For Beyonce single “Formation” MV Mani Seno Feng modeling is responsible for shaping, she is good at combining the street costumes amazing results

Modeling design is to dress up all kinds of characters (whether the other is a movie star, model or not bad money to buy clothes for anyone), it is an industry with the times. Past celebrities may be focused on whether the fashion is avant-garde and unconventional (remember Lady Gaga’s 2010 fresh-cut fare?) Nowadays, they may wear sportswear and Timberland booties on a variety of social occasions. As more lively street fashion continues to appear in the T-stage, more practical wear-resistant fashion also became popular in the red carpet and other occasions: the new fashion show is a real picture of life, without deliberately designed Traces, but also has nothing to do with the price of fashion.

This change is undoubtedly due to social media, and now a large number of fans in Instagram and Snapchat and other social platforms, in addition to watching celebrities on the T-stage image, but also concerned about their every move in life. Celebrities in the past may just addicted to the red carpet fashion, and now they are always wearing the usual attention by fans.
It may be ironic that the “simple and natural” fashion, that is, the way a person instinctively builds his own image, is increasingly becoming a focus of work for another group. Although we know little about the names of these big-name stylists, we feel their extraordinary influence every moment of the day.

In February 2016, Beyoncé unveiled his single “Formation” through a horrifying video that was known to all by the then unknown 42-year-old stylist Marni Senofonte. Her Beyonce world tour dress styling is about to be done, but in fact Sennheiser was responsible for the other’s concerts and business shows since 2007, taking on more formidable tasks last year. She is credited with Beyonce’s variety of trendy costumes in Formation’s MV shot at Deep South in the United States. Beyoncé is wearing the latest Gucci, Alessandra Rich, Zimmermann, DylanLex and other fashion, crazy hurricane devastated New Orleans cry. Beyonce, dressed in a Dsquared2 uniformed jacket dotted in gold (this tribute to Michael Jackson) at the Super Bowl in Los Angeles the next day, sang .

“The effect is remarkable,” said Cernotte, commenting on the “Formation” response after the broadcast. “I think everyone is eager to see a brand new fashion image that we have not seen for some days, and we end up with a piece of art – even unspeakable. Feel it ingenuity.But in fact Beyonce clothing is very simple and clear (although there are several clothing in order to facilitate activities to make some changes).

With extraordinary description can be described as appropriate. The various costumes in Formation reflect the resentment of society and politics. In the MV, Beyoncé defended and upheld the roots and ethnic groups of his own culture well. Cenoquant skilful reference to the pre-Civil War South and loose, 禳 lace and freshly washed Zimmermann and Alessandra Rich dresses, and their street culture full of costumes (such as with a brand identity Gucci custom-made, which is She created her with the fashion inspired by Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele). These clothes are stylish and full of flavor, but also fit the Beyoncé temperament, all this is exactly what Cenogent special skill. Who can think of it: A Look at the Gucci 2016 spring / summer collection of topped bright shirts and skirts with hand-painted graphics priced at £ 745 and £ 990 respectively Land War boots with the fashion effect will be so painful?

Beyonce’s dress in “Formation” is a revelation to Givenchy’s nude-colored skirt (see-through tulle dress in crystal) she attended last year at the Met Gala in New York City’s metropolitan museum The other. Although the latter is a festive dress, but not a real sense of everyday attire. Seanoy Fonte was not in charge of Beyonce last year’s charity show, she said he felt Beyonce clothing should be “more accessible.” “My heart remembers the public response to the chosen dress,” she said. “I call it the Halloween Effect.” Think about girls going to wear this Gucci sportswear in the autumn of October? Probably high. “And that’s the real costume.

In the social and fashion circles have such a huge influence, with Beyonce stars a handful of rival, and her rivals usually employ fashion stylist. Rihanna stylists are mainly Mel Ottenberg and Anna Trevelyan (the latter selected for Tommy Hilfiger ) Song and dance halls dresses to star in the hit song “Work” MV). Kanye West, the co-designer of Yeezy’s best-selling shoes at Adidas, funded her own design team by bringing Off-White’s Virgil Abloh and Yeezy’s 22-year-old fashion consultant Ian Connor (Ian Connor) and many other design talent recruited under the command. Lady Gaga is just like the unconventional and wantonly hyped after a place in the fashion industry, and in its present stylist and confidante Brandon Maxwell’s call, has been shocking the appearance of his extraordinary image A lot.

“Gaga knows everything about her goals,” said Maxwell, 31. Since 2012, he has been Gaga stylist, but also create their own fashion brand. “The process is generally straightforward – Gaga would be as simple as going to the Golden Globes presentation and picking up the dresses.” (The dresses are the Versace tight neckline Black velvet evening dress.) Although Gaga’s dress has never been uncomfortable, but she seems to prefer the current set of popular Hollywood suit, she was wearing Brandon Maxwell designed skirt to participate in this year’s Oscars (Academy Awards), the image looks fresh and bright than ever before. After the awards show, Maxwell received a lot of inquiries, but due to the large amount of fabric and the complex three-dimensional cutting required to create the suit, and the desire to “always be Gigi (nicknamed Gaga)”, Sleeve skirt will become a swan song.

Celebrity endorsement, of course, can greatly enhance brand awareness, its influence will be far beyond the scope of T-Taiwan. And stylists have become the key link between brands and consumers. Drake’s “Hotline Bling” MV was broadcast on YouTube in October last year, hitting nearly 700 million hits. The biggest beneficiary is the Moncler, a manufacturer of ski wear, the producer of Draco’s red jacket (priced at $ 1,150) in MV. (Drake worked with stylist Nicky Orenstein to “pipe” the MV.) When Rihanna posted a photo of her own Dolce & Gabbana on Twitter, Headphones priced at nearly $ 9,000, the next day the headset was sold out. In the meantime, New York designer Chris Gelinas noticed “a surge in demand” after he published a photo of a skirt he designed in the US version of “Vogue.” In the end is which famous model wearing this dress he designed? Supermodel Kendall Jenner! He later nicknamed the skirt “Kendall.” Reputation and fan base can translate into real money.

But none of the recent fame has come to Lotta Volkova, the stylist for Vetements, the burgeoning fashion world. Volkova is stylist and fashion consultant for the Parisian fashion house (run by Demna Gvasalia) and Balenciaga, the French fashion house owned by Kering. In Balenciaga, Volkova also plays for Gvasalia.
Volkova advocates young, simple and durable wear type of fashion: in part because she believes that today’s sweat pants and hoodies the proliferation of fashion. In spite of this, her influence was not revealed by the fashion week but by celebrity engagement. Many of Volkerko’s models (as well as the T-Channel catwalk stars) were formed by the friends and co-workers of the Vetements design team who knew Gvasalia a few years ago while playing nightclubs, It is insipid.

Her interest in street fashion culture began with the childhood experience of living in the port city of Vladivostok, Russia, where her father was captain. “We were very prosperous at the time,” recalls Volkova, 32, “because we have been in constant contact with foreign and Western worlds, even in those few years before the collapse of the Soviet Union.My father often went to Japan, The United States and South Korea, came back and introduced us with all sorts of insights. “The” fit “of the international consciousness undergoing Russian social transformation and secretly trained people, in a style in which she was impressed by the combination of poverty and minimalism, Revealed in full. She is not afraid to suffer a little bruises and show something ugly. Many of her designs have their roots in turbulent times since the collapse of the Soviet Union in the 1990s: for example, her favorite flower was “gvozdika,” a species of carnations that the Russians used to take for the protests. ”

“I am inspired by a variety of subcultures and Russian youth cultures.” Volkova added that she had studied art at central Saint Martins in London for as long as eight years as a stylist. “The Internet has a significant role to play in interacting with people, and I became deeply fascinated by the fact that I first came into contact with it in the 1990s – and I’m still fond of the Internet.” Elkova’s philosophy has now evolved into a true fashion movement – high-end fashion is now deeply influenced by the street fashion culture.
She said: “What I am most proud of is that I’ve become a personal friend of most of my collaborators, which gives me a chance to establish a very solid relationship, because … the relationship is real.”