Nokia World 2010 in London has brought us some great new additions to the Symbian^3 range of Nokia devices. First up it’s the ‘daddy’ of them all, the Nokia E7. This cracking new device brings a host of much desired features, including a 4″ capacitive touch display with ClearBlack technology. This gives an amazingly high contrast to the screen, displaying colours more vividly. Hit the jump for the specs and more.

The Nokia E7 is seems to be the ultimate smartphone we’ve all been waiting for. With Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync on board, it provides direct, real-time and secure access to corporate email inboxes and other personal applications. Equipped with a 4″ display is a full QWERTY keyboard, revealed in the ‘slide up’ manner, similar to that of the Nokia N97 and N97 mini. The Nokia E7 is the perfect shape and size to work on documents, review spreadsheets, or read and edit slides. For corporate peace of mind, a combination of business grade security solutions are also available. Estimated retail price is €495 EUR, before taxes and subsidies.

There are a few downfalls however, like the fact that the camera strapped to the back is a standard EDOF lens, just like the rest of the Eseries devices. The Nokia N8‘s camera and Xenon flash on the Nokia E7 would have made it beyond perfect. Why Nokia continue to provide devices that must improve here but cut back there is beyond me. I also found the UI pretty sluggish when compared to the Nokia N8, but I’ll hopefully upload a video soon and give you a demo of that later. Check out the Nokia E7 Data Sheet for a complete list of specifications. The Nokia E7 is expected to begin shipping by the end of this year.

Nokia Also Announces The Nokia C6 & Nokia C7

Also announced at Nokia world 2010 were the Nokia C6 (C6-01) and Nokia C7. Both devices add to Nokia’s growing range of Cseries devices, and both sport 8 megapixel cameras with HD video capabilities. The Nokia C6 (C6-01) was created using primarily recycled materials and the Nokia C7 is the first mobile device to use biopaints. Hit the jump to find out more.

The Nokia C6 (C6-01) is a small and stylish smartphone which has a 3.2″ AMOLED display with full touch capabilities. It also sports the ClearBlack technology just like the Nokia E7, along with the great social networking and mobile entertainment solutions. All this plus an 8 megapixel camera with dual LED flash and support for capturing 720p HD video. Packed in a stainless steel and glass design, the Nokia C6(C6-01) is a really desirable device, and with a price tag of only €260 EUR before taxes and subsidies, it’s not one that should be overlooked.

The Nokia C7 is beautifully crafted, sleek social networking smartphone. Initially mistaken for an Eseries device, the Nokia C7 gives you live updates from social networks such as Facebook and Twitter directly on your homescreen as well as allowing you to share your location via Facebook. The Nokia C7 features a 3.5″ AMOLED display with a hardened glass window. This, together with the stainless steel and soft edges, makes it really comfortable in the hand, similarly to the Nokia E71. The Nokia C7 also sports an 8 megapixel camera with HD video capabilities and all this in a body less that 11 mm thin. Estimated at around €335 EUR before taxes and subsidies, the Nokia C7 and the Nokia C6 (C6-01) should both start shipping before the end of this year.

Ovi Music Completes DRM Free Transition

Nokia’s Ovi Music service has finally completed its switch to offer DRM free music. Nokia initially rolled out plans to make this switch last year, and has been gradually changing it’s offering country by country. Hit the jump to find out more.

This new offering will only be available with the new pay per download system, similar to that of the Apple App Store. With the DRM free music via Ovi Music, you will be able to download music in MP3 format at 256 kbps, which you can not only listen to on your Nokia device and PC, but also on any other device you wish.

If you already built a substantial collection of DRM protected music that you previously purchased, you will be able to re-download them all at no cost in the new DRM free format. The ‘Comes with Music’ service or now Ovi Music Unlimited continues to offer DRM protected music.