HOLLYWOOD (CA)­­ there is one way to get hired in Hollywood and that’s to know someone who is already “in” the business. Since 1994 Showbiz Ltd. has been keeping tabs on who is working and hiring in the entertainment industry. And now, our new website is making our exclusive mailing lists and labels available to people around the world.

Our mailing lists are updated daily. When you use our lists, you know we have only included Producers, Directors, Casting Directors and Agents who are currently looking for talent. Working actors are using them– and have been for the past five years. ShowbizLtd.com even has doctors, lawyers, hairdressers and caterers using our lists to get celebrity clientele or work in the entertainment industry-they’re that good.

The lists and labels had been available exclusively in and around Hollywood– with retail stores like Kinko’s® carrying the product and moving thousands of units per month. Now with the launch of our new website www.ShowbizLtd.com these same up-to-date lists are made available to people around the globe.

The key to getting hired is to let people know who you are. You have to put your face and name in front of them. And then once you get hired, you have to remind them that you will be appearing in a particular commercial or production. It’s repetition and that’s why you need to have the current list of who is hiring. Because this business changes constantly and the individuals who are hiring at particular companies change frequently. We make certain that our lists are kept up-to-date. There are no other lists like them in the industry.

For those people who are interested in breaking into the business, but Aren’t looking to be in front of the camera, ShowbizLtd.com offers several other lists as well, for both Los Angeles and New York. There are lists for Actors and Models, Casting Directors, Writers, Directors and Producers, Producers and Production Companies, Productions Crews, Dancers, Agents, Voice Artists, Music Industry, Talent Management, and Child Actors and Models.

Lists range in size from 25 to 350 contacts. The cost is $11.95 for hard copy or $19.95 for adhesive mailing labels. Shipping by First Class Mail is Included in the price. To order, go to www.ShowbizLtd.com or call (877) 570-9662.

Our products are currently very successfully being sold at:

  • Kinko’s Copy Stores
  • Photo Reproduction Stores
  • Bookstores
  • Stationary Stores

If you are interested in selling ShowBiz Ltd. Mailing labels and other products at your retail store, office or school, call us Toll-Free at


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