Imax started the family Imax program at around $ 2.5 million. The first consumer from Hollywood.

Is screen size really important?

Once I had a friend living in Yorkshire, England, he was very rich, that is, those who have a private jet and appear in the rich list. Things changed, he lost all his possessions, had to move from a large manor house to a very small rented apartment, and even sold his private jet to take the bus. During that difficult time, once we met in a cafe in Leeds and when he looked back at this down-time, he said watching a movie experience was when you sat close enough to the screen – Because of his current living room is too small, the TV screen from 84 inches to 14 inches.

One day, at the invitation of Imax in Los Angeles, I met my friend. Imax is a maker of giant screens in the world’s top cinemas inviting me to exchange personal cinemas for readers like How to Spend It. Imax has launched a plan to make the family Imax giant screen at between $ 2.25 and 2.75 million. Of course also need to add other construction costs, depending on the size of the main visual cinema screen. The largest screen in this project can reach 80 feet wide and 44 feet high. There is also an entry-level Imax screen coming soon -Palais, suitable for use in small rooms. Although it is smaller than the giant screen, the dimensions are still impressive, with a minimum of $ 400,000. The first full-size Imax Private Theater (IPT) unit was in a movie star home in Beverly Hills; the other eight were ordered, seven from the United States and one from Delhi. In addition, a European guy with a yacht also want to order an IPT.

As I gazed through the huge, immersive image of the Imax demonstration screen in an industrial park near Marina del Rey, surrounded by the nine-channel stereo, there was a problem that reminds me of me That Leeds friend, that is what size Imax screen allows you to have the urge to buy it. A smaller IPT, say 20 feet, is about $ 500,000 in difference from the giant screen. The $ 500,000 difference in this space does not seem out of reach. So a customer will choose to buy a smaller Imax home theater for this difference, rather than a Imax giant screen? Or basically the effect of watching movies almost, if you are from the screen smaller section of the more words?

When I was thinking about the spread between Imax and Imax screens at Imax’s headquarters in Toronto, I felt my Yorkshire buddy’s theory worked. “He’s right, and the size of the final screen does not pose a fundamental problem,” said Larry O’Reilly, president of global sales for Imax. “The size of the screen is not important from a technical point of view, but importantly the seat The distance to the screen, the layout of the theater, and the sound effects, which is a matter of horizon.If people choose to buy Imax on a small screen are self-deception? If those relationships do exist then they are not. Necessary to buy giant screen Imax. ”

Hugh Murray, born and educated in Scotland, is Imax’s 3D expert and consultant. Hollywood director will seek his guidance when making Imax movies. However, Hugh Murray pointed out that if absolute, the size does constitute the core strengths of Imax. He said: “It is quite different to appreciate a picture of a wall filled with paintings in the gallery close enough to a smaller picture.”

Anyway, O’Reilly said, many customers come simply for the Imax’s giant screen, no matter how much they cost. “One customer wanted to buy Imax’s giant private cinema, though he had only two seats in it,” said the customer, “I want to play video games and watch movies, and I might ask a friend again.” His request was unique. “But the first IPT buyer in Beverly Hills had 44 seats in his Imax home theater. The theater’s screen is 39 feet wide and 29 feet tall – it’s already about three feet longer than a double-decker bus in London. In other areas, such as the Florida South Coast, often affected by hurricanes, where there is a high limit to buildings, or the Manhattan block of apartment buildings, a “small screen” of 18 feet by 10 feet Approximately 6 to 20 viewers can provide a panoramic experience.

I think IPT is unparalleled, whether you are using it to watch 3D, 2D, normal Blu-ray HD movies, high-definition pictures, play games or watch GoPro videos. Still, some filmmakers are skeptical about whether Imax Home Cinema can achieve as good as public cinema. So what is the essence of Imax? What can you get from IPT, which reached $ 2.25 million, especially if you have to spend more to build a larger room?

Imax originated in the 1967 Montreal World’s Fair. It was used in 1970 to make widescreen three-dimensional movies, a way of making people feel immersive. Like a widescreen stereo movie, Imax uses a curved screen, but its screen is not only large but its audiences are close enough to allow the viewer to go beyond a horizontal two-dimensional view. Imax is great for 3D movies, but not all Imax movies are 3D, though Imax still has a three-dimensional effect in 2D movies. One of the unique benefits of Imax 3D is that it allows me to experience the beauty of a 3D picture for anyone who is stereo-indistinguishable. Because it uses a system called stereotactic orthophotos, it creates a false impression of the unobtrusive brains of stereo images and imagines three-dimensional images.

Many of the movies are made with Imax’s special cameras, and world-renowned directors Robert Zemeckis, Christopher Nolan and James Cameron love using this format. NASA is also a loyal supporter of Imax, who have used Imax to produce stunning space documentaries for more than 30 years. There are over 800 Imax public cinemas worldwide, and the largest Imax screen in Darling Harbor, Sydney, has a 117-foot-wide screen and 97-foot tall screens. The newest Imax theater uses a dual laser power projector that enhances the measurement and contrast of a movie in a big cinema to create unparalleled beauty. The IPT used two 4K xenon projectors, but for those small cinemas, the measurement and contrast of the image dropped as fast as a laser.

The IPT package offered to private Imax buyers includes personalized design and on-site instruction, a nine-channel sound system, and operating instructions for specific tablet controllers. Imax is committed to making it easy and convenient for customers to use IPT with 200 Imax movies and documentaries stored on its own, plus 20T of storage for Blu-ray, DVD or other hard drive resources. Whether it’s North America or the rest of the world, IPT is the web’s cine memory, and Prima offers Blu-ray-quality films for theater cinemas that cost about $ 500 to show a movie. Private Imax Theaters are managed by Imax Network Surveillance Centers in Toronto and Shanghai throughout the entire journey, solving over 90% of the problems while dispatching repair teams to solve more serious problems in the field. IPT also offers its customers special seats (such as the D-Box Sensing Seat, which adjusts to the screen’s movement), large screens, small tables where food and drinks are placed, and adjustments to the movie’s plot and mood Light effect.

In addition, there are two other offline advantages in private Imax cinema. You can control the level of sound yourself, for example to create a deafening sound for a larger audience. Many public Imax cinema advertising noise is very noisy, but for private Imax theater this is not a problem. Another advantage of a private Imax theater is that you can adjust your seat at any time and choose the best viewing position, which is difficult or almost impossible to achieve in public cinema, even if your physical position relative to the screen enables Great impact on your viewing experience.

The future of private Imax theater

After spending more than £ 3 million on a private Imax Theater, customers may reasonably expect their technical advantage to last. Your investment will be devalued slowly? David Keighley, president of one of Imax’s meetings I met in Los Angeles, really looked forward to upgrading Imax’s computing systems until Imax’s viewers no longer needed clumsy plastic eyewear.

At the same time, he pointed out that a group of young geniuses at Imax’s lab are now fighting at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts at the University of Southern California, trying to make the images and sounds in the movies more realistic. The presence of IPT not only means that you have this new, unique identifier of status as you watch 3D movies at home. However, you have to admit that it is not bad as a sign of status.