Influenced by the civil service examination system of more than 2000 years in China, many Asians have been infused with the concept of “all things are inferior but high in reading”. This also leaves many Asian parents who hope to change their fate by studying.
Flushing, a gathering of Chinese in New York City, has a wide variety of tutorial schools where patrons are not only Asian students, but also all kinds of ethnic students who are attracted to them for a short period of time to improve their scores.
“Chinese-style tutoring allows me to improve my score in a fraction of a second, with immediate results,” said a Hispanic student.
In New York, the most famous public high school is the Stuyvesant High School in Upper Manhattan. The high school was voted the 2016 National Best Public High School Honor in recent selection by Niche, a school research institution.

This is a special high school which, in short, is a public high school that requires admission to the exam. This school is the favorite school for many parents because there is a high probability of being admitted to other famous schools such as “Ha Yepu” (collectively for Harvard, Yale and Princeton).
“As long as Steven Vinson goes, it’s equivalent to one foot in the Ivy League school,” said one parent of the Stuyvesant student.

An interesting phenomenon is that 70% of the students in this school are Asian students, of whom Chinese are the majority. Inside Stuyvesantang High School, you’ll find the mini-theater and the classrooms filled with images of the presidents of the United States, echoing the Chinese-language newspaper in the window and the ping pong table in the open space.
Chinese elements have become the characteristics here. She is also a Chinese president now, and she was the first generation of American immigrants born in Beijing and grew up in Shanghai – Zhang Jie. At the time Zhang Jie was on the verge of death, was asked to take over by the scandal-stricken Shi Dai Vincent.

Stuart Vinson has been questioned by the mainstream media in the United States, the high Asian-Asian ratio, as well as the possibility of eccentric eyes of Chinese descent. While some Hispanics and Hispanics question the selection process as overly dependent on tests, African-American students refer to only African-American students in the school that can be counted on with both hands.
Cheeky briefing, speaking Beijing accent Zhang Jie said that most Asian people are normal, mainly because of the influence of Chinese culture, on the one hand, “the only reading high” philosophy enjoys popular support from ancient times, on the other hand, the tutoring style The prevalence in Asians, these factors have led to the advantages of Asian students in terms of scores, a higher percentage of Asian students.
In fact, if more than 20 years have passed since then, it is a gathering place for Jewish students. With the increase of Jewish schools on the one hand and the ethnic development in the United States on the other hand, Jewish students are gradually being replaced by Asian students.
Not like private high schools in the United States, students from non-rich families are expensive, and in Stu St Vincent High School, 40% of students come from poor families. Many parents are the first generation of immigrants, they want their children to practice the American dream through elite schools.
Many Chinese parents have stereotyped American education and think that the educational atmosphere in the United States is more relaxed. Zhang Jie said this may be a “beautiful misunderstanding,” or a false proposition.

In the United States, schools like St Davidson are fiercely competitive. Although in the American philosophy elementary school stage “pay attention to” academic atmosphere relaxed and all-round development, but in fact high-quality junior high school to high school, the competitive pressure is not small. With Stalwanson High School, here is the alma mater of four Nobel Prize winners, who say hard social currency in school is academic.
Zhang Jie’s son was also a Steven Winson high school, later admitted to Harvard University. “Students like my son do ten lessons a day for four years.” Stavenson is 41 minutes per lesson, which means nearly seven hours of light classes each day.

But unlike Chinese-style high schools, at Stuart Vinson, you can find the breadth of the discipline absolutely dazzling, including various disciplines such as medicine, philosophy and astronomy. “This is a positive cycle, the more excellent students, the more you can fix a want to repair the class, the more aware of their interests, help them make a wise life decision.”
Zhang Jie never denied the pressure of the school: “Reading this school is like reading Harvard, MIT students in a state of high pressure.” After she became the principal, an important thing to do is to strengthen the psychological Counseling to help children adapt to high-intensity academic, of course, also includes providing parents with a lot of resources and guidance.
Although many Asians score “triumphantly,” Asian American dreams are facing challenges in recent years. Americans questioned the Asian resources squeeze elite schools, while Asians held high scores complained that the US elite Harvard, Princeton at the time of admission, with the standards of inequality, but these complaints are to defeat North ended.
Of course, there are deeper reasons behind this: on the one hand, Asians have fewer political participation, lack of influential entrepreneurs and limited contribution to the reputation of their alma mater. On the other hand, Asians donate money to the survival of American elite schools It does not seem generous, which is not commensurate with the proportion of Asian students. These factors have led to “even if Asians learn more tyrants, but to get elite schools is not easy” phenomenon.

However, Zhang Jie said: “We are not very concerned about how many people read Harvard, but also to their ability to give their foothold in the community and self-positioning.”