, it’s hard to reconcile with the type of food and taste.

After finishing the fourth day, I seem to adapt to all this. The fifth day of the race is the longest period, up to 26 miles 385 yards (about 42.2 km), exactly the same as the marathon. Before the game, we stood in a circle around the tent, and the organizers read the names of the top 20 players so far. These players will start late two hours, I am also among them.
I am proud to be sitting in the elite player’s camp. After we waved goodbye to other players, we returned to the tent for final preparations: filling the kettle with water, replenishing the electrolyte, treating blisters on the feet, applying sunscreen and wrapping the leggings (to prevent the shoes from entering the sand). The air filled with tension, the real contest began. The leading male runners are Moroccans and Jordanians, who adapted to the desert environment from an early age, although the leading female runner was Swede Elisabet Barnes, who is also the winner of this year’s Sahara Desert hell marathon in Morocco. When I asked her the recipe for her success, she smiled and replied: “There are tips and tricks on running in the sand.” But apparently clutching at this time is no longer viable. The fifth day of the game started!

Living fast group also have negative factors. I soon left behind, form a single film only; This is the night run stage, because I fell to the last, so the police opened a police car all the way to guard.
This is the desert world in my imagination picture book: scorpions, snakes and camels, windy sand dunes and blowing heat waves. But the only “ghost scene” is the ghost soup that the organizers give us every day: the subsequent stages will be easier to run; in fact, the degree of difficulty will be more and more day by day. Before the start of the fifth day of the race, the organizers said that the track after 10 km would be a hard sand road. However, the sand surface is getting softer and softer, just like quicksands swallowing their feet. As night fell, I was still gritting. I can not tell if there’s uphill or downhill in front of me, just using the dim light of the headlights. The slower I run, the more I curse the organizers’ nonsense. At this point I see what gas is not hit one to come – whether it is a scrub thigh shrubs have been very dim or solar stage lights.

But to complete stage, I have to cheer myself. I kept talking to myself and encouraged myself to run, but it did not work. My mind has hit back, has been uninterested. However, this is exactly what the ultimate challenge means – that’s why we are participating in this event. I stopped and looked up at the sky full of stars, boosting my spirits again and listening to my breath.
I only persist now, the time, rankings and even the end are thrown Cloud Nine, in order to move forward step by step. Suddenly, I began to set foot on the journey, concentrate on the headlights shining on the ground, small aperture swinging up and down, shaking water in the kettle is like a rhythmic drum inspired me. Work hard pays off, I finally reached the finish line.
Back to the tent rest, time has passed midnight. Dino and Englishman Rob saw me exhausted, helping me to take off my shoes and fill my kettle before I got into my sleeping bag. I am grateful to this.
A while ago, I was in the heat of summer and spent 3 hours and 17 minutes running a marathon on a 5,500-foot dusty trail in Kenya. But today, the same distance I took as long as 7 hours and 35 minutes.
An Italian player took 10 hours to finish the stage difficult to return to the tent, accidentally stepped on the scorpion again. Fortunately, the scene doctor timely rescue, he can return to the team to participate in the final stage of the early morning of the next day.
What are we going to limit game charts? In the 6-day schedule, this issue continues to linger in my mind. Nick Mead, a veteran of the Extreme Marathon, has said he has participated because he is too comfortable and comfortable in his modern life and he longs for a bigger life challenge.
“Once I ran the marathon within three hours,” he said, “I need a new challenge, and I do not seem to run faster than I did. Limit racing is more of an adventure, running alone in the dark, It is the most thrilling. ”
Ian Corless, the talk-pod creator at Talk Ultra, said he “escalated” from Triathlon to the Extreme Marathon. “When someone asked me why I no longer participated in the Iron Man,” he said, “I replied: ‘I no longer have a sense of fear.’ I know I have the ability to complete the race, I need to constantly exceed the feeling of self-extreme. Challenging uncharted territory and saying “Wow, I really did it!” All done after finishing her first marathon, but full of passion.

Among my companions who joined me in the Oman Desert Marathon, there was a German lady named Gudrun Dautel, 65 years old. After the first day I found out she was Is exhausted, so asked her to join the reason. She replied: “I did not think I had such a happy family.”
At this time, her 68-year-old husband, Hansmartin, also interjected: “Because we have a happy family.”
In fact, everyone I ask has the same reason in my heart: there is a need to go beyond the realm of everyday life, into the inner world, and to take on challenges.
“I still feel good after returning home,” said Meade. “On the first night after I got home, I slept in bed after a hot shower and looked at the neat sheets – feeling super enjoyment. Thankful.”
The finish line for the Oman Marathon is at the beach. After 6 days of trekking in the desert, throwing backpacks and plunging into the gentle countryside of the sea, you know that these events have no chance of being with yourselves anymore. Until one day, you once again started the crazy idea of ​​entering the competition. Back to the tent rest, Dino already had a new plan.
Jad Harnaud Finn is the author of “The Way of the Runner,” book published by Faber & Faber.
Next year’s Oman Desert Marathon is scheduled for November 4-12. For more information, see seelawrenceofarabia.com website. If each player can raise £ 2,500 for Facing Africa (facingafrica.org), the organizing committee will refund € 1,200 for the event. Facing Africa is a charitable organization that specializes in the surgical treatment of disfigured African children suffering from stirrup.

What is pottery, what is porcelain?

Ma Jidong: China first mastered porcelain technology. The formation of the porcelain pattern in the world today is gradually evolving from the late Ming Dynasty

Often heard friends around asked, pottery and porcelain in the end what is the difference?
In the Chinese context, “pottery” and “porcelain” are often fixed phrases that accompany each other. Therefore, in most people’s minds, all the calcined soil can be collectively referred to as “ceramics.”
More than 20,000 years BC, the statue of a god of love in the Lower Vist nichtsky area of ​​the Czech Republic and a large bowl in a fairy-tale cave in Jiangxi Province of China – two seemingly irrelevant objects and thousands of miles away Because of a mysterious magnetic field of life and associated. The human ancestors, by chance, occasionally sharpen their rough hands with stone tools and shape them into grit-bound clay. Occasionally, they throw the muddy clay into the campfire at seven or eight degrees Celsius, curiously From the ashes, we have hardened the hardened earth lumps, drenched the water and rattled loud and clear – the pottery that affected the process of human development was accidentally born.
Into the Neolithic era, quiet years of pottery suddenly appeared in every corner of the world, unknown source, but open branches and leaves. The ancient tribes in East Asia, West Asia, North Africa, Eastern Europe and South America all gradually fired pottery. In a tacit understanding, the scope was gradually expanded. The existence of pottery was not only a qualitative change in natural minerals, but also a qualitative change in human nature’s transformation of nature.

Furthermore, pottery collected by rivers and streams, stringing together the history of ancient civilizations throughout the world.
From six or seven thousand BC to one thousand BC, from the Hemudu culture in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River and Yangshao culture in the upper and middle reaches of the Yellow River to the Sumerian dynasties in the Euphrates and Tigris rivers, the kingdom of ancient Babylon, the Assyrian empire, The ancient Egyptian dynasties, the Aegean civilizations on the Greek islands, and the Etruscan civilization on the Italian Peninsula – the pottery that portrayed and painted colors all play a decisive role. Their influence lasted for decades.

Two to three years BC, since the mankind as a whole into the Bronze Age, ceramic pottery gradually fade out of the central stage of history, and ultimately only to retain the basic functions of life tools. All ancient countries follow this rule, except in China alone. The wisdom of Huang Zi people, on the basis of pottery, to create a global trade pattern about thousands of years of new products.
Around the first year of the AD, in the Eastern Han Dynasty, in Shangyu, Zhejiang Province, China, “upgraded” pottery with a more delicate carcass and a more rigid texture appeared. Their firing temperature exceeded 1000 degrees Celsius and was two to three times higher than ordinary pottery More crucially, the surface of the vessel was covered with a layer of blue glass enamel, a glamorous glitter – porcelain made in China has since come out.
From Tao to porcelain across, in addition to the higher temperature of the heat, glaze is also crucial role. Glaze, in fact, is silicate, quartz, feldspar and other mineral mixed, after grinding, water coated on the surface of the tire after baptism, the case of high temperature melting, the formation of glassy cooling protective layer. The earliest Chinese people mastered this kind of products, dust-proof, anti-corrosion, easy to clean glazing decoration technology, described as a huge leap in the history of human technology.
Three Kingdoms Southern and Northern Dynasties, porcelain firing temperature continues to rise to 1200 degrees, the glaze technology has also been improved to the Tang Dynasty, has been able to burn nearly white porcelain Xingyao porcelain; to the Song Dynasty, porcelain burning industry unprecedented prosperity, the category Diversified, decorated rich, official, Columbia, Ru, Jun, set five famous kilns, plus built kiln, Longquan kiln, Cizhou kiln, Yaozhou kiln, kiln and other famous Kiln products, north and south, flowers bloom.
In the Yuan Dynasty, on the basis of high temperature and glazing, the last important distinction between pottery and porcelain came into being finally – kaolin, the clay raw material produced only in Jingdezhen, possessed the qualities of exquisiteness, plasticity and Fire resistance, which is also directly for the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties successively fired blue and white, multicolored, pastels, bucket color, monochrome glaze porcelain and other fine varieties laid an important foundation.
Later, in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, the Japanese pirates intercepted the Silk Road on the Sea and the trade deficits with China of the Netherlands, Spain and Germany all accelerated the outflow of porcelain technology. After two or three hundred years of replication, improvement, innovation, and ultimately the formation of today’s world porcelain pattern.

American elite and Asian students

Influenced by the civil service examination system of more than 2000 years in China, many Asians have been infused with the concept of “all things are inferior but high in reading”. This also leaves many Asian parents who hope to change their fate by studying.
Flushing, a gathering of Chinese in New York City, has a wide variety of tutorial schools where patrons are not only Asian students, but also all kinds of ethnic students who are attracted to them for a short period of time to improve their scores.
“Chinese-style tutoring allows me to improve my score in a fraction of a second, with immediate results,” said a Hispanic student.
In New York, the most famous public high school is the Stuyvesant High School in Upper Manhattan. The high school was voted the 2016 National Best Public High School Honor in recent selection by Niche, a school research institution.

This is a special high school which, in short, is a public high school that requires admission to the exam. This school is the favorite school for many parents because there is a high probability of being admitted to other famous schools such as “Ha Yepu” (collectively for Harvard, Yale and Princeton).
“As long as Steven Vinson goes, it’s equivalent to one foot in the Ivy League school,” said one parent of the Stuyvesant student.

An interesting phenomenon is that 70% of the students in this school are Asian students, of whom Chinese are the majority. Inside Stuyvesantang High School, you’ll find the mini-theater and the classrooms filled with images of the presidents of the United States, echoing the Chinese-language newspaper in the window and the ping pong table in the open space.
Chinese elements have become the characteristics here. She is also a Chinese president now, and she was the first generation of American immigrants born in Beijing and grew up in Shanghai – Zhang Jie. At the time Zhang Jie was on the verge of death, was asked to take over by the scandal-stricken Shi Dai Vincent.

Stuart Vinson has been questioned by the mainstream media in the United States, the high Asian-Asian ratio, as well as the possibility of eccentric eyes of Chinese descent. While some Hispanics and Hispanics question the selection process as overly dependent on tests, African-American students refer to only African-American students in the school that can be counted on with both hands.
Cheeky briefing, speaking Beijing accent Zhang Jie said that most Asian people are normal, mainly because of the influence of Chinese culture, on the one hand, “the only reading high” philosophy enjoys popular support from ancient times, on the other hand, the tutoring style The prevalence in Asians, these factors have led to the advantages of Asian students in terms of scores, a higher percentage of Asian students.
In fact, if more than 20 years have passed since then, it is a gathering place for Jewish students. With the increase of Jewish schools on the one hand and the ethnic development in the United States on the other hand, Jewish students are gradually being replaced by Asian students.
Not like private high schools in the United States, students from non-rich families are expensive, and in Stu St Vincent High School, 40% of students come from poor families. Many parents are the first generation of immigrants, they want their children to practice the American dream through elite schools.
Many Chinese parents have stereotyped American education and think that the educational atmosphere in the United States is more relaxed. Zhang Jie said this may be a “beautiful misunderstanding,” or a false proposition.

In the United States, schools like St Davidson are fiercely competitive. Although in the American philosophy elementary school stage “pay attention to” academic atmosphere relaxed and all-round development, but in fact high-quality junior high school to high school, the competitive pressure is not small. With Stalwanson High School, here is the alma mater of four Nobel Prize winners, who say hard social currency in school is academic.
Zhang Jie’s son was also a Steven Winson high school, later admitted to Harvard University. “Students like my son do ten lessons a day for four years.” Stavenson is 41 minutes per lesson, which means nearly seven hours of light classes each day.

But unlike Chinese-style high schools, at Stuart Vinson, you can find the breadth of the discipline absolutely dazzling, including various disciplines such as medicine, philosophy and astronomy. “This is a positive cycle, the more excellent students, the more you can fix a want to repair the class, the more aware of their interests, help them make a wise life decision.”
Zhang Jie never denied the pressure of the school: “Reading this school is like reading Harvard, MIT students in a state of high pressure.” After she became the principal, an important thing to do is to strengthen the psychological Counseling to help children adapt to high-intensity academic, of course, also includes providing parents with a lot of resources and guidance.
Although many Asians score “triumphantly,” Asian American dreams are facing challenges in recent years. Americans questioned the Asian resources squeeze elite schools, while Asians held high scores complained that the US elite Harvard, Princeton at the time of admission, with the standards of inequality, but these complaints are to defeat North ended.
Of course, there are deeper reasons behind this: on the one hand, Asians have fewer political participation, lack of influential entrepreneurs and limited contribution to the reputation of their alma mater. On the other hand, Asians donate money to the survival of American elite schools It does not seem generous, which is not commensurate with the proportion of Asian students. These factors have led to “even if Asians learn more tyrants, but to get elite schools is not easy” phenomenon.

However, Zhang Jie said: “We are not very concerned about how many people read Harvard, but also to their ability to give their foothold in the community and self-positioning.”

My invention changed fly fishing

My dad was one of the first people to introduce fly fishing to the Bahamas. He did fishing guides for Joseph Kennedy, the father of John F Kennedy and Ernest Hemingway. When Hemingway was fishing with us, I was only seven years old. He is a likable person. In fishing, he is still an unmanned master. Instead of begging for fish bites, he automatically bites them. I learned a few things from him.
I was born in 1936 in Grand Cay, Abaco. At 8 years old, I myself became a fishing wizard. My father first let me go to the beach to be a guide for clients because I know where the fish are. Soon, he began to feel comfortable with my client out to sea, or as a young boy, I brought adult barracuda, barracuda, mackerel and tarpon in Abaco’s salt water shallow waters.
In 1968 I started a fishing hut on Andros Island – “Charlie’s Haven” (Charlie’s Haven), which I built by hand with pieces of lumber and some steel. Baseball player Ted Williams became my client. And golf champion Jack Nicklaus. Dag Hammarskjöld, the former Swedish general secretary of the UN, unfortunately, also caught fishing with me for 10 years before losing his plane. While fishing, I also serve as chef and resident musician at Lighthouse Club near Fresh Creek. I cook, fish, and use a guitar bomb Calypso minor.
One day in the late 1960s, Lynden Pindling, then Prime Minister of the Bahamas, came to Andros Island with the then Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. They want me to take them to Northern Barracuda. I knew at the time that this time we had to catch fish.

I remembered childhood. Once my father pulled a feather from a mallard he shot and handed me the feather on the hook. I walked down the beach and immediately caught a North Barracuda with it. In the water, the lure looked like a small fish, and I realized at the time that the northern barracuda must love to eat small fish. So I used a chicken feather as the main body of the lure, eyeballing with some beads on the military license plate, and making a lure that looked exactly the same as a small fish. The next day, the two prime ministers had caught the North Barracuda, and I also invented the famous “Crazy Charlie” northern barracuda lure, a revolution that has revolutionized salt water fly fishing.
Later, I worked as a guide for two employees at a flying fishing company in California. They brought my bait back to the United States and made a different version based on the bait. I originally named the lure “Nasty Charlie,” but they later changed their name. Hundreds of different versions of Crazy Charlie now exist. This kind of bait has generated millions of dollars in revenue for the fishing industry, but I myself have never been paid anything.

I do not feel uneasy about this. I have had a very happy life. I am 78 years old and feel like a 28 year old boy. I have 15 sons and 9 daughters. If you’re only fishing, cooking and playing the piano all your life, it will be like me. Now I’m not very good looking, no longer a wizard to do the work, but I am trying to develop more effective North Pike lure.
My son and I are running a flying fishing university to teach young fly bait fishing in the Bahamas. This sport is not really part of our culture. Fly fishing costs are too high – rich people can afford to play. But young people are slowly falling in love with the sport. After flying fishing camp was opened, we not only taught them how to fly fishing, but also provided other aspects of ecotourism training, such as sea kayaking, bird watching, snorkeling and deep-sea fishing.

Our main purpose will be environmental protection. The Bahamas has an extremely rich natural resource, with the world’s third largest coral reef and a shallow sea stretching 20 miles, but we have to use it in a sustainable manner or else typical tourism consisting of hotels and cruise ships that destroy mangroves Mode, it will make all this encounter catastrophe.
We want fly fishing to take root here and also hope that the Bahamians can better manage the land so that they can truly become masters here.
Photo by Duke Wells