London’s No.1 video paparazzi, Brett Andre was followed as he used Ovi maps on his Nokia N8 to navigate between Celebrity hotspots. With his only chance to get the perfect shot, Brett captures vital footage in 720p HD resolution with the Nokia N8. Using the built in editing suite, Brett cuts his celebrity footage into perfect video clips on the go. At the end of a busy day, Brett plays back his 720p videos on a HD TV via HDMI out from the Nokia N8. Hit the jump to check it out.

Future Olympic Gold Medalist Discovers The Nokia N8

Battersea based boxer Wole puts the Nokia N8 through its paces as he makes the smartphone work out as hard as he does. Winner of BBC’s ‘The last man standing’, Wole is aiming to walk away with the Super heavyweight gold medal at the 2012 Olympics. Watch Wole use the Nokia N8 smartphone to review his boxing technique and to play back his favourite music on the run after the jump.

Nokia N900 PR 1.3 Firmware To Bring Dual Boot For MeeGo

It seems that after all the controversy of whether or not the Nokia N900 will be receiving a Meego update, Nokia has finally decided that current Maemo 5 users will receive a Meego update via a dual boot option at start up. Hit the jump to find out more.

Harri Hakulinen, N900 Project Lead at Nokia posted an article on the Meego Blog earlier today discussing the Nokia N900. He mentions that the PR 1.3 Firmware Update for the N900 is due very soon and that the option to use Meego on the device will be available via a dual boot option. This means users will be able to continue enjoying their Maemo 5 OS as they have it now, but also will be able to test out the new Meego OS. This is what he had to say in his article

“On the Maemo side, there have been interesting, supporting developments going on, as well. The PR 1.3 update is quite close now, and with that you can easily dual boot between Maemo and Meego on your N900. There is also a possibility of developing applications supporting both operating systems, based on Qt and Qt Mobility APIs on the Maemo side. It means that you can develop once in PC with Qt Creator, and test your applications on both Maemo and MeeGo, directly on your N900 device!”

This is great news for all Nokia N900 owners as it means that the investment in the Nokia N900 won’t be short lived. Also the option to dual boot will let users choose whether they want to use the new Meego OS or stick to the familiar Maemo 5 OS. Leave your comments below and let us know how you feel about this.

Nokia Launches The Nokia C5 (C5-03) | Due End Of This Quarter

Nokia today launched a brand new addition to its ever-growing Cseries range of devices. The Nokia C5 (C5-03) is the third device dubbed the ‘C5‘ and sports some cracking little features. With a 3.2″ touch screen display, 5 megapixel camera and a built in compass for orientation, the Nokia C5 (C5-03) is a great catch as its set to retail for around £150.00 GBP before taxes and subsidies. Hit the jump to find out more.

The Nokia C5 (C5-03) is a Symbian^1 (S60 5th Edition) device and sports a unique two-toned colour scheme. The button area of the device is available in a variety of colours and the device itself in black or white. Packed with the full range of Ovi services, the Nokia C5 (C5-03) will cater for all your needs including navigation, as Ovi Maps with lifetime voice guided navigation is pre-loaded along with a built in compass to support orientation.

Not to forget the Nokia C5 (C5-03) also comes with a 5 megapixel camera, but there is no flash, and video recording is at 15 fps.

It does however have a standby time of around 24-25 days, which is great, and will be available before the end of this quarter. Check out the video below and get to know the Nokia C5 (C5-03) a little better.