I believe we’re reached a new stage in powering our mobile phones, with everyone turning more and more ‘green’. The Nokia N900 Solar Charger I’ve found fits just perfectly in this theme, and helps provide an echo-friendly and cost-effective solution for mobile charging. Hit the jump for my thoughts.

There are quite a few of the products at the N900 Accessories Store who shipped me the item, it’s up to you to choose the best for your budget. Before I go on, let me tell you that they are shipping is free to wherever you live which is great, and to view the cost of the item in your currency simply click on View Other Currencies.

Solar charging isn’t something that happens in a second, even when the sun is shining like the 4th of July. You need to have patience, it takes longer than regular AC chargers and car chargers (which you can also get at the store). These green products are usually used as emergency chargers, so if you live in a country with a lot of sun, you can just place it out in the sun and it will do its job, as it has its own internal battery.

All in all, this N900 Solar Charger (I’ve got the cheaper one) charges itself in a couple of hours even though there isn’t much sun in England. Then it’s just a matter of plugging it into your handset and away you go. It’s a great product as a back-up charger and provides 1000mAh of juice. Go green, enjoy it!

MeeGo Handset UX Demo On The Nokia N900

A MeeGo based Nokia handset should be entering our news reels very soon, with the anticipated release of the Nokia N9 just waiting to burst out. Although the official MeeGo port for the Nokia N900 is still inconclusive, I’m sure there will be a way of making this transition for those who are willing to try a few unfamiliar things with their device. The video after the break shows MeeGo Handset UX (build + updated graphics drivers from Stskeeps) on a Nokia N900. You can also see a quick demonstration of a few apps, including ‘That Rabbit Game’ and a MeeGo Touch prototype of gPodder’s podcast list. Hit the jump for the goods.

Nokia Panorama For Maemo 5 | Official Panoramic Imaging App For The Nokia N900

Nokia has quietly released a great little app for the Nokia N900 – Panorama. Panorama lets you shoot panoramic images using the 5 megapixel camera of the Nokia N900, and the software works really well with a simple guide box to show you exactly where to point to continue. The panorama application produces high-quality smooth panoramic images by automatically capturing and processing input images into a panorama, directly on your device. It also sports some great little features to help you create the best possible image. Hit the jump for screenshots and download links.

Nokia N8 TV Advert | Exclusive To The UK

People all over the world are doing amazing things with Nokia smartphones everyday, from creating a classic Hollywood screen kiss with train sets, to turning their device into something that can help diagnose fatal diseases in remote areas. The new Nokia N8 smartphone TV advert after the jump – exclusive to the UK – shows some of the amazing projects that have been discovered. Enjoy.

InsideAR Demo’s The Future Of Augmented Reality

Metaio GmbH, the leading expert on Augmented Reality (AR), held a conference in Munich, called “insideAR”, with focus on current practical applications in marketing and industry as well as on the future of this exciting field, which is being identified by many analysts as one of the most disruptive technologies of the years to come. 250 attendees from many countries and industries were able to follow insightful presentations by Intel, Nokia, Siemens and others about their company`s contributions and plans regarding AR. Check out the video demo after the break to catch a glimpse of the future of Augmented Reality.

The Nokia N8 Begins Shipping Today

The Nokia N8 has finally began shipping as Nokia sticks to its original schedule announced earlier this year. Nokia’s latest entertainment smartphone left the factories in Finland and China today, and will initially arrive to those who pre-ordered the device, which by the way was the highest number of pre-orders ever recorded for a Nokia handset. Market availability will vary by country and by operator, with broad availability in the coming weeks. Check out some of the images and the rest of the press release after the break.

The first of a series of smartphones based on the new Symbian^3 platform, the Nokia N8 is fast and easy to use and also supports true multitasking. Dubbed the world’s best camera phone, the Nokia N8 lets you take the highest quality photos and shoot HD quality videos in supreme clarity with the 12MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics. You can edit photos and videos on-screen and choose from multiple ways to share them; transfer large files to an external hard-drive with USB-on-the-go, or upload photos to social networks like Facebook, Twitter or RenRen straight from the homescreen. All this is delivered in a robust aluminum body in a range of vibrant colors with a real-glass 3.5″ AMOLED display.

The Nokia N8 has a black belt in entertainment. Its WebTV apps from channels like E! Entertainment, National Geographic and CNN and the intuitive music player inject an element of fun into idle moments. Plug the device to the home entertainment center to watch HD-quality videos from the big screen with full Dolby Digital Plus Surround Sound. The latest version of Ovi Store, available first on the Nokia N8, gives easy access to more apps – from social networking services like Foursquare to games like Need for Speed Shift or productivity apps like Tesco in the UK.

Like other Nokia smartphones, the Nokia N8 comes with free Ovi Maps walk & drive navigation in more than 70 countries worldwide, with no hidden costs. The latest beta release of Ovi Maps is also available for download from Nokia Beta Labs for the Nokia N8. It features visibility to public transport in 85 cities around the world, as well as real-time traffic, safety camera alerts, visibility to parking and petrol stations, and speed limit warnings.

If you pre-ordered the Nokia N8 it will arrive within the next few days. The handsets left the factories earlier today and below are a few shots of this epic moment.

“With the N8, and the new Symbian software, we are bringing a familiar, faster and more intuitive user experience to the world’s most popular smartphone platform. The Nokia N8 has received the highest amount of consumer pre-orders in Nokia history and we are thrilled to start shipments of the N8, the first of Nokia’s new Symbian smartphone range,” says Jo Harlow, Senior Vice President, Smartphones, Nokia.

“To appeal to today’s high-end buyers, smartphones have to be enjoyable, useful and beautiful. Ease of use, excellent multimedia performance and elegant design are all essential elements of the package,” says John Delaney, Research Director, IDC.