Most common types of mattress

There are many types of mattress that are serving to a huge amount of people, all around the world. In them, there are some which have made their reputation and people without considering their purchase price as they know how important they are for them. Seriously Memory foam mattress reviews are significant in this regard, they will tell you, which is the foam that is serving best and keeping the sleep of people full of enjoyment. It has all the records of the foam, its quality, and the material from which it is made.

The most common types of mattresses are as mentioned below; they are being used by the people from all around the world.

Mattresses with spring

These types of mattresses are made with the spring support system. This system consists of the spring coils, which are fitted inside the mattress. Prepare ice in no time – ice maker machines, latest technology. The main feature of this mattress is that it provides the flexibility to the user. The number of coils varies from one manufacturer to another; it all depends on their formula of making it. If you jump on it, the mattress will bear the person’s weight, whether he is having extraordinary weight. After this system, the upper or exterior of it is covered with the fibers and high quality of foams that provide comfort and the sense of tranquility every time you take rest on it.

Now a day there are many sorts of mattresses that are having innerspring system, but the best one can be found by reading the reviews carefully and with much care.

Memory foam mattress

The upper part of the mattress consists of memory foam and other comfort foams that provide the highest level of comfort for the whole of the body of the user. The sleep will be uninterrupted. Ice maker machines only require 110 volts socket to carry on its job.This foam relieves you from back pain, and yield positive effect to the body. The feature of this like mattresses is that it molds as you move your body positioning to provide a high level of comfort.

Hybrid memory mattress

It is the combination of the steel coil springs set inside of the mattress and the memory foam. Most people choose it because, it will give the enjoyment of two mattresses in one as its name suggests. This is also one of the important mattresses that have been used and making the life of the people full of comfort and keeping them away from the stress. For providing the better sleep, it is the best choice among the people.

These are the most common types of mattresses that are fulfilling the needs of the people; they use them for getting tranquility and the comfort.

A brief Informative blog about small Air Compressors

Small Air compressors translate energy normally from a motor or diesel into kinetic energy, energy which is connected with association. This is completed by original compressing and pressurizing air and then pushing it from end to end a hosepipe. This functionality can establish to be extremely practical when combining air compressors with pneumatic utensils. These are utensils which are air powered and are nearer and additional powerful in assessment to additional conventional tools. For healthy body one need a healthy environment, Pressure washer is the device that works on the principle health and safety. Small Air compressors can be used for an extensive variety of diverse dwelling hold tasks and further crafts. You can effortlessly pump up toys, tents, air mattresses, basketballs, footballs and soccer balls. With an air compressor voluntarily offered, there would be no necessitate to escalate to a gas station to get your car’s tires crammed. You can without difficulty do that at home to keep up your car and to maintain your driving protected.

Exploit it with a blow air-gun to wash out grime from equipment and furnishings. Coalesce it with an air brush to tailor your possessions like your bike or your helmet. Diverse kinds of air compressors are well-suited with an assortment of tools like drills, staplers, nail guns, air-sanders, tack hammer and an endless record of other tools. These tools outlay with a reduction of cost and are also more consistent. An additional benefit is that if you advance your air compressor, you won’t require improving your pneumatic tools as well and they will work just fine.

Before you buy a small air compressor the following two things must be kept in mind:

  • Portable/Immobile: Portable air compressors are enhanced apt for light essential house hold tasks, so you don’t experience any hassle while moving it about. Industrial and heavy duty jobs necessitate motionless compressors which in general are extra influential. HP gives you an estimation of how much power the air compressor delivers and if it counterpart with your job’s supremacy necessities. Make use of gas powered compressor for out-of-doors jobs and electric for within home jobs as electric ones don’t have any smoke issue.
  • Security When buying air compressors, confirm you never cooperate on eminence and security. Don’t let the charge force you to purchase a compressor which is cheaper but not secure to exploit. Dirt and germs are everywhere, to make your place properly clean use gas pressure washer to remove dust. For all time understand the instruction handbook cautiously previous to going on and follow it appropriately. Eye and ear fortification are exceedingly suggested while with air compressors.

Importance of Accurate Measurement in Wood Cutting

You need precise and accurate measurement of the wood so that you could get the right pieces of it to use. Ryobi compound miter saw has done the magic for the people, who are interested in wood work. It has become the number one choice of the people from all around the world. It has many features but the most essential of them is that it has the specification of the laser marker, which assists during the cutting process. This one is rarely found in the other saws. Moreover, you need safety to use this saw as it can be stopped immediately, if the cuts are not going as per needed.

The wood has the most integral part of a house; its importance cannot be ignored. People use it in their home with different styles. This saw has made this process very simple of making various styles of the wood with accurate precision. I have a vast collection of musical instruments, one of them is my favorite acoustic guitar that i used play frequently. You can produce all the styles of wood desired. Nobody thought that stopping a saw was that much easy but with this saw, you can do it as it has the electric brake that make the process of stopping very simple; you can stop the cutting swiftly if anything goes wrong. The sharp blade of the saw makes the process very simple and accurate for the cutter. The blade gets stopped within some seconds.

It has the manual that helps the cutter to provide the exact measurement of the wood that you need. Your home is nothing without wood and if the woodwork is outstanding it will make the whole of your life outstanding as well. For real fun and entertainment i play magical music sounds by using guitar in the party.The cutting process with this saw is very smooth and there exists no rough motion during it. The table on the meter is very easy to read and the bevel on it adds more convenience into it.

If you have huge pieces of the wood to cut them, there is no need to worry as the table of the saw can be extended with ease to cut them with accurate measurement. It has a heavy duty 13-amp motor that does not halt the way of cutting the pieces properly. The motor and its efficiency will fulfill your demand of cutting. Make sure that you purchase this saw to make the wood work more attractive. It is available at very reasonable prices as compared to other machines; save your money and do not purchase other such machines, which are more costly and less efficient than this one.

Buy your exercise equipment at low price

If you want to get a healthy body then this is the best time for you to buy a treadmill. Treadmill offers superb results and help to achieve the fitness goals. But before buying a treadmill, you should clearly understand the mechanism and the qualities of a perfect treadmill. Like if you are a beginner and you want to buy a cheap treadmill just to get the experience, then I would recommend you to buy the Weslo treadmill. The Weslo treadmills are designed to meet the health needs of the people and at the same time they offer a large range of prices of the treadmills. But before you go to buy a treadmill, just read the Weslo treadmill reviews. These reviews will help you to find a treadmill that completely meets your standard.

Although the prices of the Weslo treadmills are quite low but it doesn’t mean that you should go for any treadmill. Remember that you are going to spend some money so the product should be reliable and should completely exhibit those properties that you actually want. So for that purpose, clearly understand the Weslo treadmill reviews by reading them. These reviews will help you in a better way to understand the features of a specific treadmill. The experienced people shared their experiences here. So you can consult with those experiences to get a good treadmill. Those experiences will not allow you to buy a bad quality treadmill as these reviews are true and trust worthy.

Weslo is also important in this way that it provides the longer warranties. The price range and the features of the brand make it different among others. The prices vary a lot which make the people inclined towards the brand because all types of people are able to buy the treadmill of Weslo according to their affordability. So in this way, Weslo is best as it gives the more opportunities to buy a better quality treadmill.

How To Select The Unsurpassed Washing Machine

Washing machines are accomplishment additional and more prevalent in India – whether it is for couples watching for an appliance for the home, or relatives acquiring everyday gifts for couples. If you’re bearing in mind purchasing a best washing machine and have completed a while of glancing, you’ve perhaps perceived that there isn’t impartial one washing machine product obtainable in India there are hundreds! This optimal can be a diminutive devastating, expressly for primarily time buyers, but don’t concern. By meaningful what to viewpoint for, you can catch an apparatus that is an exceptional conciliation amongst price and eminence?

One technique to dodge high prices is to aspect precisely for an upper loading washing machine somewhat than a front load washing machine. There are three assistances to this high-quality. First, top loading machines are frequently far less overpriced. Second, their enterprise means they engage in less planetary in the home. And third, there’s no twisting down to load and unload clothes, which can inflict mayhem on your back!

Washing machines are receiving added and more prevalent in India whether it is for couples watching for a mechanism for the home-grown, or relations purchasing everyday gifts for happy couple. If you’re bearing in mind buying a laundry machine and obligate complete a bit of cruising, you’ve doubtless perceived that there isn’t just one washing machine variety accessible in India – there are hundreds! This superior can be a bantam devastating, particularly for first time consumers, but don’t disquiet. By significant what to expression out for, you can treasure a mechanism that is an outstanding conciliation amongst price and excellence?

As washing apparatuses turn out to be more collective, their prices have plunged – uniform the unsurpassed washing machine in India in our day isn’t outrageously overpriced. On the other hand, if you’re at work to a strict economical, you’ll want to find traditions to avoid superfluous cost.

One and only way to dodge high prices is to aspect in detail for a top loading washing machine slightly than a anterior load washing machine. There are three remunerations to this high-quality. Initially, top loading machines are repeatedly far less overpriced. Uphold, their enterprise means they take up a smaller amount planetary in the homespun. And third, there’s no meandering down to weight and drop clothes, which can inflict havoc on your backbone!

Urban Design in Anti-terrorist Atmosphere

Over the past decade, highly alert buildings have sprung up everywhere to create a hostile “fortress-like” environment. How to reconcile security and openness in contemporary urban environment?

When the new U.S. Embassy building in London was officially opened in late 2016 – it is located near the Battersea Power Station on the River Thames – one of the tightest buildings in the UK.

Architects Kieran Timberlake boasted of its high-specification, highly-secured features: “Security requirements were achieved through landscape design without the use of tall walls and fences – such as wide ponds, Low garden walls with bench seats and natural yet unobtrusive barriers created by differences in height. ”

The embassy’s own description of the building is “modern, friendly, safe,” outlining the challenges designers face in confronting the conflicting purposes of security and openness in a contemporary urban setting.

Although the new embassy is far removed from the current U.S. Embassy in Grosvenor Square style, the critics say it represents a much broader wave. Over the past 10 years, highly prepared space has sprung up in various towns and cities, creating an hostile environment that some have described as “bastion-like.”

The new U.S. Embassy looks “like a Norman castle,” says Stephen Graham, a professor of urban and social studies at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom. “It even has a moat, laid out and left behind, leaving empty space to prepare for truck bombs or explosions,” he added. “This idea shows what a counter-terrorism city will look like.”

This defensive architecture is one aspect of the trend that brings various forms of “defensible space” into the cityscape. Last summer, the ground outside a private apartment building on Southwark Bridge Road in southern London was found to have embedded “spikes in homelessness”, sparking a strong public protest.
Boris Johnson, the then mayor of London, described the spikes as “ugly, counterproductive and stupid” before the spikes were removed.

It is also easy to argue that so-called “mosquito” sounders installed by retailers prevent them from staying in the shop by sending out high-frequency sounds that only young people and infants can hear. In New York, a spiked cover was installed on the hydrant to prevent people from sitting on the fire hydrant. Other examples include bus stops with slopes, park benches that you can not lay on top of, and concrete benches designed by Camden to stop skaters.

The word defensive space was invented by American architect Oscar Newman in the 1970s. This concept gave birth to an industry that is based on the principle of designing crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) and the related ideas spread to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean have had a profound impact on urban policy. The security design of the British police (Secured by Design The initiative is one example.

Professor Graham commented: “We are redesigning the city so that anyone who is not moving is seen as a threat, including pregnant women, people with young children or people with disabilities.” I do not deny the existence of a terrorist attack, Danger and security loopholes, but at some point these factors are exaggerated and the threat of terrorism becomes a tangled one. ”

Phoebe Boulton Jaggi, a student at the London College of Communication, studied antisocial street public facilities. Jagie said the city is becoming “more livable for consumers and less livable for the rest of the population.” While architects may receive support for integrating defensive design into potential targets (such as the U.S. embassy), critics are opposed to the transfer of fortified security facilities to other public buildings, such as schools, hospitals and residential areas. Such security precautions often include towering fencing, barbed wire and CCTV cameras.

Anna Minton, author of Ground Control and associate professor of architecture at the University of East London, said: “Security design has become the basic template for all new developments today. She added that the terrorist threat has become “a reason for the escalating security” that has become part of the everyday environment.

Safety Design was founded in 1989 and is wholly owned by the British Association of Chief Police Officers. The agency supports the concept of “designing crime prevention”, such as reducing the theft by 75% with specially designed doors and fences.

Jon Cole, National Operations Manager for Security Design, said: “Security measures can be invisible, and if you’ve incorporated security into your building from the start, the building is generally more aesthetically pleasing. ”
Security measures are too strict and exclusive urban space stirred some reactions. Oxford Circus in London is an example of the concept of “shared space” in Europe. In order to improve traffic safety, the relevant departments here remove obstacles, roundabouts and even traffic lights.

In the United States, organizations such as Rebar, the landscape architecture agency in San Francisco, are influencing the debate about public spaces. In the meantime, in Hamburg, designer Oliver Schau created a “guerrilla seat” in the city by using yellow drains.

In Canada, RainCity Housing, an independent charity aiming to help the homeless, installed covered benches in urban areas to provide shelter for street-dwellers. This is in stark contrast to the spikes in homelessness in the streets of London.

Professor Graham believes that the debate will become more intense. “Raising public awareness of the current situation is a challenge,” he said. “This is an ambitious problem that needs to be understood by people.”

International royal mansion what price?

These luxury properties for sale include the 17th century manor house built specifically for the Portuguese king, Duke of Windsor as governor of the Bahamas residence, the Queen’s grandparents’ residence.

The Palácio na Quinta mansion in São Sebastião, Lisbon, Portugal costs 7.5 million euros.

Location: Located in the administrative district of Lumiar, about 20 minutes drive from Lisbon city center and about 10 minutes drive from Lisbon Portela international airport.

Details: Surrounded by a formal garden for the fourth week, this seven-bedroom, eight-bathroom manor house includes an attic four-bedroom apartment in addition to an outdoor pool.

Selling point: This manor house was built in 1715 exclusively for King João V of Portugal. Joao V is called “Sun King” and the front of the main building is decorated with royal coat of arms. With a huge fortune acquired from the gold mining in the colonial Brazil, Joao V has been known to build luxurious palaces in addition to generous gifts to the Roman and Paris royal families.

Agent: Engel & Völkers Real estate agency,, phone +351 21 096 06 40.

Chauncey Close, 19 East Hampton, New York City, USA, priced at $ 21 million

Location: Between Georgica Pond in the East Hampton and the Atlantic Ocean, about 2 hours drive from JFK international airport.

Details: This 568sqm waterfront mansion has five bedrooms and four bathrooms, an outdoor pool and restaurant, plus a private beach of almost 400 feet in length. If you spend $ 11 million you can put the adjacent 3.6 acres of land to buy.

Selling Point: The living room has wooden beams from a barn in Hever Castle in Kent, Anne Boleyn, later named Anne of Cleves In the 16th century lived here. Fortunately, these wooden beams are much better than several of Queen Henry VIII’s, and several of his queens were either beheaded or retired.

Fagelvik Castle in Valdemarsvik, Sweden, priced at 3,500 Swedish kronor (about 3.79 million U.S. dollars)

Location: Located on the southeast coast of Sweden in the Valdamash region, about 2 hours 40 minutes drive from Bromma international airport.

Details: This 3 acre castle dates back to the 14th century and has 8 toilets, in addition to well-restored murals and a former dungeon, as well as a dedicated staff accommodation area.

Selling Point: In 1429, the castle became the residence of Carl VIII of Sweden. From 1448 to 1470, Karl VIII once held the throne three times. In the 19th century, King Oscar II made his fortune through the castle and became known as “paradise on earth.”

Agents: Sotheby’s International Real Estate Company,, tel .: +46 739 82 80 87.

The Nassau mansion in New Providence, Bahamas, priced at $ 8.5 million.

Location: Located in the Bahamas’s capital near Nassau, Goodman’s Bay offers breathtaking views of the bay and is about a 12-minute drive from Lynden Pindling International Airport.

Details: This 1,500-square-foot mansion has four bedrooms, plus two 4-bedroom guest houses and a 3-bedroom luxury home.

Selling Points: Duke of Windsor The mansion was once home to the Governor of the Bahamas in 1940. Duke of Windsor, former King Edward VIII, took the initiative in 1936 to marry a divorced American, Wallis Simpson.

Agent: 7th Heaven Properties, Website:, Phone: +44 20 8960 1010.

Woolmers Park, Letty Green, Hertfordshire, UK, costs £ 16.5m
Location: Within a 10-minute walk of Letty Green village, it is less than a half-hour’s drive from Luton International Airport.

Details: This 93-acre mansion, listed as Grade II * -listed, features 8 bedrooms, plus an indoor pool, a three-bedroom small hotel and a tennis court.

Selling Point: Woolmers Park was bought in 1927 by the Earl and Countess of Strathmore, now the eldest daughter of the Queen Elizabeth II. It used to have a polo field, and the current Prince of Wales (Prince Charles) often studied polo.

Agents: Savills,, +44 20 7016 3780.

Mirror residential into Europe and the United States fashion

The appearance of the mirror used in high-rise buildings have become commonplace, the mirror decoration used in residential effect?

In recent years, the selection of housing appearance has undergone revolutionary changes. The development of imagination and technological progress have enriched people’s choice of building materials. More and more houses are refreshing from the point of view of appearance, such as beautiful and innovative mirror houses popular in recent years.

Simple mirror residential into a trend

For urban high-rise buildings, the towering glossy mirror is commonplace. We are also accustomed to the use of mirrors at home to transmit light, expand the sense of space and add drama. However, when modern architects choose the appearance of building materials, mirror glass has become their darling, the metal material is gradually being neglected.

Whether in rural or urban context, the appearance of the mirror has brought many subtle pleasure and unspeakable joy. They give a sense of exchange and interaction, reflect the surrounding things, capture the whirling shadow of trees, and change with sunrise, sunset and clouds. Set in the mirror, the building and the surrounding environment together, not to appear isolated and obtrusive.

The appearance of simple, mirrored houses reminiscent of Sky Mirror, an artwork by the famous contemporary sculptor Anish Kapoor, is featured in Nottingham, Kensington Gardens and New York, USA. There is also the Phillip K Smith III Desert Lodge, an antique farmhouse hut decorated with mirrored panels, half empty and semi-old, set in the Joshua Tree National Park in southern California, In an open desert.

As expected, the mirror house has become the vane of the art world. Entrusted by art collectors Michael and Olga Kagan, the American architectural firm Kieran Tim berlake designed the Pound Ridge House in 29 acres in New York State. The project was planned from the Kagan couple looking to build houses in enchanting landscapes to preserve precious art collections such as M.C. Escher’s works, with distorted graphics and fictional illusions, fascinating and psychedelic.

“We really want to build an art house,” said Michael Kagan. “The art of architecture and architecture is very much in our hearts. Since building a house takes a lot of time and energy, designing it as a great art object allows We feel worth it, otherwise, we bought a mansion directly after the financial crisis. ”

Six years ago, Kagan funded the purchase of this piece of land, and he knows it has been here for 40 years. The couple and architect Stephen Kieren have chosen a striking location surrounded by woodland. The house is divided into two separate sections, built according to the terrain, with bridges in the middle. As for exterior materials, the design team examined many options and finalized a composite that included stainless steel plates, brushed stainless steel, resin-coated copper molds, and clear glass.

“We follow nature in a broader sense, including the sky, the earth, and the passage of time,” Kieran said. “Specular reflections make the landscape different from time to weather, and unlike the permanence of the geologic environment, they fleeting. ”
The separate house forms have weakened the building’s impact on the landscape and the semi-reflective façades create the illusion of oak, maple and beech. The base of the bulk barrier and the lower threshold of the main part of the building make the building inlaid in nature. “We love watching the appearance of houses change over time and the weather, and when you move around the house, it looks different,” said the couple, Kagan. “These four materials, with their different reflective properties, More attractive. ”

Mimetic House, located in the county of Leitrim in central Ireland, was designed by architect Dominic Stevens for his good friends, artist couple Grace Weir and Joe Walker. It uses Saint-Gobain’s semi-reflective solar-control glass, which is often used for the exterior of office buildings. Housing with the emergence of green vegetation appears, but also disappeared as the terrain gap, the roof of the vegetation is also designed to be harmonious and natural.

Weir has taken possession of this piece of land for many years, has always wanted to build a new and creative house to be the second home. She introduced Stevens through a friend’s friends and skillfully designed the house for her, now the couple’s main residence. The studio is hidden in the quiet basement and can not be disturbed. The spacious and flexible large space on the ground floor allows for creation, living and party. It is a platform that can overlook the sky and look up to the sky.

“It looks like a piece of land that folds up to form a living space,” said Stevens. “But its white interior gives a secret surprise because you can not imagine sitting in the distance and sitting In which the outside world is at a glance. ”

Modern buildings are embedded in the landscape

Mirror houses appear in more cities. In London’s Highgate area, architect Dominic Mckenzie designed a modern home for the patent attorney, Sophie Rich, and her family, using a highly derelict stainless steel slab on the façade that draws attention. The mirrored walls provide a reflective screen for the nearby trees, while the overall outline illuminates the same modern street-style house. The house is named Eidolon House, which means “phantom, double image or ideal.”

“Our initial vision was to make the house ingeniously integrated with the surroundings,” said Mckenzie. “We wanted to make a green living wall, but it would be too cumbersome if the exterior was completely covered with vegetation. The highlight of the environment, and the look of the house varies according to the shape of the sunshine and the trees, it does not matter when you look at the house, it is a bit surreal and looks like a blank row of townhouses, It’s not there at all. ”

The look of the mirror offers both practicality and artistry and decorativeness. Inspired by the modernism of houses with plenty of mirrors and transparency, architect Paul Archer designed the house for his retired mother and stepfather on the verge of the Severn estuary. He also wanted to design a zero-carbon home, but soon realized that it was too hard. Archer said, “The idea of a mirror plate comes from the multiple reflections of glass in a building, and it makes the building disappear into the landscape.If you walk along the nearby path, you’ll see the house obscured by the greenery in.”

Archer designed a series of slabs for Green Orchard houses, coated with a layer of mirrored aluminum wood, with a honeycomb-like background giving the reflective pixel texture. In the summer, the flat panel can reflect the sun so as not to over-heat the room, while at night and winter, the flat panel can be used as a thermal barrier and move on the window with the help of the power mechanism to keep the room warm. The roof is also equipped with solar thermal panels.

In an apple orchard in the Italian city of Bolzano, architect Peter Pichler applies reflective glass to a new set of buildings. His clients Josef and Angela Sabine Staffler Ebner own a farmhouse here, and a castle in Appiano, Milan, to rent people for weddings and special events. They are going to build two one-bedroom houses next to the farmhouse, rented as a hotel for visitors, but worried that the two new buildings will be out of harmony with the orchard atmosphere.

Pichler designed the open-plan glass front windows for these two park lodges, together with part of the black-and-aluminum walls where the orchard views can be seen. The back of the house is protected by a glass mirror with a special UV coating to prevent birds from flying in. It adds a sense of space without expanding the size of the orchard, with the Ebner family and tourists alike. “With the beautiful surroundings around the mirror, we hid the hut,” Pichler said. “They are also buildings in orchards that use optics to expand the orchard space, a simple solution that is very special: modern architecture is placed in beautiful landscapes.”

The visual sensation that the mirror house brings makes them have the infinite charm. Located on the outskirts of Poland, Izabelin House is Marcin Tomaszewski’s second home designed for a couple who run their own sales business and their children. The two-storey home is surrounded by lush trees. The first floor’s exterior walls are covered with reflective panels that mirror the image of the nearby woods as if it were an extension of the woods, and the second floor seems to be floating in the air In general.
“The mirror resembles an extension of the forest floor, so the house merges with nature,” Tomaszewski said. “But the second-floor suspension made me like it more.” So an ordinary house with a mirror will be extraordinary, and the exterior materials of modern homes are rarely as fascinating as mirrors.

British self-built housing in Japan

Unlike Britain, self-built villas in Japan resistance, but before FT FT Asia La Fudi still completed.

Priory Cottage in Islington, London is much more than just a residential home, I really can not get out of hand; while in Japan is a strange home to strange experiences.

Priory Cottage has a special place in the history of the Financial Times as it was the home of JDF Jones, the talented editor and founder of the FT Weekend.

In the 1970s, Jones expanded the villa, which was originally built in 1798, to create a seamless three-storey villa on the front of this 18th-century brick-and-concrete building, with the back of the villa also stamped . His smug ambition is to add a sloping glass roof to the second floor of the long living room; pride is to the ground covered with Welsh black slate, small carpet in the East style to add color, so that the entire house immediately Magnificent feeling.
Later, I bought Priory Cottage from Jones, but by 2010 it was already showing the vicissitudes of life: numerous small cracks in the house crunched in the night wind, and despite careful examination, the main structure remained strong Such as rock (so many modern buildings ashamed). The joint between the villa and the stamped part seems to have started “parting ways” and the pipes also need to be overhaul.

Unfortunately, I finally decided to have only one small-sized, low-maintenance house in the UK and the “Base Camp” in Japan: My wife, Mikako Hayashi, was hired as an endodontist by Osaka University And related professors.

Farewell to Manchester’s research work, she was about to fly over Osaka when she sighed: “I miss a cry, as if a giant to the entire Japanese countryside full of rubbish.”

Urban planning is not Japan’s strengths: the tower is wantonly nestled in the fields, sprayed concrete structures in rural areas abound, and the only remaining trickle of rivers after dam construction is, ugly used car billboards are everywhere. Traditional Japanese-style huts are more and more rare. Japanese people do not like “old-style houses” and have vocalizations that old, wooden houses are not earthquake-resistant (they are not safe in the meantime).

The reasons for the continuous construction of modern residences are: the old house has to pay huge inheritance taxes and young people continue to move from the villages to the cities. However, the huge subsidies by the government are also one of the reasons. In the past few decades, many poorly-constructed houses, as well as construction companies and government departments It is also an important promoter of lusting with the politicians and working hand in glove with each other.

Japan’s houses, like cars and refrigerators, appear to have become durable consumer goods rather than stock capital. The average life expectancy of a house is only 30 years, while the average life expectancy of a house in the United States is as high as 100 years. In the United Kingdom, anyone who arbitrarily repairs a protective building (especially a historic building with a history of hundreds of years) will inevitably lead to litigation.

A few months after we were depressed, we finally found a piece of land near Osaka (fortunately, the developer had not built it yet): there was a dilapidated and dilapidated house, which was similar to the 1950s when I was on the banks of the Hull Of the kind of prefabricated shacks that Kingston upon Hull had seen on his way to school.

Is it possible to build my dream home? Still a sweet dream! We are foolishly thinking that since the local construction commission has allowed the construction of a spectacular 20-storey high rise building, it will surely open a green light to our own unique residential construction. However, local officials seem to have no interest in the aesthetic sense, but stick to the rules, a soft spot for tax collection. Their reply is: We only build a house that occupies 40% of the entire land area and can only build up to two floors. There are no restrictions on the construction of apartments owned by the Construction Commission.

Whether supervising the demolition of old houses, building garages or installing elevators for the elderly, the local construction commission will be taxed, making it extremely useful. On the other hand, the central government will give a lot of tax concessions to building new homes, saving energy and even installing handrails in bathrooms. We felt that it was reckless to build a house on our own, and we approached a large residential construction company, where the other side should be familiar with government officials and have their own architect.

We consulted with the three construction companies on the project budget and stressed the need to make full use of the local construction commission’s rules and regulations and to create the ideal living space. Yoshihisa Harima, head of Osaka at Mitsui Home, set up a dedicated team that includes architect Yoshitaka Takahashi and interior design coordinator Ryoko Kashihara. We held several full-time Japanese rendezvous sessions (2 hours each time), discussing room design from furniture and building materials, energy systems, small electrical outlets, furnishing, and specific color selection of luminaires in each room Light yellow). Japanese picky details can be described as culminating.

Officials in government departments let us not bother. I want to install dual-use cooking and baking ovens, but the Japanese people generally do not have an oven at home. The kitchen is generally equipped with three heads, instead of four stoves. Below the stove is a grilled fish area and storage area. We finally installed the largest volume (45 liters) oven. Large-capacity ovens are commonly used in restaurant kitchens.
We officially started last October. Like the British counterparts, bricklayers also love to smoke and drink tea. I have seen a bricklayer’s handbag and concrete mixers. After whispering to him, he hurried out and went straight on his handkerchief to wear the required helmet.

The Japanese have always been proud of their building quality. Housing walls are made of ceramsite concrete material, the inner cladding is configured with a thick layer of insulation, so Mitsui Construction Company threatened: winter home, the heat will not leak a little bit to melt the roof of the snow.

Our new home of 240 square meters will soon be completed – enough space to cook, eat and relax, or to relax, learn and think about it. Maybe this is not the home that we envisioned, but it is more than adequate to live in it.

IMAX theater at home?

Imax started the family Imax program at around $ 2.5 million. The first consumer from Hollywood.

Is screen size really important?

Once I had a friend living in Yorkshire, England, he was very rich, that is, those who have a private jet and appear in the rich list. Things changed, he lost all his possessions, had to move from a large manor house to a very small rented apartment, and even sold his private jet to take the bus. During that difficult time, once we met in a cafe in Leeds and when he looked back at this down-time, he said watching a movie experience was when you sat close enough to the screen – Because of his current living room is too small, the TV screen from 84 inches to 14 inches.

One day, at the invitation of Imax in Los Angeles, I met my friend. Imax is a maker of giant screens in the world’s top cinemas inviting me to exchange personal cinemas for readers like How to Spend It. Imax has launched a plan to make the family Imax giant screen at between $ 2.25 and 2.75 million. Of course also need to add other construction costs, depending on the size of the main visual cinema screen. The largest screen in this project can reach 80 feet wide and 44 feet high. There is also an entry-level Imax screen coming soon -Palais, suitable for use in small rooms. Although it is smaller than the giant screen, the dimensions are still impressive, with a minimum of $ 400,000. The first full-size Imax Private Theater (IPT) unit was in a movie star home in Beverly Hills; the other eight were ordered, seven from the United States and one from Delhi. In addition, a European guy with a yacht also want to order an IPT.

As I gazed through the huge, immersive image of the Imax demonstration screen in an industrial park near Marina del Rey, surrounded by the nine-channel stereo, there was a problem that reminds me of me That Leeds friend, that is what size Imax screen allows you to have the urge to buy it. A smaller IPT, say 20 feet, is about $ 500,000 in difference from the giant screen. The $ 500,000 difference in this space does not seem out of reach. So a customer will choose to buy a smaller Imax home theater for this difference, rather than a Imax giant screen? Or basically the effect of watching movies almost, if you are from the screen smaller section of the more words?

When I was thinking about the spread between Imax and Imax screens at Imax’s headquarters in Toronto, I felt my Yorkshire buddy’s theory worked. “He’s right, and the size of the final screen does not pose a fundamental problem,” said Larry O’Reilly, president of global sales for Imax. “The size of the screen is not important from a technical point of view, but importantly the seat The distance to the screen, the layout of the theater, and the sound effects, which is a matter of horizon.If people choose to buy Imax on a small screen are self-deception? If those relationships do exist then they are not. Necessary to buy giant screen Imax. ”

Hugh Murray, born and educated in Scotland, is Imax’s 3D expert and consultant. Hollywood director will seek his guidance when making Imax movies. However, Hugh Murray pointed out that if absolute, the size does constitute the core strengths of Imax. He said: “It is quite different to appreciate a picture of a wall filled with paintings in the gallery close enough to a smaller picture.”

Anyway, O’Reilly said, many customers come simply for the Imax’s giant screen, no matter how much they cost. “One customer wanted to buy Imax’s giant private cinema, though he had only two seats in it,” said the customer, “I want to play video games and watch movies, and I might ask a friend again.” His request was unique. “But the first IPT buyer in Beverly Hills had 44 seats in his Imax home theater. The theater’s screen is 39 feet wide and 29 feet tall – it’s already about three feet longer than a double-decker bus in London. In other areas, such as the Florida South Coast, often affected by hurricanes, where there is a high limit to buildings, or the Manhattan block of apartment buildings, a “small screen” of 18 feet by 10 feet Approximately 6 to 20 viewers can provide a panoramic experience.

I think IPT is unparalleled, whether you are using it to watch 3D, 2D, normal Blu-ray HD movies, high-definition pictures, play games or watch GoPro videos. Still, some filmmakers are skeptical about whether Imax Home Cinema can achieve as good as public cinema. So what is the essence of Imax? What can you get from IPT, which reached $ 2.25 million, especially if you have to spend more to build a larger room?

Imax originated in the 1967 Montreal World’s Fair. It was used in 1970 to make widescreen three-dimensional movies, a way of making people feel immersive. Like a widescreen stereo movie, Imax uses a curved screen, but its screen is not only large but its audiences are close enough to allow the viewer to go beyond a horizontal two-dimensional view. Imax is great for 3D movies, but not all Imax movies are 3D, though Imax still has a three-dimensional effect in 2D movies. One of the unique benefits of Imax 3D is that it allows me to experience the beauty of a 3D picture for anyone who is stereo-indistinguishable. Because it uses a system called stereotactic orthophotos, it creates a false impression of the unobtrusive brains of stereo images and imagines three-dimensional images.

Many of the movies are made with Imax’s special cameras, and world-renowned directors Robert Zemeckis, Christopher Nolan and James Cameron love using this format. NASA is also a loyal supporter of Imax, who have used Imax to produce stunning space documentaries for more than 30 years. There are over 800 Imax public cinemas worldwide, and the largest Imax screen in Darling Harbor, Sydney, has a 117-foot-wide screen and 97-foot tall screens. The newest Imax theater uses a dual laser power projector that enhances the measurement and contrast of a movie in a big cinema to create unparalleled beauty. The IPT used two 4K xenon projectors, but for those small cinemas, the measurement and contrast of the image dropped as fast as a laser.

The IPT package offered to private Imax buyers includes personalized design and on-site instruction, a nine-channel sound system, and operating instructions for specific tablet controllers. Imax is committed to making it easy and convenient for customers to use IPT with 200 Imax movies and documentaries stored on its own, plus 20T of storage for Blu-ray, DVD or other hard drive resources. Whether it’s North America or the rest of the world, IPT is the web’s cine memory, and Prima offers Blu-ray-quality films for theater cinemas that cost about $ 500 to show a movie. Private Imax Theaters are managed by Imax Network Surveillance Centers in Toronto and Shanghai throughout the entire journey, solving over 90% of the problems while dispatching repair teams to solve more serious problems in the field. IPT also offers its customers special seats (such as the D-Box Sensing Seat, which adjusts to the screen’s movement), large screens, small tables where food and drinks are placed, and adjustments to the movie’s plot and mood Light effect.

In addition, there are two other offline advantages in private Imax cinema. You can control the level of sound yourself, for example to create a deafening sound for a larger audience. Many public Imax cinema advertising noise is very noisy, but for private Imax theater this is not a problem. Another advantage of a private Imax theater is that you can adjust your seat at any time and choose the best viewing position, which is difficult or almost impossible to achieve in public cinema, even if your physical position relative to the screen enables Great impact on your viewing experience.

The future of private Imax theater

After spending more than £ 3 million on a private Imax Theater, customers may reasonably expect their technical advantage to last. Your investment will be devalued slowly? David Keighley, president of one of Imax’s meetings I met in Los Angeles, really looked forward to upgrading Imax’s computing systems until Imax’s viewers no longer needed clumsy plastic eyewear.

At the same time, he pointed out that a group of young geniuses at Imax’s lab are now fighting at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts at the University of Southern California, trying to make the images and sounds in the movies more realistic. The presence of IPT not only means that you have this new, unique identifier of status as you watch 3D movies at home. However, you have to admit that it is not bad as a sign of status.