Drank the last cup of Nespresso in the office coffee room and took only the scented candles on the table. I drove out of the DFS office’s basement. Like every day in the past three years, the only difference was that the bag was light and never left The computer is not inside, the pace is light.

Passing through the Cross-Harbor Tunnel, there was a Damien “Forgot her,” a radio station with viaduct to the Happy Valley. The lazy sunshine in the afternoon in Hong Kong burst into my eyes through my sunglasses. Focusing, emptying my mind, I found myself blowing a whistle, and I do not remember when it was last whistling. Suddenly realized that this is the twenty years of his career, the only time not sad, do not miss the departure, and some incomparable relaxation, and inexplicable pleasure.
That night, after nearly six months of insomnia, my first night without a dream, sleep until dawn. Wake up in the morning, I was surprised at their own calm, neither worried about the unknown future, nor miss the Mid-Levels luxury, there are those who holiday paradise shuttle, Jin Yi food party. I believe: “Your body will not deceive you.” Obviously, these seemingly beautiful surfaces are not enough of my heart’s boredom of going to the mountains of Wenshan and the anxiety of long-term work in a creative, but full of fighting environment.

Suddenly shut down from high-intensity work of more than 10 hours a day, the first time and his family went to have been said to be going to Hokkaido and Bali vacation. After sleeping for a while every day to wake up naturally awake, I was restless I started to get ready. Follow my usual principle: “either do something, or learn something,” I began to frequent access to previously interested but never had time to Book Fair, jewelry show; to participate in a variety of fun courses, but also took the time to complete the study two Year’s movie class. On the third day of the Hong Kong Jewelery Fair’s first visit to Hong Kong, the GIA (right, the Gemological Institute of the United States, as I know most of the people, this abbreviation is on the diamond certificate) booth saw that they had a full-time production Jewelry design course, the opening day is the next day, the scene staff tired of dealing with the consultation from other guests on the certificate, only briefly told me that the best in person the next day directly to the school counseling.

GIA’s classroom, located in the heart of Queen’s Road Central, I arrived at 9:00, to the reception desk I had just put down to sign up for classes starting at 9:30. The front desk girl did not hide her surprise: “What are you doing “” Marketing. “” What company? “” LVMH. “” Understand jewelry? “” Thousands of pieces each year Bvlgari, Dior, Tiffany glance over and understand. “” Can you draw? “” Watercolor, many years ago. “” Can you speak English? “” This is my EMBA degree, taught in English. “Fill this form. “Download before, fill in.” “” First pay the money. “This is a check. “” … … that into it, Room C, the teacher has come. “Later, I knew that the front desk was widely circulated at school. The teacher’s remark was:” You are brave and determined. “I am unemployed, without any cause, courage and curiosity, is the key to the world, a stranger opened the door for me.

Into the classroom, can accommodate fourteen individuals in the classroom plus I just full, not surprisingly, I am the oldest student, is also the only one not in the jewelry industry students. Inside a water 80, either inherited jewelry family business, or is already in the line, want to learn more skills. A boy in class, except me, the girl’s standard platinum package, the value is also high, rare, but also serious, there is talent!

The beginning of the first two months, learn dark, learn perspective, refraction and refraction of light in gems, learn jewelry structure, learn the basics, as well as practice and practice. After eight hours of class, go home, wait for the child to sleep, then sit down and do three to four hours of homework, the daytime learning techniques refinement, deepening, in the design to do a more refined realization. With 1 mm watercolor strokes of 1 mm diameter broken diamond cutting surface and light and shadow, for a long time I do not brush the eyes of the pen and myopia is undoubtedly a big challenge. A pen to gem cut surface, layer by layer, the pearls gloss out, is a Ku Ku. But every night in the silent jazz, the hearts of no distractions, not hurry, look at the details a little bit out of color a little messy, a few hours fleeting, sense of accomplishment is not less than before to see a few million The project is successful. Returning to school the next day to see other students something, can not help but feel inferior – as long as a short comparison, you see the gap between age and vision, especially the details of the brush stroke. Can only go home, double practice. More than two months down, his eyes were swollen, to see something blurred, once at a time, including 320 1mm diamond bracelet design, has always been harsh teacher, said: “This look, do not give yourself Designing for such a mess is good. ”

The second half of the semester, into the real design time, start classes every morning, the teacher will question, you can wear occasions, it can be a budget, you can be the shape of precious stones, jewelry can be the type, give you an hour concept, to The teacher proposed and stated that the one-hour sketch was approved and then completed and scored in three hours. Proposal concept, I always the first, each time there are three completely different concept to the teacher, the teacher’s comment, either: “This is too cross!” Is: “This is too unlike jewelry Graduation, the jewelry designer in Taiwan for more than two decades said to me: “At first I did not like you, I think people who have long working experience before are more stubborn, do not learn new things, plus know You used to be an executive and you were twice as harsh as you did. I did not expect you to be the hardest student in my class, and your sources are very diverse, architecture, poetry, fashion, symbols, unlike the traditional jewelry theme but fresh Beautiful, you have not licensed the foundation, we must keep it. ”

Experience the advantages of the stage in the design work to be fully reflected: I am passing through the road for five years Shikumen ArtDeco architectural inspiration for the design work “Shikumen memories” at the graduation show, won hundreds of votes for the GIA Best design, senior rookie students finally completed the counter-attack.

Enjoying carrying a school bag every day, carrying a box to go to school day, I took another breath of three other jewelry courses, four months time, the door 95 points or more to complete the original nine-month course , Got GIA professional jewelry home degree. “Do not do it, do it professional.”

After regaining confidence in the classroom, I immediately began to try to design my designs one by one. In the class, I was asked to find out more about my classmates. After three days running at a jewelery fair, I watched hundreds of works of inlaid masters and selected a few to help me inlaid my designs. Like all rookies, this first three months paid a heavy price.

My internship includes an invisible setting, invisible inlay as the highest technique in jewelery inlay, invented by Parisian craftsman Jacques-Albert Algier in the 1920s and widely used by Van Cleef & Arpels. There is no usual jewels used to secure the pawls of gems, inlaid in the waist of each gem cut two fine grooves, in order to pound the precious metal pre-cast inlay grooving, the final jewelry out of jewels, but Can not see the pawns, and any supporting gem set, even in the dim light, but also because of the hundreds of different angles of reflection of precious stones and exquisitely carved, shine. This inlaid, for each gemstone color and pre-cut demanding, even a small piece of work, but also hundreds of hours of Seiko secret agents. Powerless I resolutely challenge the world can not do more than 20 people invisible tessellation, the result is the beginning of the three, not a seam, is a stone.

Six months ago, I took a consultant project to develop an e-commerce platform for a traditional retail jewelery company. After the initial report of the project came out, I discovered an open secret in the industry: as jewelry stores are often opened on high-rent sections, one hundred or two hundred square meters Often put thousands of inventory, consumers buy a piece of jewelry, only 20% of the cost spent on gems, design and workmanship, the other 80% is inventory, rent, personnel, insurance and so on. If it is a big name, but also add marketing costs, while the well-known brands to pursue “Promote the best, sell the rest” (push the best, sell the rest), advertising is tens of millions of gorgeous jewelry, but selling Mostly, but is engraved with gold logo silverware, or semi-precious or pearl shell to do the basic models. One of my friends, an Italian family eldest son, once came to China to attend a big-name event. I puzzled and asked why Chinese girls have tens of thousands of bags in their hands, but they wear the same accessories instead of genuine jewelry ? I have to say that it is too successful for the logo promotion of the jewelry brand in China. I think, after the bag, we deserve to have a really good sense of design jewelry.

A few months ago, I started to have friends help me find gems and make designs. On many occasions, my friends only saw photos or videos of jewelry when they paid. With such trust, I could only double my care and follow the details. Fortunately, customers are satisfied with listening, interacting, and taking things seriously. Last month, a Beijing friend who had known for seven years was in a hurry to erect her emerald ring and asked me to go to Beijing to give her a check-in at the airport. She found that the back and forth she bought for me were all first-class to the port After the shuttle hotel is also get all set. Early the next morning, eating breakfast in the Angel Kitchen and another friend of Logos, lamented the fact that leaving the international company was such a thing. A friend said: “This is an era where someone is willing to pay for ingenuity and craftsmanship.”

On the return flight, I was thinking of my next move. I did not know if I would go back to a big company. Just like a newly divorced person, I did not want to remarry because you did not know whether this man made you disappointed. Or did all of you let you Disappointed.
At the moment, freedom and happiness feel so real. “Happiness is a better job.” The next day, I rented a little studio, wrote stories, made jewelry, started my new journey as a craftsman.