Collar gorgeous, long and pointed collar style rebellion. As the economy improves, the collar of men’s shirts shifts from classic to gorgeous.

Fashion observers may be familiar with the hemline index, which reflects the economic barometer. It was first introduced by economist George W Taylor in 1926, which argued that during the economic boom, women’s skirts grew longer, and when the economic stock market downturn, the skirts became shorter. In 2010, a report released by the Econometric Institute at the Erasmus University Rotterdam showed that: since 1921, the data collected show that the relationship between economic prosperity and the length of women’s skirts There is a positive relationship, but the specific time lags about three years.

However, in addition to women’s, men will be affected by economic fluctuations? From Jermyn Street in London to the recently released menswear line, designers are moving away from classic lapel to gorgeous collar styles-shirt makers attribute this to a gradual improvement in economic conditions.

“As the economy starts to recover, consumers have more money to buy shirts,” said Dean Gomilsek-Cole, head of design and product development at Turnbull & Asser, Say. “We found the following pattern: Consumers are more likely to choose the shirt collar that fits their face, not the worse, and we do see the tab collar and the more extreme cutaway There are more and more people who use the former to fasten the short collar with a thin strip like ‘buckle’, the latter ‘s collar is actually removed and the result is a very wide collar.

Despite the many nuances of the shirt’s collar pattern, most ready-to-wear shirts still use traditional lacing, just for the majority of face types. And when the employment situation continues to improve, the shirt can not stand out in the same manner.

Recently, we talked about fashion issues with Bank of England Governor Mark Carney (do you still remember his men’s handbag?). Karni seems to have a dual mission: to lead its own macro economy to the right, but also pay attention to the specific start-up industries. He always wore a collar shirt (sometimes more exaggerated), unlike his predecessor, Mervyn King, who used traditional lackeys during the financial crisis.

“Everyone feels more fit during the sluggish economy,” said Geoff Quinn, president of shirt retailer TM Lewin, who just introduced a new crew neck shirt this month. But as the economy continues to improve, so does the confidence in dressing, and the new round-necked collar shirt we have just started dating back to the 1850s when Eton College first used it in school uniforms but ” Boardwalk Empire and Mad Men reintroduced it to mainstream society, which is the perfect match for business wear and fashion in the respect of traditional British dress. example.”

At Brioni’s fashion show this spring and summer this year, it also introduced a slightly modified collar shirt, while also introducing a variety of gold collar bars (gold collar bars); and Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren) Purple Label autumn and winter series did not make any minor changes to the collar —- but wear on the model body, and the face looks great match. In Patrick Dutz’s autumn-winter shirt, a smoother round-necked collar was introduced to match lazy-style clothing she designed.

In short, for those who favor personality shirt collar, always find the right revision style. “The rounded collar seems to be more popular with young people, but it is very interesting that the collar and tie clip are also popular again,” Cole said. “The lead has the effect of highlighting the tie, so you will definitely stand out.”

At the London Collections: Men, held January this year, the collar became the focal point of Richard James, who narrowed the narrow-necked collar and the semi-lapel to the studded studs Collar shirt collar used to carry out the mix; shirt maker Thomas Pink Design Director Frederik Willems said: “The collar with a narrow neck tie, the effect is particularly good, with custom clothing, it seems perfect, you know, custom clothing Wearing a slim body who, fashion taste full. ”

At Bottega Veneta’s spring / summer fashion show, the solemn collar shirt adds a touch of glamor to classic dark suits. “Angular face lined the effect of this shirt,” Cole said. “It has a low-toned image, and when it’s worn by a wide-brimmed shirt, it tends to look shorter and more men often wear larger bow ties to fill the space left by the collar, as this usually Is regarded as golden rule, and if it is a silk tie, it can be double Windsor and the effect will be very good, but we also see the trend of not filling the space left by the leader: the slender tie can be more Good to show the collar and tie. “At the annual Royal Ascot, Prince Charles appeared in this way, and has lasted for decades. His attention-to-detail approach has given the younger generation constant follow-up, drawing on this new style of fashion influenced by old fashion standards.

Regardless of favor of a fully collar shirt set off from the solemn dress, or want to use pointed long collar to show their personality in the creative and rebellious side, designers are happy. This long, pointed collar shirt was introduced at recent fashion shows by Alexander McQueen and Paul Smith. “The collar is the highlight of the costume,” Cole said. “Even a small change to a standard collar can have an extraordinary impact.”

When you are doing this, you may even be able to help the economy with one hand.