From the Caribbean Sea to the East Coast of Africa, European and American high-end tourism organizations develop their tourism economy and marine protection in two ways.

Dhofar Harbor: the pristine sea of ​​silence

Salalah is a port city in southern Oman. It is a low-lying, coastal settlement that has provided the Dhofar people with a rich source of food for centuries and facilitated tourism and business contacts. The ancient port Khor Rori ruins 40 km from Salalah, the legendary “Old Testament” in the Bible, Queen Simba ship loaded with spices here parked here is a story of Oman period has spread so far. Now that the natural harbor is deserted, the sandy embankment cuts it off from the sea, where only archaeologists gently wipe away the dust from the monuments.

Relics face the Indian Ocean. The northern shelf has a continental shelf on the north coast, and the continental shelves here are steep, with vast submarine plains, valleys and deep dikes forming underwater cliffs a few kilometers above the coastline. Behind the ruins stands a 1000-meter-high cliff that forms part of Dhofar Mountain. Thanks to the abundant rainfall brought by the Indian Ocean monsoon in the summer season, it begins at the end of July each year and has two months of trees here. The wind brings surface water vapor to the surface of the sea, exchanges it with cold water deep in the ocean floor, the sea turns green, the sea is well-nourished, algae flourish, flocks of fish, and large predators like sharks, dolphins and whales Come together

These rich sea creatures are hidden in coral reefs near the little-known Al Hallaniyat islands. In 1986, the islands were recognized as a National Nature Reserve by the World Conservation Union (IUCN). “It has a wild beauty that you can see in dying dolphins, and if you put on your mask and put your head in the water you can see countless fish swimming around.” Muriya Region Development Director Philip Jones said. “We’re going to do our due diligence and take protective measures such as dividing the area and parking the buoys to prevent the coral from being destroyed.” British marine biologist Rob Baldwin, who has been working in Oman since 1988, said the project will allow local tourism Sparkling “The Dhofar coast and the Al Hallaniyat archipelago make up the most primitive marine environment on earth, where any travel and adventure should carefully consider the impact on the local environment. It is seldom possible to find a sea like this, How bad. ”

Tourists take the lead in marine environmental protection

When I first came to Dhofar, we camped on the land near the ruins of Khor Rori, with no sign of human presence on the coast. On a sand-sheltered beach, we slept on the sand dunes with rugs and cushions. In my thin, black tasselled camel hair tent, I heard waves crashing into the beach and seabirds. Get up and swim each morning, but I miss the landscape below: Hundreds of humpback whales, isolated for 70,000 years, live in the dead end of the ocean. Spring I will go back to find them. Baldwin was my guide, introduced to me by Sean Nelson, co-founder of Hud Hud Travels. Hud Hud Travels is a local high-quality travel company in Oman and it was my first visit to the Middle East. Nelson’s new company, Nelson Expeditions, will take quite a few trips to places not found on the map. Whenever possible, Nelson’s well-organized team travels from Mongolia to Central Africa and members face a wide range of issues, from poaching to distressed marine environments. In Oman, the project includes exploring the underwater area and looking for humpback whales with Baldwin. Customer money will be used for environmental projects such as Oman Environmental Association, Wildlife Conservation Society and other charities.

“Last time we saw whales, they were less than 100 meters off the coast, and we were standing on the beach looking into the mouth of a humpback whale,” Nelson said. “It’s hard to imagine even this kind of luck, and Dhofar’s rock protects humpback whales, but the South Oman Sea provides the spawning ground for green turtles and red sea turtles, the most amazing thing in this country. Oman is desert, and in fact it is all a gift from the sea. ”