Of course every time he breaks up with a girl it turns into some sort of Greek tragedy, this time it is not going to be that big of a deal even if the accountants all have a heart attack. They tried to tell us that we had to cut him off, but it is his company and his company credit card. It has been ever since his parents packed up and retired to Boca Raton. Most of the time he has done a good job, but now he has been taking in the girlfriend experience in Las Vegas it seems. I knew where to look because they were having expensive restaurants send take out meals to her address. It is a walled compound out in the desert. She has three horses, a pick up truck that probably cost her fifty or sixty thousand dollars, a tractor and a six bedroom house with an enormous swimming pool behind it. I could tell right away that while he was paying her an outrageous sum to act like his girlfriend, it was not so terrible a deal.

In fact for the company it could have been a whole lot worse. The two of them were basically playing house when I found them. They invited me in and she grilled us steaks on a custom made grill. Talking to her I had to think that she would have made an incredible wife, except that this would have been a really big pay raise. I knew that he was probably hooked. The strange thing is that it sort of looked like she was too, either that or she was going to put in a couple of years and then divorce him. I frowned and asked her if she was willing to sign a pre nup. I did not under the laugh at first, but it turned out that she had prepared for retirement extremely wisely and was a millionairess several times over.