The Nokia BH-607 Bluetooth Headset is Nokia’s latest bluetooth headset which has Advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and two built-in microphones. The in-ear headset sports acoustic wind noise reduction and has support for Advanced Multipoint, which allows you to connect it with more than one device. It’s also the first of its kind to sport My Own Key, which enables you to assign a specific function to one of the keys. I’ve been using the headset for the past month now and thought I’d fill you in on how we got on. So check out my thoughts, along with an extensive gallery for your viewing pleasure, after the jump.

BH-607 | Overview

Connecting the headset with your Nokia phone is very easy, simply switch on the headset using the power button on the back edge, and you can pair it up using the Bluetooth application, as you would with any other device. No code is required here and every time you switch on the headset, it will automatically connect to your phone.

If you wear the headset in your right ear, the volume rocker is on the bottom side and sticks out like a switch, making it easy to adjust the volume without disturbing the fitting. The 2 mm proprietary Nokia charging port is on the top, and charging the device to a full battery takes less than an hour. I would however prefer Nokia to start using a MicroUSB port instead, hopefully on the next generation of headsets. On the bottom edge of the device, near the microphone, there is a nice curvature with the Nokia logo printed onto a glossy plastic finish.

The outer face of the headset has two decent sized keys. The larger key is the main ‘send’ and ‘end’ key. It’s molded to fit the finger nicely and has the added feature of a quick double press to call the last dialed number. The thinner key on the shaft of the headset is the customisable My Own Key, that allows you to assign a given function to it. You can set it to listen to a new text message out loud, call your favourite number, reject a call, send a predefined text, or hear the current time. To assign the key you will need the Accessory Setup Application (ACA) installed on your device. According to Nokia some of the newer devices come preloaded with this application, and for others it can be downloaded from The headset also comes with a selection of two different types of clear ear-buds, each in 3 different sizes, along with an ear-hook which can be attached to the headset for added comfort.

In terms of constructions, the headset is made completely of light-weight plastic. It comes in Warm Silver, which is more pewter in my eyes, with a matte finish. The keys are made mostly of metal and are conveniently designed. The main key however, feels a little loose to me, and moves side to side when you touch it, which is more noticeable when you have the headset in your ear. Other than that I’ve had no issues with the build quality.

BH-607 | In The Box

  • Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-607
  • Two Different Sets of Changeable Ear-Buds (three sizes in each set)
  • Optional Ear-Hook
  • User Guide
  • Nokia Charger AC-5

BH-607 | Usability

Even though the Nokia BH-607 Bluetooth Headset is made primarily of light-weight plastic, the durability seems to be exceeding expectations. I probably shouldn’t really be saying this but I managed to ‘accidently’ drop the headset a few times, and it just so happened to be on different surfaces, including concrete. But low and behold, not a single scratch on the device. Phew!

When fitted into the ear, the headset sits pretty snug without any discomfort. If you decide to go for a jog in the park however, I would recommend using the ear-hook provided. But during normal daily activities I didn’t find the need to use the ear-hook.

The sound quality is a major aspect of a bluetooth headset, after all, it is the sole purpose of the device. With the Nokia BH-607 Bluetooth Headset it appears that Nokia may have slipped up slightly. Don’t get me wrong, the surrounding noise cancellation features are superb, you can barely make out what’s going on in the background from the other end of the phone, however the audio quality itself is quite poor. First of all the audio is muffled. There’s a constant fuzzy noise apparent with a huge amount of treble when listening to music. Furthermore, the lowest volume level is too high for my liking. Even when the volume was turned down to the lowest level on my phone and the headset, I still felt it was way too loud.

As a somewhat consolation, the battery of the BH-607 lasted me just over eight hours of constant music playback which included around two hours of voice calls. This was pretty impressive when compared to some of the other headsets I’ve used.

BH-607 | Final Thoughts

The Nokia BH-607 Bluetooth Headset is a very sleek device. From the longevity of the battery, to the My Own Key functionality, it truly does let you stay connected and hands-free. Although, like I mentioned above, the sound quality for me was way below par, and for the asking price you would expect this issue to be addressed before retail. If you still feel that the Nokia BH-607 Bluetooth Headset is the headset you’ve been looking for, you can pick it up for around £50 at Amazon.